Sunday, August 15, 2010


Super excited about all the pinwheels we ordered for our wedding...they are so pretty and they spin like you wouldnt' believe.  It's going to be magical!  They look something like this sketch I drew....they are white and blue and have our names and the date of the wedding on them....... it is wonderful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

yada yada yada....................

Hello my beloved friends of the Land that is shaped unusually like a blog creature thing!!!

I have missed you for all of the August we have had so far! I have been having adventures aplenty, but alas blog town has never been in my reach.

Right now I am making the most delicious stroganoff known to mankind.  Some girls at work had a  Stroganoff which was basically them both cooking one and then getting judged on whose was the best.  Yes it was a strogan OFF!! GET IT!! DO YOU GET JOKES! Think about it really hard, it is a very clever joke indeed.  It made me laugh for many hours.  Anyway this stroganoff I am making is so delicious that I am a very happy lady indeed.

Just a random sketch from my new shine moleskine courtesy of the lovely Mr Stompface for my birthday.  He is nice most of the time.

Marriage times just keep getting closer and closer, I cant wrap my head around this time moving forward business!

I hope you are all as SPLENDIDLY HAPPY as I imagine a dinosaur who had just discovered a tiny singing scone wearing a beret would be!



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