Sunday, June 26, 2011

wildfox x breo x goodtimes x stompface...............

So I wore this today on many adventures, we went and ate delicious vietnamese treats with my parents, and hung out with my brother and his family in the afternoon. Good golly my niece and nephew ARE ADORABLE.  Yes siree!!

Gosh I can’t even explain in words how much love I have for Wildfox. They can do no wrong! Am so obessed by their blog and their always beautiful look books. I always want to climb inside them and live there forever. But even with such intense love for them, I still had never actually owned any of their beautiful wares. I got this beauty from Market HQ and it is a new obsession for suresies!

Look look!! It is a beautiful watch!! It is on my wrist!! It is very good at telling the time!!! This beautiful white Breo watch makes my heart soar with happiness. I have wanted a new white watch for some time, so it fulfills all my life long dreams and fantasy’s.

My only complaint about this watch would probably be that it doesn’t have the ability to teleport you. Yes, disappointing I know. But it is quite proficient in telling the time. Unless you are like me and you wore it around all day on Eastern States time without realizing. In which case, it is quite proficient in telling you what the time would be if you were in Sydney which I was not.

But when I realised I got Mr Stompface to adjust the time for me, as I am incapable of such things and now all is well! I can prance about with an increased in beautifulness looking wrist and also know what time it is! This combined with my days of the week underwear, I CAN NEVER GET CONFUSED.
Anyhoo, check out Breo’s website for many more watches. They have such a huge range it is quite overwhelming but wonderful all at the same time!

watch Arica Breo, tee Wildfox via Market HQ, skirt Princess Polly, boots & necklace via Market HQ, belt Mooloola

vogue model......

I love beautiful books more than life itself, so I was very very happy with this beautiful present from my brother in law and his fiancee, they know me too well! This book is making our coffee table look so handsome right now.....and look how many vogue covers Kate has had!! Wow! Babes.

p.s that candle smells SO delicious, it is musk flavoured and I love musk very much especially musk lifesavers.  They are the bombdiggity.

early birthday adventures....

Had many an adventure last night with my brother in law and soon to be sister in law!  We had early celebrations for my birthday which was very nice of them!  We hit up the raffles, and besides me dropping an empty champagne glass near a lady, it was wonderful. Actually it was pretty hilarious when I knocked that glass over, I have never seen two people so angry in all my life! It was a tiny accident, the glass was empty and it didn't break or hit them!! But they were so so mad at me!! No matter how many times I appologised I've never had so many evil eyes in my life.

I wore this floaty sheer maxi dress that reminds me of a 70's dream, Mr Stompface did not like it and looked at me in disgust... It made me very sad.  I didn't get a full shot of it so you can't really give me your opinion.  But a strange lady at the Raffles told me I looked really nice and she loved my dress, and me a little crazily was like DO YOU REALLY LIKE IT REALLY because my husband does not TELL ME MORE OF HOW YOU LIKE MY DRESS.  I'm not going to lie it was pretty weird of me.

Anyhoo, so after I knocked the glass over we decided to head back home and have drink times there.  It was wild, we played Scattergories and NO ONE would let me use my very creative and clever answers.  The boys decided to weigh themselves on a whim, and my husband was being his brother's arms whilst we played hand clap games, It was beautiful.

All nights should end up as wonderful and funny as these ones.  And props to Tego who was not the first to pass out! You can see her in the background of that first shot. And check out Mr Stompface's beard!! Everyone knows beards give you many magical abilities! Hooray for beards!

dress & shoes Sportsgirl, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ

Saturday, June 25, 2011

florally cape things are the best kind......

Good golly miss molly, I heart this floral cape by Unif VERY VERY MUCH.  It is via Market HQ, so you should all stop by there and buy one too, because it is so much fun to wear AND THEN YOU CAN BE JUST LIKE ME and I know how much you all want that! I can imagine this being a favourite all year round.. argh so lovely. 

The necklace is also via Market HQ, it contains many magical powers and I feel like some kind of wizardy thing in it which is always good.

I wish I had got some better photos of this outfit though, Mr Stompface who prides himself on being an amazing "camographer" (his word) wasn't on his best game here.  But maybe it is my giantness that broke the camera, it is a mystery of the ages.  How long has my hair grown already!  My hair is a mutant creature it grows so fast, I wish I had chopped more off now..

I hope you are all having amazingly fantastical weekends, I am filling mine with early birthday celebrations, it is good to make your birthday drag on for as long as possible

cape Unif via Market HQ, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ, shoes Sportsgirl, tights who knows but they are good for wintery times, singlit dress Supre

the opposite of lost...........

this makes me love life... via one of my  fave tumblr's Saltwater

ask me twice............

ahhh this Market HQ shoot is so much fun! and Natascha is freakin gorgeous!

Model is Natascha @ Pure Select
Photography and Art Direction by Kaycie Smith
Styling by Annabel Wendt
Hair and Make-up by Desiree Wise @ Network Agency

Follow Market HQ at their blog, twitter or facebook.

P.s I think this is my 700th post! Whoa nelly!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

delicious delights of deliciousness...........

In case you have something severely wrong with you which causes you to have never read my blog before, then you would know quite a lot of my deep love for Market HQ. Sometimes when just thinking of Market HQ my eyes weep with joy, and I think of them a lot because I am always ALWAYS thinking of my next shopping adventure.
Expect a plethora of outfit posts to come from this ridiculous package of amazement. A PLETHORA!

The only downside to receiving this package was that I wasn’t home when it came and had to pick it up from the local depot. Unfortunately for me I have no sense of direction what so ever and occasionally have to rely on google maps. Google maps failed me quite greatly last time I had to collect a package from there as it sent me on this stupidly long journey and told me to go through roads that didn’t even connect. It was quite an emotional adventure, of me crying and banging my head on the steering wheel and calling Mr Stompface on my phone loudspeaker screaming WHERE IS I!!?? WHERE IS I!!?? I ended up turning a 20 minute trip into an hour and a half trip. I was late back to work where everyone gathered round to hear of my torturous journey and didn’t laugh at me for ages hardly at all. The moral of the story kids, is never EVER leave your house, and never ever trust internet maps.
p.s In case you were wondering this trip to the depot was a great success! I did not get lost at all, and greatly amused the lady working there because she thought my name was "Blogger".

the man made entirely out of hats...........

Hats! They go on my head. I once wrote a long story about a man who was made entirely out of hats, his name ironically was shoe. This hatty character even ended up being incorporated in one of my Mr Bird’s adventures, which you can see by clicking on this word with your mouse. Its quite simple it’s the clicky thing in your hand right now.

Meanwhile back in Stompface Land, Abby and Hannah had discussed in great depths of their obsession for each others blogs. It was a strange unexplainable obsession seeing as they know everything about each other already. But because their friendship and love was so deep they needed MORE more I tells ya. So to express our love and force a blog post, they decided to put millions of hats upon their head. It was glorious! See Hannah’s hatty post here.  Doing this made me realise I was missing two of my favourite hats :(

p.s I cannot comment on half the blogs these days, blogger WILL not let me! It is very very frustrating.  I'm not sure if it's my computer or blogger but I've had so much trouble even just posting these... Let's all send a million hints to Mr Stompface to buy me a nice Mac lappytop for my birthday which is in less than 2 weeks.  Go on all send psychic hints to him so he will get me one. Thanks.

poncho Sportsgirl, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ, black singlit (fairly sure it was a man's tee I cut up),  beanie (I can't remember but I feel like Dangerfield or whatever that shop is called),  next two hats Sportsgirl, and boater from Dotti

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in the bag?

Today on my very successful shopping trip, I bought a new (in the words of Hanhan) Frodo Baggins... It is a beautiful bag in one of my very favourite ever colours a grey bluey colour.  Yes it is nice.  You can put things in it.. as I was swapping over my stuff from my filthy old bag, I thought it was a good opportunity for a "In the bag" post.  I've been a fan of sneaking a peek inside people's bags ever since Dolly and or Girlfriend had a feature in their magazine like it back in my primary school days...
  • Shiny new bag - Forever New
  • Frankie diary - super super pretty but has gotten a little worse for wear living inside my bag
  • Pen - this pen is for writing in the above, IT IS SO INKY it reminds me of an octopus.  We used these pens for our guests notes at our wedding, they are dreamy.
  • Car Keys - no matter how hard I try to invent teleportation it still isn't happening. I need these to get places.. driving isn't fun.
  • Shades - I broke these only a few days was sad. they literally fell right off my face...
  • Jacobs by Marc Jacobs purse - courtesy of Tankle this purse is the cause of constant arguments between my husband and I.  He does not like the notes to get creased. Haha he is slightly OCD about that for some reason.
  • Mr Ipod - he delivers beautiful music directly to my ears, what a nice man.
  • Samsung Phone - in other words NOT an Iphone. One time I went out with Hannah and we met all these ballerinas, and everyone had an IPhone but me and I felt like a loser.
  • Hair ties/bobby pins - millions of these at the bottom of my bag, they are especially useful when having Sailor Moon Friday at work, which involves doing my hair just like Sailor Moon and wearing Sailor stripes and colours.
  • Harajuku Lovers Perfume Music - it smells like I want to go to there.
  • Bronzer Brush - in the words of Nicole Richie "We bronze all the time, and that's why we look so sexy."
  • MAC lipstick in Morange - THIS IS SO ORANGE. Will outfit post this soon.
  • Benefit - Erase Paste (to cover my filthy man features)
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes - this smells like memories
  • 2 x handcreams - I am as obsessive about pristine magazines as I am about handcream, so weird about it putting it on all the time all day . It makes me crazy.
There is lot of other crap in my bag, but I thought I'd spare your lovely eyes from the filth.  Because I was so kind and let you live a life without seeing all the rubbish in my bag, perhaps you should like like like on facebook and bloglovin?!  This doctor says YES.


Hooray! I purchased the new Lula today!  Lula is by far my favourite magazine.  It is a magical dreamland of wonderfulness. AND WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT.  No one, no one in the world.

I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to magazines.  And I like them to all be kept in pristine condition.  This one had a silly air freight sticker right over the gold Lula letters and ripped off part of the a.. BLASPHEMY I tells ya.  It was quite upsetting.  But it's a hard magazine to come by in P-Town so you take what you can get!

p.s. how good are trackpants.. off topic I know, but my husband bought me some yesterday and they are freakin comfortable.  What a good husband.  Too bad I went on a little shopping spree today and now he's very mad at me haha. Oh dear.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding feature...................

You can check out my wedding featured at The Lane, just click on the link

The Lane is a beautiful wedding website, that I wish I had discovered when I planned my wedding!  But will be very useful to those of you who are wedding planning!

Thanks to my lovely photographers Christine Lim (for hooking this up) & Ruby Yeo! Such adorable ladies!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This dress is called the craft, which is alright by me, because The Craft is a freakin awesome movie, and if you haven't seen it yet you should drop everything and watch it IMMEDIATELY. Meanwhile, this dress is very velvety and velvety means comfy and soft and wonderful, if you don't believe me you should drape yourself enitrely in velvet right now! RIGHT NOW.  So I expect The Craft watching and Velvet styles snuggies right about now for all of you whose eyes gaze upon this I making sense or dollars? Probably not or else I'd be rich by now...

this bad boy is from Market HQ.  It is true, they can do NO wrong. NOOOO wrong... I have had this dress for a while now, but everytime I have worn it I have forgotton my camera or I have developed a weird disorder where my thumbs stopped working, it is strange to not have opposable thumbs.. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING.

Do I really have to go to work tomorrow? That's just silly.

dress by MINKPINK via Market HQ, boots necklaces Sportsgirl


Would love a pair of these, if only they would internationally ship them... I've been asking my husband for a pair of rollerskates for christmas ever since we first met, and I STILL haven't got any yet.. geez!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

chop chop chop..............

So I chopped off half of my hair, quite literally about half ot it as it was down to my hips.... I feel so relieved now, it was like this itch I just wanted to chop it all off because it was super ratty and annoying and I was so bored of it.  It is super healthy and lovely now, if you ever pass me on the street you should definitely stroke it because it feels beautiful.  I promise not to be weirded out... I love a good friendly stranger.

anyhoo it is good to have a change, I wish I had gone a bit shorter even....

do you like magic? I mean my hair....

Will get some better shots of it this weekend... I didn't get any good ones yesterday and I'm pretty gosh darn lazy, but I will do my best, I have many outfittys to dazzle your eyes with also.

now I'm going to lounge around drink some winey and watch copious amounts of trashy reality tv!
IT IS GOOD. Now if only the husband would stop nagging me everything would be perfect, haha.

one teaspoon cape, nobody shorts, cotton on singlit, sportsgirl necklaces

Thursday, June 9, 2011


argh blog town, where have you been all my life?  have had a slight break from blogging due to real life dramas.  My grandma has been very very sick, and my mother in law had a serious operation, and there has just been a lot going on and so I've felt rather down.  I can't seem to get myself to blog when I'm feeling sad...

anyhoo I'm hopefully getting back on the giant bloggy unicorn as of today! Huzzah!!
here is a sketchy sketch I did the other day to put on our wall, it is very fun to draw with white ink on a navy surface, so I discovered.

I hope you are all splendid.


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