Monday, October 20, 2008

Zip me up Scotty.....

Look! It is a new dress. It has a zipper, how amazing are zippers? They are very handy for all kinds of occasions, like dog walking and cooking stir frys. Yes zippers, quite the versatile bunch. Sometimes I eat them for breakfast, a nice hearty bowl of zippers. Yum!

For some reason it was nearly impossible to get a decent picture of me in this dress. I think it must be because my camera is almost dead and it is making me look as horrible as possible as it's final goodbye. Well it's not a very nice goodbye Mr Camera. Not very nice at all. Well I hope your eyes didn't bleed TOO much looking at these. If it did, I suggest a handful of zippers to help the pain.

dress Mink Pink, shoes Sachi


  1. ur funny . have added you on my bloggy ! and that dress is wella cool . kinda soft and feminine & yet sexy with the zippers & rocky with the black ... an all rounder x

  2. OOOOH I love this dress! I wish we had that shop in Europe...

  3. okay.
    i seriously adore this dress.

    the zipper adds the edge that i love + the florals indulge my feminine side.
    seriously- i would wear this dress to pieces. and with summer around the corner... PERFECT.

    you're such a star.
    thanks SO much for your beautiful comment.


  4. wow this dress is seriously hot! loves it.

  5. what are you talking about, you look fabulous!
    luv luv the floral zipper dress!

    reminds me of a narciso rodriguez dress I used for a shoot once... ill go search for it and post when I find it!

    ♥ R

  6. omg this is so cute...i wsih i had the guts to purchase and left out of my closet and where super cute.. maybe im a fashion chicken lol i m getting there though lol but i LOVE it

  7. Wow, that is a seriously hot dress. You look great in it!!!!!

  8. this is one of the hottest dresses i have seen on the web.

    girl, u should do acting regarding your face. incredible!

  9. I'm officially jealous! I need some zipper action in my life too ya know!


  10. I like you Stompy, you're a funny girl.
    and NO you did NOT just get the most PERFECT dress in the history of dressdom, DID YOU?! I hope this is just a photoshop illusion because if this dress truly exists that would mark the end of design forever!

  11. AHHH! a zipper dress...something I want, and want, and want!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  12. i love the dress! and the ur style is wikid...wanna trade links? and allow me stalk all ur posts with

  13. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love it! i can't find mink pink unless i go into my old work which i hate doing!

    i need need need this!

  14. I saw this dress the other day, and went into a shop I normally walk straight past.
    It's gorgeous!
    They didn't have it in my size though :(

  15. This dress is hot! I love it. I can never find any Mink Pink stuff, do they have stores or are they stocked in Myer or somewhere like that?
    Anyway. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and lovely pictures.

  16. beautiful dress! i love it :) the zippers are sweeeeet!

  17. me and zippers have an intense relationship as well.. i love that dresssssss!!!

  18. This dress is 90's divine. Love the girly-tuff look and the way you've kept it simple with Lolita toussled tresses.

    For those of you looking for MINKPINK you can get a selection of their pieces on the link to the dress ($60 Aus) is below



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