Saturday, March 26, 2011

bowie's in space.....I mean teeshirt.....

Oh Bowie, I don't know who I love more, the actual David Bowie or Jemaines impersonation of Bowie..Was it a freaky dream Bret??!!  These are kind of mugshotty, which is good! I love mugs, you can drink milo from them! And I love milo! Hooray hooray!

random men's tank from random shop in the ghetto on adventures with han, YSL lipstick

feather children..............

Some whimsical feathery delights from Tankle, check it out over at her bloggetty and her shoppetty. CLICK CLICK.  She has added many new pieces so go forth!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

all blogged out.....

yes all blogged, not all cried Hanhan, although that is a great elevator sing song.  here are some not amazing photos of a very amazing dress, I wanted to get some better ones, but then I couldn't be bloggered.  I'm all uninspired and lazy with all things blog at the moment.. sigh.. but whilst I can't really be bothered blogging at the moment, that does not mean I don't spend every waking moment thinking about wonderful dresses such as this one....

these photos are from our weekend away the other week, where we drank too much ate japanese and had some interesting weekend and bernies style waltzing (trust me you don't want to know.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

elephants and tea parties.............

couldn't get elephants at tea parties out of my sketched this for my lovely niece's birthday on the weekend!

band of outsiders........

this is kind of old news, but these elephant/kirsten tea party pictures are amazing.  Kirsten is the epitome of whimsical. Loves it.

via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dance party times are the best kind of times.....

I found this photo from the same night as the husband and wife dance party. It is a rather happy and fun photo, and those are the best kind of photos! 

I have been reminiscing through all the family adventures over the last couple of months through all my photos. My only regret is not documenting our family games night we had at the beginning of the year, that was wild, everyone went loopy and all the children ran free, and I for some reason made snow flakes with my lovely nieces, and my dad played a spelling game and it brought the teacher out in him. And my mum made delicious dip and all were merry! But seriously there must be something in board games, because everyone became really hypo and giggly and strange, and my cousin who we barely know who was over from Melbourne probably wasn't afraid at all. Good times.  Boardgames are timeless.

Monday, March 14, 2011


blah blah blah outfit post yada yada I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY, I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE.
really I am very very out of it today due to constant adventures on the weekend, and getting up early for workies.  All I have to make me feel happy and less wrecked is wearing this fun dress. IT IS FUN!? DO YOU HEAR ME?? FUN.
So it is lucky that all will be distracted by the beauty of the dress and not notice my extra strangeness due to spaced out ness. Mmm space.

You can buy it or just stare at the picture of the model looking much hotter in it here! Shop Market HQ.

dress MINKPINK via Market HQ, shoes Sportsgirl, necklace Diva, human from the womb of my mother

Saturday, March 12, 2011

sparkle hands....................

what may appear to be a somewhat well thought out attempt at an artsy glitter hand shot, is actually the result of me forgetting to clean up some glitter from making this picture, and then my cat walking it all over the study and then me leaning it it.  but it does look pretty and I do like artsy glitter shots. so all is well.

nailpolish Sportsgirl, glitter artfully placed by my cat


Speaking of is a photo of our new baby! and by new I mean we have had him for a few weeks now and by baby I mean he is actually a 10 year old doggy.  His name is Max, and he is adorbs!  He is the most lovable doggy I have ever come across and he is winning hearts where ever he goes! Hooray for Maxie!


My sister had a baby boy on Monday! Good for her! She looked absolutely amazing after! You would never have guessed she only just had a baby. What a super lady.  This is a picture I drew for baby, on closer inspection it looks like what would happen if a bear and Harry Potter and Where's Wally had a baby....

I love fake again.........

Gosh, I had forgotten how much I loved I Love Fake Photography, I haven't really looked at their work for ages.  How magical is this!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Market HQ, oh the deliciousness!

Oh Market HQ, you can do no wrong in my book! I ordered my first dress from their store last week, and it came with two fortune cookies, YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY, FORTUNE COOKIES!!!  So therefore Market HQ is possibly the most awesome online store to ever exist in this universe.

These are three of my favourite looks at the moment:

1. Gosh, I fell madly in love with this jacket creamy lacey invention, unfortunately it was a vintage revival so I missed out.  But absolutely love the whole jacket as a dress and you all know I am a sucker for neutral colours.

2. Pocahontas...need I say more?  Any outfit that makes me feel like one of my favourite Disney characters is alright by me!

3. Ponchos!! It is very nearly winter times and I plan to fill my wardrobe with a million ponchos because they are warm and fun, and I love this paired with over the knee socks, I really miss over the knee socks.

And you too can share your favourite looks with the world, just check out the sweet as pie competition they are having on their bloggetty.

Anyways, follow the Leader, I mean Market HQ:


abbey lee............

it does make me weirdly happy that I own one of the same pieces of clothing as abbey lee....

Monday, March 7, 2011

all of the above creative..........

with the ever lovely L

and with my lady love Zeus

This was a super fun night with my rad P-town blog's great to see so many great creative things coming from Perth.  All Of The Above Creative is truly amazing check it out immediately!

I didn't take any photos because my sad camera is put to shame by all the other awesome cameras that were there... so I have borrowed from Fall Victim To Fashion (what a lady!) and Fickle Sense (Super wonderful) Check their blogs for better posts of this event... Also Distrikmode did a great posty too.

P.s (Don't be fooled by the camera I am holding in the second picture, that wonderous beast belongs to L!)

Wearing MINKPINK dress you can purchase this prettyness at Market HQ I'll do a better post of this today, Sportsgirl shoes, forever new bag

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Land Of Vegemite.............

Borrowed this photo from Hanskie's bloggetty.  This was quite a night of adventures.  We wore crowns and vegemite jars.  And all was wonderful... read more about it here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

toi et moi 2.................

What a fun tee! I love this very very much, thanks to toi et will have to excuse my ratty pool hair as I had been laying around poolside this day..........

Today it is Wednesday, where is Friday? It must have got lost in the mail.  I specifically requested for it to arrive today.  Long weekend this weekend so it is an especially special Friday.

Gosh I am so tired, I have nothing of importance to say whatsoever.


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