Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new house the change room....


This dress has a hilarious anecdote to go with it. I went to this surf shop and I found it, and I thought it was cute and a fun colour. So naturally I went to try it on. I went into the change room, tried it on and was really happy with it, it was only $80 as well. So I get changed into my clothes again. Go to open the door.....and it won't open.

So I am thinking, well this is embarrassing, I can't even open a door (I am really not good at basic things). So I was really embarrassed, so I was trying to be as quiet as possible rattling at the door trying to get it open. Anyways, I was in there for a while, so the sales assistant must have got worried. She knocked on the door and asked me if I was okay...and could I even get out? I said.. no..I can't get out, I'm stuck. She starts laughing hysterically at me, and goes okay I will go get the key don't worry.

She comes back with the key, and starts rattling at the door for awhile, and then goes all quiet, and then says.. umm... I think the lock is broken. I was like... well... I kind of need to get out of here eventually. So she calls another girl from the downstairs part of the shop and she comes up and tries it, and they are both just laughing, and they even tried kicking down the door. While I was contemplating my new house the change room.

Then one of the girls crawls under this really small gap underneath and just pops up next to me and just says Hi! I said Hi! So she tried from my end, and then I was like, wait a second, can't I just climb under too then? They were like no no we will get you out we don't want you climbing on the dirty floor. I did have a little dress on. But in the end they couldn't get me out, so they made sure no one was looking and I really ungracefully crawled out and they dusted me off. I bought my dress, and they gave me ten dollars off. So the moral of the story is, get stuck in change rooms if you want discounts.

The end

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  1. Thats hilarious, I love your stories. Good thing you got that discount, you need to tell me where that surfshop is exactly so I can go and get locked up too someday.

    And as for you not being good at basic things, I stub my toe twice a day on good days so there you go, you are not alone.

    I have about 4 broken toes.

  2. haha sounds like quite the shopping experience! At least you got a discount AND a wicked hot dress though :)

  3. haha I love how in your stories your imagination goes wild in your head and you end up with things like, making a house out of this dressing room. ah yes, it reminds me of my own short attention span where I usually space out of a conversation and drift in again with an appropriate answer.
    hmm, I should really work on the listening thing.

    anyway, good job on getting that discount! however unintentional it was ;) and I love that color too!

    ♥ R

  4. Wow! I'm just going along with your stories today.

    I went to the new F21 here and went into the dressing room. Those doors must be for decoration because the knob is IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DOOR. When I tried to open it, the entire handle just ripped off the door. I know I've got big muscles and all, but that wasn't supposed to happen! I shimmied out from underneath and got no discount.

  5. that story is amazing. i can totally imagine the whole situation!

  6. love the shoes in this outfit! the buckles are great


    wow you look amazingly hot in that photo AMAZINGLY

  8. just 10 $ off for that drama? it should be at least 15$ for the emotional pain. im so scared that i will stuck in toilet or something :) .
    great dress, it was worth it.

  9. hey thanx sweetnes!
    I`m following your blog per bloglovin now!! Was glad you are on bloglovin 2!

    P.S Love the colour of that dress!!!!!!

  10. Sorry you got stuck in the dressing room... but it made a hilarious story to tell! Thinking of dressing rooms... a bit ago, I wasn't paying much attention and accidently opened a dressing room door on a lady who was in the middle of changing. (I don't think the lock on the door was working). And worse, the dressing room was so small, when I pushed open the door it slammed into her, and I think I nearly gave her a heartattack. Needless to say, I felt so bad! >_<

    Anyway, thanks for your comment, I don't mind your ranting at all! ;)


  11. i love those heels super hot

    really like your blog

  12. omg!
    this totally made my night.
    haha. oh god u poor thing!
    i love the part "Hi! Hi!"hahahhaha.

  13. lol what a hilarious story!! glad you got out ok, and that you got a discount! the dress is cute!

  14. fabulous story. it means your joy child needs attention...


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