Thursday, November 24, 2011

summer time adventures and yes we chased Mr Whippy down the street.....

These photos from last weekend make me super happy, which is good because I am feeling a bit glum.

Not only did we chase Mr Whippy down the street, we also got in the car and drove around with all the windows down trying to find him.  We finally did and had to jump out of the car and run after to stop him.  It was a delicious adventure indeed.

dress Somedays Lovin via Market HQ, Wittner Shoes, Forever New Bag, Sportsgirl necklace & shades

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it IS a fun outfit..................

Here is a quick outfitty post, thanks to photos by Hanhan, we had so many wild adventures on the weekend, and we took about a million photos documenting every magical moment, but I will save them for a separate post!  But it was a super old school fun time adventure!

This Somedays Lovin dress is a puffy delight, it is so floaty and comfy and wonderful, also wearing my delicous Wittner wedges, good golly they are comfortable. It is good to constantly add pops of turquoisy goodness to any outfit!!

dress Somedays Lovin via Market HQ, wedges Wittner, bag Forever New, sunnies & necklace Sportsgirl

Friday, November 18, 2011

bubble o awesome......................

I felt it was very important for me to blog about this momentous occasion.  Yesterday, thanks to my lovely friend Aimee, I got to experience my first ever Bubble O Bill...


On another note I got all my Christmas shopping done last night! Except for Mr Stompface, it's all done!! What a great day it was!!

Now lets hope today at work goes super fast and is an equally magical day.

I need to go take a bath in a tub filled with Bubble O Bills now...

Good Day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and the world looked like a giant cupcake..............

Meanwhile, I was wearing this spectacularly fun Evil Twin dress from my lovely loves at Market HQ.  LOOK AT IT, ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?! It is all sheer and studdy and fun and when you put it on, you instantly start running around in circles yelling "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".  It is awkward when this occurs in the middle of fancy restaurants.

I celebrated my first year of marriage in this dress on the weekend, and it was wonderful.  We celebrated by eating the most ridiculously wonderful steaks at Rockpool.  I was also wearing this delightful shiny House of Harlow treat from MHQ too. It is delicious! if eating shiny things is what you are into, or if you are a magpie.

I definitely have my go to favourites though as you might notice, obsessed with this Sportsgirl necklace, and nearly always end up in the boots because they are so darn comfortable and I like to frolic about a lot in my day to day life so it is nice to be free to do so whilst also being tall but without breaking too many ankles. Although I really wanted to wear my black slip dress underneath this one, but I cannot find it, ANYWHERE, if you see it busking on street corners tell it to come back home I miss it.

dress Evil Twin & ring House Of Harlow via Market HQ, shoes, sunnies & necklace Sportsgirl, bag Forever New,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

chip chop chip chop.............

chip chopped my hair on Thursday, all this talk of chip chop makes me think of chocolate chip and that is delicious!  Had to get this short cut out of my system because I had been thinking about it FOR EV ER.  and now it is done I can move on with my life without constantly thinking about chopping it all off.

so I'm pretty happy haps with it which is good and not bad.  I just only wish the weather would get back to being summah like, it is freakin miserable out there and I can't get motivated because I need sunshine in my life.

the last photo is courtesy of my beloved hansticles! we had adventures last night, and in true hanby/abnah style we had the most fun just standing on the road for 5 minutes.  But then we got on to way too serious conversations and too many deep and meaningfuls....nothing like a night out with your bestie!

dress Dotti, shoes & necklace Sportsgirl, bag Forever New

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I haven't been this excited by a magazine cover in a long time, can't wait to get my hands on this today!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


nothing like a crisp white tee and some rad shades..........and an uncontrollable pout, I swear I must be pouting 99% of the day, it's like a reflex, I don't think it is normal.

tee Dotti, sunnies Sportsgirl

heels that are very very high.........

I've never in my life had difficulties wearing high heels.  In fact I can practically play sport in them and have so before.  But these are just the teeniest bit higher than what I'm used to so they are going to take some practice!!  But they are very beautiful and will go with pretty much everything so once I feel like I'm not going to plummet to my death whilst wearing them life will be good.  And I will always be able to reach for jars of things at the tops of very high shelves.  Probably if I went to the far away tree while wearing them my head would immediately be popping out into some new land, like the land of incredibly high heels.  Where everyone in the land wears very high heels and walk around and do jigs much like a funny stilts wearing circus performer.  I wish I was in the circus, mainly because it seems a lot more fun than actual work, although I am very very afraid of clowns.

Wore this on the weekend, but didn't get a proper shot of it.  Will have to have an outfit reenactment sometime soon.  If not an outfit reenactment perhaps I can dress up all medieval and do a reenactment of wars in the middle ages...either or.

Hope you are all having splendid days, I'm already not because I'm about to go to work. BOO URNS I say, boo urns.

p.s look at me blog! stompy is back!

skirt, shoes & tee Dotti, bag Forever New, necklace & nailpolish Sportsgirl


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