Thursday, October 9, 2008

Every time that we walk the streets I try my best to keep up with the beat...

Well Sirs, I have been hanging out with Mr Cold for the past 2 days so have been feeling not very good.

So I have no attractive or fun pictures to show you, because frankly I look disgusting at the moment. So disgusting that at work today, I was told that I looked really, really, really awful, and then they started to back away as if I was incredibly diseased. Which didn't hurt my feelings or make me feel bad about myself at all.

So instead I will find a fun old picture for you to gaze at for 6 hours, because I know that's how you really like to spend your time. DON'T DENY IT! I KNOW!


Yes, its stompface, in her trusty white tee and cutoffs. I promise I don't wear this all the time. I think Bicycle Pirate took this, with the lovely Theodore.

Meanwhile, back at stompface's lair. I am drinking some wine to cheer myself up. You can all try to cheer me up too! I'll have you know that it is good to try to cheer someone up as it will give you good karma forever.


  1. ah im seeing someone at the moment....hahahah yes that was a glorious night for you of being shutdown by some one you wernt hitting on...oh what is the world coming too.
    cut offs and white t's never go astray NEVER, ok well maybe occationally when a little man wearing tights starts playing a flute and leaping around, yes they sometimes follow him right into a mountain to never be seen from again, apart from at easter when they get let out to go on an eater egg hunt...

  2. and by eater i mean easter, its the new wave way of saying it...yeah im cool.

  3. Aw, you need to dump Mr. Cold, and send him home!

    And that picture is actually quite amusing haha. I did stare at it for some time! :P

    Really though, I hope you feel better, dear!


  4. For me, there isn't anything cooler than a fresh white tee and light wash denim! :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  5. Dump Mr.Cold, and find yourself a Mr. Hot! He will definitely cheer you up ;) And haha, I did actally stare at that photo for quite some time. Love the expression on your face and the outfit!

    Enjoy your wine, sweetie, and I hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon :) And your hair looks amazing in that photo!!!

  7. Just spreading some blogger cheer your way :P...xx

  8. Poor baby... you should see what I wrote today. I'm thinking we're both in the land of cruel and unusual punishmnet! lol

    Feel better love.

  9. Love the photo. And haha, drinking wine to cheer one's self up check out my post today, I did the same thing last night! Well, most nights really, though it's usually not for cheering up purposes but more for enjoyment. Yeah, anyways.
    Hope you're feeling back to your awesome self soon!

  10. Wine always cheers me up! I hope it works for you! I really like this photo and I wish it was still warm enough here to wear shorts.

  11. 'bad mr Cold! ...bad Mr Cold!!'
    hope I get good 'karma' sweetie!

    ~blessings as always*

  12. you look adorable in the pic, love your hair
    feel better...colds suck.

  13. im sick as well! so im not feeling too cute myself either.

    you look so cool in this picture though. very candid cool. i likeeee it.

  14. Uh YES! Another who is unashamedly up for posting less than perfect pics of themselves lol. But you look like a heap of fun here!

    Eeeee Leeee. Meh, call me whatever really lol. Just not bitch/stupid/silly/manic/etc (those are relegated to my weekly brothers' agro seshs haha)

    Hope ye feel better soon. Mr bad is VERY VERY bad. It can only get better from here!

  15. It's bad enough to feel sick -- looking sick too always seems to be adding insult to injury.

  16. i hope you're feeling better beautiful.

    i love this photo. what are you talking about crazy girl!

    ***thanks so much for the beautiful comment love. I'm so terribly sorry about your BF's mother. If there is any help I can give please let me know...the best thing to do- surround yourself with people you love. And really don't take a single thing for granted. I will keep them in my thoughts***

    feeeeeeeel better.
    sending all my love.


  17. haha. i love it.

    i also got told how horrible i looked on many occasions, it's such a lovely thing to hear when you already feel so horrible!

    i hope you're feeling better soon though!

  18. awwww i hope you feel better soon! and no i cannot believe that you could ever look less than fantastic.. your coworker must be crazy!


  19. oh so thats why you haven't updated in a while... hope you feel better soon!

    thanks for the lovely comment :)

    ♥ R

  20. Gosh.. You remind me so much of May Andersen! :)


  21. you have really nice hair, haha.


  22. You look great! Love the cut offs!!


  23. I don't deny it, all I do all day is stare at your sexy Stopmface, muahaha


    I've taken your scolding seriously and actually posted something! huzzah!

    Good luck with mr cold, wine makes everything that vodaka doesn't fix better :P

  24. Yea I just got sick too, it sucks there's not much I can do. It's all good though, I haven't even finished my first hour of gazing so I can kill some time with that.

  25. cute! also love that little trophy cup in the background :)

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