Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fringed hippy...

This fringed vest makes me feel like dancing around bonfires with no shoes singing hippy tunes. Which is never a bad thing.

What's that? I appear to be made entirely out of MinkPink?? There is no such thing as too much MinkPink you are confused.

vest MinkPink, top MinkPink, cutoffs Nobody

Sweden Love

I want to go to Sweden...very very badly. Because everyone there seems very cool.

I also don't know why I keep looking at and falling in love with gorgeous winter clothes.. It is the first day of Summer in Stompface land.

pictures from Stockholm Street Style and Modefeber

Zipper: a popular device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric...

Oh look it is a shiny new dress, with a nice zipper. You all know how good friends with zippers I am. They are good at zipping really fast from one place to the other. I think that is why they call them zippers. This dress has a zipper, and it is by MinkPink, who recently used Zippora as a model, Zipper...Zippora.. COINCIDENCE??? I think not. Those clever cats at MinkPink!

Meanwhile, I ordered some glorious wares from Aboutagirl on Wednesday afternoon. I was very excited because I now own the Shannon dress, which you can see on the left hand side of this page, Zippora is inside it. Oh it is very beautiful.

So on Friday night I was going off on a wild adventure in cocktail land. I was madly searching through my wardrobe trying to find something exciting to wear. It was quite dramatic with clothes flying about everywhere. I could not find anything, so ended up throwing on my default outfit, an oversized cut up black tank, and cutoffs and giant heels. But I was not feeling very good about it.

We went out the front to be picked up by our chariot and decided to check the mail as the chariot was not there yet. So we opened up the magical letter box, and LO AND BEHOLD, there was a nice shiny package. Hooray I exclaimed! I then ran down the driveway arms flailing, frantically ripping open the package. I then threw on this beauty of a dress, and ran off into the sunset.

So the moral of the story is, Aboutagirl are extremely quick at delivering and saving my life.

Also, I am still behind in blogland, internet slower than some kind of really really slow creature. Perhaps a sloth. I do enjoy a good sloth every now and then. Tomorrow Mr Internet will be back, and we will hold hands and skip over a rainbow, and you won't be able to get rid of me.

dress MinkPink, mask homemade by Stompface

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lawn Bowls Week 3

I have a charming new photographer, who took many of these lovely pictures at bowls this evening, (and by many, I mean all). She is very clever, and very pretty, but very hidey of the camera herself. One day, perhaps I will create a clever trap and cause her to be camera-ed.

Meanwhile, I have not have had much internet, so am behind in the blog land of blog. It is a sad and confusing time for me, so I hope you have much understanding to share. And do not beat with me too many sharpened sticks for not being very chatty and what not.

There is a lot of tree love upstairs, and blair witch ness. You can always trust a tree loving hippy, Owww bark in my eye.

The end

p.s, the score is a lot of zero.

dress Sportsgirl, bag Sportsgirl, tights mystery, boots, mystery.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why end weekend? Why?

Today I had a sneaking suspicion that it was actually Saturday. But it was not. It hurt. My feelings. A lot. When I realised it was actually Sunday. How awful.

This is a very rushed thrown on outfit, on the way out for fun times at the houses that are new, with delicious butter chicken. Hooray!

How was your weekends? I hope they were filled with oversized jam donuts and millions of diamonds.

p.s. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I wear too much black and white. Also, how weird does the word suspicion, look, when you look at it for too long. I think it is not really a word, it is an alien.

sweater Sportsgirl, giant Man's shirt, bag Sportsgirl

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giant Love



I am already being Influenced by Influence. The pictures in that book are so beautiful it makes me want to draw every single one. This was for Mrs Bicycle Pirate who is a giant love, I gave her special fingerless hands because I know how much she likes it when they can cup water easier....

Pretty new treats....

Hooray Hooray!


I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a book. But by George I think I have. So many stunning pictures, and fantastic interviews.

Also I checked out the new Harajuku Lovers Fragrances, and have fallen in love with those too, you were so right S. I picked myself up the Angel one, and it is glorious. It smells like twin pole icies, and a perfume I had when I was little, so it reminds me of being young and free again.

Oh how I wish I could shop forever! In the words of a Sandlot kid...FOR...EV...ER!

Lawn Bowls Week 2


Was not a pretty sight. I looked all kinds of bad in all the pictures I had, including this silly one. But I am posting it here anyway, because I did Lawn Bowls Week 1, so IT MUST CONTINUE. Or the whole world will explode. And I don't know if that would be much fun, unless it would. Oh and I know how much you all must have been missing the Wall Of Glorious Beauty, the robot just won't stop being sad. Who will cheer him up? Perhaps a pretty lady robot....

Meanwhile, it was very summer time like that day, so just a simple summer dress occurred! HUZZAH!

I've been fairly absent in this blogging universe this week, because of a man named Dexter. I have been spending all my spare time watching this. I think I may be in love with him, actually I am pretty sure that last night I was trying to explain to people how I was in love with a fictional character serial killer. I'm sure they didn't think I was weird at all.

But today I am catching the magical tractor back to Blog Land, and your eyes can be burned again by the pain of gazing at my pictures for several hours. I know how much you all enjoy that.

If this doesn't make any sense or dollars, it's probably because I have only had 2 hours sleep....

dress Mooloola, shoes Sportsgirl

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sketch Sketch Sketch

Just a very quick sketch, yes she has strange fingerless hands because I do not have the patience to put effort into them in just a quick sketch. The poor sketch lady has a lot of difficulty dialing phone numbers and pointing aggressively at people. Poor little sketch lady.

I have been neglecting my creative side far too much lately....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How'd you get to be happiness...

I am a very bad lady when it comes to remembering to do tags. But today I was tagged by the lovely ladies of Daughters Of Dawn who have the most beautiful vintage clothing, to say six things that make me happy. Well I had such a day of glorious happy time that I decided I would share the six things that made me happy today.

1. Going to see "The Wackness", Mary-Kate and the 90's! Two things I love very much all in the one movie.
2. Eating glorious fettucine vodka at a nice restaurant. It is only my favourite meal in the universe.
3. Stumbling into the Fremantle Festival(I think?) and seeing some cool busking and bands, and lots of markets.
4. Buying cheap new sunglasses at these markets.
5. Picnic at the park, and being surrounded by ducklings there. Holy moly, they were so cute, they literally hung out at our picnic for ages, and just wandered all over our picnic rugs and what not. Oh and pecked at my feet, see above.
6. Coming home after a long day, and chilling on the couch with the boy watching "Dexter" in my pjs!
Happy days!

dress Bauhaus, shoes Sportsgirl, sunnies Markets

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Darth Vadar I know What I'm Made Of...

Friday night fun, because I am such like a Jedi.

This is not the world's most exciting outfit, the world's most exciting outfit would probably be a ball gown made entirely out of staplers. Mmm I sure do like staplers.

Meanwhile, I just love this tee, it makes me laugh and gives me special jedi powers every time I wear it, and you all know how I feel about special jedi powers.

One time I was wearing this when I caught a bus, and the bus driver just stared at it for ages and said "What does that mean" and I just said "I'm a Jedi." and he said "Ok".

I should have got some George Michael style pictures with this on.

But I did not.

Yes, that is wine in a beer glass. Yes it confuses you and makes you feel like you are just drinking juice. So yes, you end up rather out of sorts by the end of the night. Yes it is classy, but these guys did not have anything else.

Oh and look, there is a big pile of bricks there! I like bricks, so it was very exciting to see an entire pile of them! Hooray Hoorah Bricks are fun.

top One Teaspoon, skirt American Apparel, mystery boots

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lawn bowls week 1

Yes, every week there will be some kind of lawn bowls adventure. Here is what I wore to it today. In honour of the most beautiful Fashion Chalet I felt some what inspired to red it up. So gaze upon, my totally wino(forever) influenced picture. Don't point and laugh too hard, because it hurts my millions of feelings.


p.s. This is not me actually at lawn bowls, this is just me hanging out with my new best friend Brick Wall Features. He is a lovely chap, we regularly challenge each other to games of Uno, and discuss the meaning of life. I'm not sure if Brick Wall Features is any good at lawn bowls, in fact I imagine he would just stand around really still the whole time and not get very far, but BOY can he hold up ceilings!

clothes archeologically(anonymous dad will have a field day) dug up from the depths of my very silly wardrobe, if only I weren't some kind of Emperor with only imaginary clothes

I heart sleepytime

Today in my mail box, was the glorious Christmas catalogue of Peter Alexander.

I think my inner (very girly) child, was very excited at the thought of this pretty nightie, that comes within A MUSIC BOX. I pretty much need this, to live, and to keep my inner child alive (and that is very important).

Oooh pretty!

I likey this...

..and this...

....and this...

and...I just love robots... in the distant future robotic beings rule the earth...

I really don't know why I torture myself like this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Be quadrilateral!

myPetsQuare is pretty rad. I am feeling and loving the 90's vibe here.

I would like these to get on my feet! Yes, I really would.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fear of pretty houses and their porches...


Oh look it is I, above in picture form. Sometimes I like to climb inside cameras and make myself at home, and this is what I look like, whilst living inside a camera. In that last picture I am pointing angrily at the boyfriend saying, "You WILL make me look beautiful!" or some such. I can't remember what I was pointing about, but I am sure it was highly amusing and you all wished you had been there. The main point is, in that picture you can see some of my teeth, yes I decided against bashing my teeth against concrete, for now....

Blah, blah, blah. I talk too much.

The end

cut up men's white tee, American Apparel skirt, forgotton not so broken booties

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The tooth fairy IS real...

It appears that Tigerlily has many things I would like to purchase.... like right now. When will the money fairy come visit me? Maybe if I bash my face hard enough against some concrete then I will knock out some teeth, and for sure the tooth fairy will come. The tooth fairy will come RIGHT?? RIGHT???

All I want in life is...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hoooot Hoooot!

I think owning an owl pouch would be a lot of fun.

A fox pouch would be cool too.
Beci Orpin is all kinds of cool. Her artwork makes me happy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Six records in don't know where to begin...


Well Mr and Mr's. I'm not going to lie. I have been drinking, yes on a Monday, yes cocktails, yes I am a rebel. My answer to all your questions is yes. Unless it involves me giving away my organs or something strange like that....

So today, I was trying to get ready to go out for dinner, and suddenly it became cold and rainy. Like really bitterly cold and rainy! It was so confusing that I had to bash myself in the head with several bricks until I had registered that it was raining outside. But then it was just messy, so I mopped up all the blood and there is the final product (yes all those pictures above these words, the strange man with the beard in the outfit outside a brick wall, lots of bricks, yes that's the one.)

Tomorrow is the Melbourne Cup, I have nothing to wear, which is okay because I am at work anyway. Perth does not get a public holiday unlike you cool Melbournians (is that even a word). Perhaps I will wear some kind of tribal headdress, and by tribal headdress I mean I will build one entirely out of legos and old tissue boxes. HOT HOT HOT!

Anyway, the moral of the story is WHERE IS SUMMER?? I thought we were friends, but you went on a long journey away from me, and it breaks my mighty heart. MY MIGHTY MIGHTY HEART.

top Dotti, skirt American Apparel, jacket Mystery IT IS A MYSTERY, tights lots and lots of black paint and dirt, boots Mystery(actually these broke back in May when I was in Melbourne, and me being the lazy Stompface that I am, I just put them away in the cupboard until now when I pulled them out and realised they weren't broken at all, ho ho I'm so crazy the end) bag Sachi.


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