Friday, February 27, 2009

Stud Mc Stud Features...

This is some kind of trick photography, as actually the studs are very square not roundish. Be there or be quadrilateral, is what I screeched loudly at the studs, and they knew only to obey. It is the only way. There is some kind of fringe hiding on my head there, but my limbs with hand things hanging off them are blocking it. YOU WILL NOT SEE THE ELUSIVE FRINGE. It is very secret. Only the things that are secret must hide, but the studs are allowed to prance about in photos feeling rather roundish when indeed they are of the square kind. Which by the way, a skirt covered all over in studs is pretty rad town, especially when you have really been deprived of the stud loving. One day I plan to stud my entire forehead, and then I can be cool.

p.s. the doors have studs on them too, and by studs I mean door handles, oh those doors are so darn cool............

skirt MINKPINK, top Sportsgirl,

It is the Friday!

Which means the weekend! Which means the long weekend! Huzzah!

image from ILoveFake

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeti Magic...

come with me and then you will see everything you need within life hey ho its easy letting go when nothing before was real look into our eyes you can see the future look into our eyes we can see your soul

Romance Was Born

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr Maxi strikes again..

Next week I shall cut my hair, it will be a crazy adventure, dressers and what not.

dress Bardot


from Written On The City

Thursday, February 19, 2009

There it is..

Maurie & Eve leather bustier...

But why...

can I not afford you?? oh it is a leather bustier. Owww it is hurting.

Maurie & Eve leather bustier from Sportsgirl

This should also find a way to hitch hike to my house.

CC Skye from Sportsgirl

And this too, and yes we shall stop for icecream.


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