Friday, May 27, 2011

now and then............

still obsessed with this movie, even after all these years...definitely going to watch it for the millioneth time this weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy Moly!

How amazing is this cardigan! I want to go to there, argh I need pay day to hurry up, but you can buy at Market HQ!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

octopus cuff!!!

Holy Moly!! How incredibly rad is this octopus cuff from Alkemie!! It is amazing. I love octopie (unsure of the plural on this one, it's like moose all over again).  But seriously they are just funny creatures, especially when they eat fairy floss.  I always loved the giant squid on Aaagh it's the Mr Hell Show, he desperately wanted to make friends, if only he could stop eating them!! haha.

pretty tree..........................

Isn't this a pretty tree jewellry hanger! You can hang things off it.  My feather earrings look like tiny birds sitting in the tree. That is nice, I like trees and tiny birds.

I'm also pretty obsesssed with candles, always buying them. They are wonderful.  This pink one smells DELICIOUS.

Is it Friday yet?? Argh...

Monday, May 23, 2011

like a kid in the 90's..............

This woolly jumper is a wonderful creation.  It keeps me very warm indeed!  This outfit heaps reminds me of my childhood, like being a kid in the 90's. I wore ensembles like this a lot. In fact, you can see a similar jumper and patterned dress in this post!

boots Market HQ, jumper Don't Ask Amanda, dress Cotton On, necklaces Sportsgirl, dog Max (the best dog in the universe)

Mad Love Love.................

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty gosh darn excited for Mad Love!! 

"where life is one big festival and your clothes are the music!"

Very very cool indeed.  How hot is that model too!

Blind Alley Cat.............

Super in love with this wonderful winter campaign from Market HQ.  Especially those shots with the crown and balloons, that is exactly how I want all my weekends to look like!

Model: Milicia @ EMG
Photography & Art Direction: Kaycie Smith
Styling: Annabel Wendt (what a lady!)
Hair & Make-up: Desiree Wise @ Network Agency

and if you weren't aware Market HQ & Russh are running an amazeballs competition to win a wardrobe worth $500.00.  All you have to do is like their facebook page! AND IT IS VERY EASY to do such a thing in this facebook obsessed world we live in.

how is it that it is Monday already?

Absolutely nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and thinking it is the weekend still. Argh it hurts so much being forced to wake up, I DO NOT WISH TO GO TO WORK.  Please send me lots of wonderful messages today to keep me from being sad and bored...why do weekends have to end???

Had the most hilarious adventures with Hanskies on Saturday, making bets with a random Swedish guy who kept waving 5 dollars in our faces.  Making best friends with ballerinas and conspiring to win the 5 dollars and split it 5 ways, then dance party adventures and road trips with strangers in the back of the was hilarious! Love how whenever I hang with Han something crazy always happens!!

Gosh I love these booties from Market HQ, I think I made that pretty clear in this post.  I'm super excited to have some nice flatter shoes in a neutral colour, so many outfits that needed a pair just like this. HOORAY.
This jumper is also a wintry delight, super warm! I like being warm, it is nice.

arghhhh off to work, woe is me.

boots Market HQ, cardigan Just Jeans, top/necklaces Sportsgirl, cut offs Nobody

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been really craving this colour lately, so I was pretty stoked to receive this magenta beauty via The Wonderland & Deshabille.  It is so delectable.  Super soft and such an amazing colour, has little pockets too but they are tucked in.  Will be wearing this bad boy a lot!!

I almost didn't get to even receive this sweater either, when Mr Stompface found this package in the mail he was not too happy thinking I was spending all our money again, haha, then later at night he revealed it and I said YAY PACKAGE! and he was very frowny indeed.

Also bought these shoes for half price this week! That was an exciting adventure, they are the same as a black pair I have that I literally wore until they died.. need to visit the Mr Fixit man sometime soon. They are very comfy for such high shoes.

Was so stumped on what colour to paint my nails today as well, ended up going with this minty colour and realised it looks super good next to the magenta sweater. HOORAY.  Outfit win I say.

Now off for romantic adventures with my oldest pal Han han.

sweater Deshabille, skirt Dotti, shoes/belt/necklaces Sportsgirl, Revlon nailpolish in Minted

winter times...........

It is starting to get very wintery indeed in old P-town.  So I invested in these amazingly warm bed sock things from Sportsgirl a day or so ago. THEY ARE AMAZE.  So cosy and warm and they also are just kind of funny.  My dog wants to eat them and my cat is afraid of them, and my feeties are warm as some kind of thing that is very warm and cosy indeed.

speaking of wintery times going on adventures with hanhan tonight, and it is so hard to know what to wear in the cold when I have not invested in any wintery capey coaty jackety delights. arghhhh....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new shoes they go on my feet................

Hoorah hooray!
 A package in the mail today!

 I didn't mean to rhyme just then but now I am feeling decidedly Dr Seussish. WHICH IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING.  Because I really don't like green eggs and ham, because that means the food is probably off....

Meanwhile back in new shoe land..there lived a wonderful pair of booties from Market HQ.  They were a real dreamboat, except if you tried to sail them in the ocean you would probably just ruin them forever, but one day a lonely fisherman might catch them instead of fish and be very happy indeed and be the most stylish of all the fishermen...provided his feet were specifically the size of the boots, but perhaps whilst under the water they were magicked by some kind of sea elf to fit anyone who tries them on....but now I'm just getting off track...

I loves getting packages from Market HQ, because and you may not know this, they are not just a shop selling beautiful treats, they are also FORTUNE TELLERS.  That's right you heard me, FORTUNE TELLERS.  And I know they are very accurate because the last package I got from them, the fortune was that I would be invited to go sing karaoke or something, and then my friend came up and said to me that SHE was going to karaoke, but she didn't invite me because it was strictly her work team event, but IT WAS REALLY CLOSE.

So if you have been reading my blog for awhile, or know me in person, you will know that this fortune is right up my alley. I LOVE WIZARDS especially galactic ones!! I can't wait for this wizardly adventure!

Also included was the new Staple catalogue, it's pretty dreamy, it reminds me somewhat of what life would be like if you climbed into a Fever Ray album.  Speaking of fevers I'm still sick, but as soon as I'm not these shoes and I are going on an adventure, and you sirs, will HEAR all about it.

P.s: it is good to over use capital letters to get very important points across.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tea cup chain................

made a couple of these recently for mother's day, I have many mum, my mum in law and my step mum in law.. too many mothers on the dance floor....

my mum wore her's as a necklace to her tennis club's high tea! how adorable!

lazy days...............

 I have been super sick and it is all cold and wintry and rainy outside for once, so there is nothing better than wearing amazingly fluffy white dressing gowns with a good book, some magazines and only the best dog in the universe!!!

Hopefully I will feel better soon as I have many wonderful new things to outfitty posty about..yes I surely do.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

THE STORY OF get in my wardrobe..............

Loving on these three pieces by THE STORY OF on Market HQ.

The only problem is to decide which piece to invite home to live in my wardrobe.
Ohhh dilemmas.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dagnabbit technology............

Gosh darnit, I have only been trying to blog this since Sunday..having so many technology problems on the dance floor lately.  Blogger not working, internet shaping, computer crashing. HOW? HOW CAN I LIVE?  It is quite terrible, I am behind on all the blogs and behind on all new things in lovely online shoppetys.  It is not a happy time.

But this jum jum (jumper) is a happy time, I LOVES IT very much.   Plus this silver nailpolish makes me feel like a robot, which is good because I heart robots very much.  Sometimes I sit in the corner and get really sad about how I don't have a robot to clean my house just like The Jetsons.

p.s my neck looks HUGE in the last photo, note to self get a less huge neck.. but the plaitys are pretty and it only took me about 10 minutes to do this hair do, the joys of long hair.  I literally get called Rapunzel sometimes, which makes me very happy indeed.  Too bad about the regrowth, if only hairdressers weren't so frightening.

Something fun, I had a couple of photos in Vivi Magazine, I just need to get a copy, but lovely Jes from Harlequin's party (check out her blog if you haven't already she is truly amazing) took this one.... As far as I know I've never been in a magazine before so it was pretty gosh darn exciting.

Also follow on facebook if you are not already, I'm planning to start using it a lot more! So if I'm a bit absent here due to internet dilemma's I can still hit up facebook on my phone.

nailpolish  & boots Sportsgirl, jumper Bauhaus, skirt from Princess Polly, necklace Diva,


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