Monday, October 20, 2008

Tiger Tie Dye Bonitas

In love with these Tiger Tie Dye Bonitas by One Teaspoon. They are wild, WILD cutoffs.

Get in my wardrobe sir! Get in there now! It is where you belong.


  1. YOU must purchase.
    NOW :)

    along w/ that crazy onesie you were telling me about!
    tie-dye is perfect for summmmmmmer.

    ahhhhhhhhh can't wait to hit the beach.

    i hope you have a wonderful start to your week gorgeous !!!


  2. oh wow these are amazing/ im off to find some for me! x

  3. eek! I want. the black denim ones. I have been holding myself back from shopping and you are waving temptation in my face. haha.
    now, I just have to remind myself that it's fall/ almost winter here (thats how it feels anyway) and I wont be able to wear cutoffs for nearly a year!

    ...but I still want it!
    ♥ R

  4. They are love! I just thrifted two pairs of jeans and when they get back from the wash, I am soooo attacking them with my scissors, and the bleach is just waiting for them. Must DIY soon, my hands are just intching to destroy something!

  5. Oh man, must type slower, im leaving typos all over the place. Hands, type slower please.

    I shall DIY soon, when I have time, must try to replicate those shorts.

  6. diy these
    make some knots and then dip dip dip in bleach bleach bleach

  7. I have these shorts! I love em :)

  8. Oh I am jealous Anonymous, I still haven't got any yet:( Will have to go to the one teaspoon shop soon!


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