Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi, well, yes we can be friends, but all my friends live in my wardrobe...

This Shakuhachi dress from My Catwalk proposed to me last weekend. I was on a shopping expedition with the Bicycle Pirate, we went into a boutique, where awkward things didn't occur at all (ha-ha). This dress was waving at me enthusiastically from the window. "Hey Hey Stompface you should buy me, you know you want to, if you buy me you will be cool, all the other kids are doing it!".
After our love at first sight moment, I checked the price tag, $350. Alas, I am a poor little Stompface at the moment. I can't really justify it, oh and don't just look at those pictures, because in real life IT WAS SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. It's true, the most beautiful dress I have ever seen eating a kebab.
I think... I think that is is love..
The end
P.s. Anonymous Dad, stop dissing my spelling. It is not nice parenting.


  1. oh u poor thing . how terrible it must be to decline such an offer from such a dress . im sure if its is ment to be fate will bring you two together where u will sing and dance until the end of time...

  2. I want Stompface back as the model!!! Where is SHE?! ;)

  3. i shouldn't look at my catwalk it just depletes my bank balance. sigh.

  4. Oooh I hate that feeling of not being able to buy something you love - and that dress is indeed fabulous. Save up maybe? Yeah, I'm not good at doing that either...
    Hope you're having an excellent Friday, dress or no dress

  5. Oh Im so sad for you dear! You would look 100x better in that dress, but the pricetag *ouch.. maybe we could attempt a DIY. I think your diy-ing and dressmaking skills can do it!

  6. Oh and I have been looking at your sketches from your first posts, you are soooo talented! I come from a family of artists, but I ended up with like 10 thumbs, which just adds to my clumsyness. So again, I am very jealous of your talent, especially cause you can draw when drunk. I dont even remember how to spell my name when Im drunk I think.

  7. i love this dress!

    your sketch below is amazing!

  8. how did you resist girl?

    whenever there is something i fall in love with... i either charge it and walk out in a daze.

    or wait a few days and think about it. if i don't LOVE it. then its not for me.

    BUT IF I can't stop thinking about it- i find a way...

    SO you never know - it might be yours!

    I'm all about (+++) thinking :)

    happy fridaaaaaay.

  9. That dress is beautiful indeed, and I love that it's a stand-out, meaning it does look like everything else out there. But ouch, that price tag is too much for me too! :(


  10. HAHAHA did someone anonymous really diss your spelling?

    I'm sorry, I find it hilarious for some reason.

  11. Hello again,
    my new blog - is finally on ...
    See you there, hopefully

    I'll certainly be featuring you, with your permission of course

  12. Aw the strokes on the dress is gorgeous!!! And I totally understand how you feel about NOT getting something which you really love~ Bleugh; I ALWAYS get stuck in such situation whenever I go Warehouse SO! I rarely do go inside anymore:S HAHA

  13. mmm
    tie dye
    I can see how you'd be in pain over leaving this in the store.
    but like the pound -we can't just take home every puppy we fall in love with, we have to be realistic.

  14. lovely lovely all the detils are amazing, and the print too.. too bad that cost that much..... kisses

  15. lol@anonymous dad blah!!
    oohhh...u can 'carrie' it...(and be broke buh have ur lover who proposed to u...u dnt get that eryday...)on the other hand, pray for a miracle...smiles...God does answer prayers...he'll contact the clothes godess!! right now, i have a halo on my head..
    smiles...(naughty me)

  16. Aw, thank you for saying that. :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  17. WOAH! You're a dedicated young girly lol. Hun! Thats why i wrote to you to tell you that you'd been chosen so you NEEDN'T HAVE TO download that clip lol. Awww is it weird that i want to pinch your cheeks?! haha :O

    Oh, that dress is beautiful but that price tag sure isn't! Check the mail hun, e-mail that is :D

    Have a swell weekend :)

  18. thats like the prettiest/coolest thing ever;; you just might have to steal it now!haha

  19. Ohh that is a nice dress!
    btw that sucks about the weather,
    cause after i left from the beach, it started to rain D;
    oh well I still had a good time!

    how're you today?(:

  20. That dress is super nice.Haha the post title isn't bad at all :D

  21. It's the most beautiful dress on the street. Depending on the street.

  22. Wow, that's definitely an amazing dress....
    That print!


  23. That is a gorgeous gorgeous dress! Love the cut of it. Darn mycatwalk is so so addicitve! And terrible dangerous for the bank balance...

    Love your posts, they never fail to put a smile on my face! x

  24. that dress is totally cute, really different from anything else :)


  25. i also have a lot of friends in my wardrobe. and also lots in the stores. damn. i have too many friend. lol

    -choppy shades

  26. Your wardrobe is more vibrant with all those treasures

  27. ooh that dress is fantastic.. hopefully it goes on some supersale for you!

  28. I hate finding something I can't live without... and then being forced into the walk of shame as I leave the store without it!

    It is gorgeous, but maybe you'll find something similar or even something you and your closet friends like even better! Maybe...


  29. ahhh that dress is pretty damn delish..... maybe you will find a cheap replica??? i know, its not the same,!

  30. Hahhaha yeah, clothes sometimes scream at you to "adopt" them...
    Great blog btw
    take a look at the post I just did on some jeans I couldn't resist! eveyone is wearing them in Madrid and I just caved and bought them hahah

  31. ohhhhhh, great dress!!!
    xoxo from las vegas

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