Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top Hat Love Will Never Die

Look it is another cute tophat picture!!!

It is from UK label Mine. These pictures are from SS08, so not the most recent, but I really love the whimsical feel about them.

How cute are the little details drawn onto the model as well. The little shoelaces and watches just drawn onto the skin. I might do that from now on, I will save alot of money on all the shoes and accessories I would normally buy, and instead spend $2 on a marker... a MAGIC marker.

You can see more of the collections here.


  1. Hey girl, you have a meme or tag I guess on my blog, go check it out :)

  2. lovee these photos!!!
    i have a temp tattoo watch... i'm think about breaking it out now....

  3. they're very cute!

    what a nifty idea! and because the marker is MAGIC, the watch will magically become real. hooray for $2 bargains!

  4. I saw a top hat in singapore and I was dyyyying to buy it, but the pretty thing would just be sitting in my closet for the rest of time because I would never be able to wear that here. Although the boyf was thinking of doing Slash from guns n roses for halloween and that, we would have needed the hat for. Damn it.. shouldve gotten it.

    Oh and Thom Yorke's solo album is whooaaa. Thanx for the tip.

  5. Oh and I tagged you in my last post! Tag tag tag!

  6. hey, never herd of this label, so thanks !! great photos too !

  7. Never heard of the label before but it seems awesome, I love that drawing right on the model idea!
    P.S. I've tagged you and given you an award

  8. We are fun! I think you'd get along with us marvelously. I've always wanted to go to Australia and wear a top hat.

  9. That sounds like a cool label. It seems you know more about UK fashion than me, lol.

  10. oh! and I linked you. I should've a long time ago.

  11. man... those really are GREAT looks!

    oh and YES my bf loved Beck.. and I AM BEYOND JEALOUS OF HIM! ugh don't u hate him for it! it was beck and MGMT (one my my favs) he's such a brat haha

    hope ur enjoying ur weekend lovely!

  12. oooh i love these photos too! love the eyelashes drawn on the first image...

  13. love how a top hat can give edge to any outfit! I also like the pleats on the dress, it gives a tuxedo feel to it, i think!

    ramble on, I say! oh I do that all the time. I love it when I find people after my own (blabber) mouth, it makes me happy! potential lifelong friends! haha.

    oh, and cool marker shoes.
    not only will my feet freeze off if I do that here, people will mistake me for a hobo. at the beach maybe? nice strappy boho sandals? ;P

    ♥ R

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  15. They look great.
    I like the little drawn-on details too. A magic marker would be the best thing ever!

  16. Thoose where cool clothes! :D

  17. Fabulous frocks - thanks for introducing me to this label!


  18. MAGIC markers cost thousands and thousands of dollars, don't be fooled by those knockoff two dollar bargains
    they will not highlight what you need highlighted
    anyhow your comment made me literally smile :) yes, Ben and I were so scared at the wedding with all the red heart heads just dancing around us but alcohol helped

  19. Wow this collection is lovely!!

    Oh btw...the headband you saw on my blog I actually make. They will be up in November on ebay. I started a "Black Feather" collection that will also be out for the holidays.
    Check back sometime :)


  20. lol i'm glad ot hear you like that little story all one can do is laugh at it really :( Unfortunately :)

    Yay for intoxication for marvelous things like your wall do not exist and nudie runs from your flatmates also haha. You know, i'm really feeling this tophat craze people talk of. Its so androgynous and i can't help but find that oh so hot!

  21. I aggree with Eelie... and these shots are pretty fantastic! Is she actually standing on a spiral notebook?!?

    That's some kind of osmosis!!!

  22. hey beautiful.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WELL WISHES. AH you're so the sweetest.

    seriously girl. your last message was SO sweet too.

    I can't believe you know excel like the back of your hand! Send your knowledge my way- now I'm trying to learn database for this weeks exam...and then powerpoint. yikes.

    I'm missing your wonderful posts love.

    I swear you make me laugh everytime.

    you're such a star girl.

    any luck with the swimwear hunt? zimmermann?!?! I can't wait for mine to arrive ;)

    Happy Sunday girl.


  23. im still searching for a top hat.
    i want one bad.


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