Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Bridge Is Broken...



Hi Sirs,

How ARE you? Well it is almost time for Mr Weekend to arrive. Aren't you pleased? I suspect many a tea and scone will be consumed, and by tea and scone I mean lots and lots of wine. Yes delicious wine. No, I do not have a problem.

It has been a really ridiculously long week, as it has become a trend for working days to be really long. They think it is cool so they are all getting in on this new trend, Monday, Wednesday and even Thursday, it's just outrageous. Maybe we should all sign a petition to convince them that being short is much more trendy these days. If that doesn't work we will gather all the calenders in the world and throw them at them until they are unconscious.

I suspect I am talking a lot of nonsense right about now. It is because I actually have nothing to say at all, so I am just typing the first things that come to my head. Unfortunately I have an unnaturally fast typing speed, so I can type as I think. Which means lots and lots of annoying pointless words staring at you from Mr Computer.

In honour of the Pig Of Happiness, I will list some things that have made me happy in this otherwise long tiring week. Gossip Girl, I don't know why but I was extremely excited by the latest episode, it was just amazing. Russh, hooray hooray hooray this magazine is my boyfriend, we love each other very much. Queen Dot Kong, because the man in the middle of it who says "Hey Hey Heyyy Hello Kids" reminds me of a scary clown. I really hate scary clowns, but it just makes me laugh.

I know I still have a gazillion tags etc to do, but I am a very bad lady and have not done them. Feel free to kick me repeatedly in the shins to teach me a lesson. Then I will beg for your forgiveness for exactly 5 hours and 12 minutes, and then proceed to complete my tagging missions.

Oh no I have accidentally stapled my mouth shut in a freak stapler accident...

xx Stompface

sweater Sportsgirl, cutoffs Nobody, shoes Sachi, tights Just lots of black paint

Monday, October 27, 2008

A new addition to the family which enjoys a healthy dose of face stomping.


Well, you might all be wondering "Hey, how come my eyes haven't bled from the pain of seeing really horrible things?". That's because my camera was broke, so you didn't have bleedy eyes from gazing for many hours at my pictures of eye bleedyness.

So I've got good news and bad news. The bad news, first, is that well, your eyes are going to bleed A LOT more (yes a lot is two words, thanks Anonymous Dad!), because Stompface has a new camera, and is finding herself increasingly addicted to it, to the point where she took photos all night at a family dinner so that everyone was weeping and wailing because they could no longer see for the excessive flashing. The good news, I have a new camera, so that I AM now very happy, and will no longer hide behind bushes and throw large rocks at you working camera wielding people.

I look rather tan in this picture, I'm not going to lie, I did make out with several Oompa Loompa's to achieve this healthy glow. So it isn't real, but yay for not damaging my delicious skin.

P.s. My extremely short attention span caused me to change around a few things on the old blog. What do you think? I am not so sure, I drew that new header thing today, and I made things more blue and grey. If you have any great interior blog design tips let me know, and I will listen with all 2 of my ears and who knows what amazing things may occur.

P.p.s. There was no light when that picture up there was taken. What a great new flash! I have a feeling we are going to be great friends.

top Dotti, skirt Forever New, shoes Sportsgirl, hair Grown by my own personal head, arms found on the side of a road

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi, well, yes we can be friends, but all my friends live in my wardrobe...

This Shakuhachi dress from My Catwalk proposed to me last weekend. I was on a shopping expedition with the Bicycle Pirate, we went into a boutique, where awkward things didn't occur at all (ha-ha). This dress was waving at me enthusiastically from the window. "Hey Hey Stompface you should buy me, you know you want to, if you buy me you will be cool, all the other kids are doing it!".
After our love at first sight moment, I checked the price tag, $350. Alas, I am a poor little Stompface at the moment. I can't really justify it, oh and don't just look at those pictures, because in real life IT WAS SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. It's true, the most beautiful dress I have ever seen eating a kebab.
I think... I think that is is love..
The end
P.s. Anonymous Dad, stop dissing my spelling. It is not nice parenting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At last I found what I was dreaming of....


Just a sketch I prepared earlier, whilst "watching" a game of indoor soccer. For some reason everyone found it really hilarious when I asked who won at the end of it.

A week or so I set up this Bloglovin' business. It is pretty sweet. If you like games such as follow the leader, you would probably highly enjoy this also. Actually, what do you even do in a game of follow the leader??? I don't even remember. Oh my poor forgotten childhood.

You know what game I do remember!

What's the time Mr Wolf!?

I remember getting seriously panicked whenever the kid who was the wolf turned around and chased us. What a great game. How come noone plays games like that anymore when they grow up? I think I should somehow revive this lost love.

I also still really enjoy nursery rhymes. Sometimes I serenade my boyfriend with them at night, when he is trying to sleep. I'm sure he enjoys it, he just expresses that enjoyment by yelling at me to shut up and bashing me with pillows. Nursery rhymes are another lost love. My favourite was the one with the elephants. "One grey elephant, balancing, step by step on a piece of string, he thought it was the most wonderful stunt, so he called for another elephant!"

I haven't gone off track here at all. So yeah, if you want to play follow the leader, start following my blog, and then you can be cool.

Okay I am going to stop talking now! I bet you are glad. Hooray!

Playground Hustle

Some pretty things to throw your eyes upon. Violently, throw your eyes upon. Then smile and be happy forever.

I am buying those One Teaspoon studded sandals RIGHT now. It is essential.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Never You Mind Death Professor...


It was really really hot today. Like really really hot. Three cheers for summer! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!

skirt homemade by Stompface, top mystery singlit I think I cut it out from inside another top once upon a time, belt Sportsgirl, shoes Sportsgirl

Zip me up Scotty.....

Look! It is a new dress. It has a zipper, how amazing are zippers? They are very handy for all kinds of occasions, like dog walking and cooking stir frys. Yes zippers, quite the versatile bunch. Sometimes I eat them for breakfast, a nice hearty bowl of zippers. Yum!

For some reason it was nearly impossible to get a decent picture of me in this dress. I think it must be because my camera is almost dead and it is making me look as horrible as possible as it's final goodbye. Well it's not a very nice goodbye Mr Camera. Not very nice at all. Well I hope your eyes didn't bleed TOO much looking at these. If it did, I suggest a handful of zippers to help the pain.

dress Mink Pink, shoes Sachi

Lovely Lykke Li

How beauty!

picture google images

Tiger Tie Dye Bonitas

In love with these Tiger Tie Dye Bonitas by One Teaspoon. They are wild, WILD cutoffs.

Get in my wardrobe sir! Get in there now! It is where you belong.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where have I been all my life?

Well, I certainly do feel as if I have not been in blog land for a very very long time. I have been very busy having all kinds of adventures. Beautiful adventures involving Mr and Mrs Velvet and all kinds of romantic dates in the summer days.

Oh my, it has been so hot and beautiful. So I got to beach it again today. I also saw the movie Burn After Reading, and would recommend it for sure. But most importantly, I saw a preview for a movie, that could be best described, and probably retitled as Prison Fast and the Furious. Yes, that is a definate oscar winner. Not totally bad and cringe worthy at all. In fact, my eyes only bled a little bit whilst watching it, and I only vomited 7 times!

I bought a fairly wild dress on Friday, but all the pictures of it turned out quite terrible, so I want to give it the photo shoot that it deserves. This is me today, looking slightly sun burnt in this dress that I made, it was the second thing I ever sewed so don't laugh and point and mock too hard. Because it hurts my feelings. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT MY FEELINGS? I don't think you do, because you are all very nice.

I think I have about a million tags to do, and I will do them soon enough. Don't you fret my little treasures.

I leave you with a picture of the cupcakes that the bicycle pirate and I attempted to make. They aren't ugly and destroyed hardly at all. Yes that middle one resembles some kind of devil. The bicycle pirate is very talented.

dress homemade by Stompface

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top Hat Love Will Never Die

Look it is another cute tophat picture!!!

It is from UK label Mine. These pictures are from SS08, so not the most recent, but I really love the whimsical feel about them.

How cute are the little details drawn onto the model as well. The little shoelaces and watches just drawn onto the skin. I might do that from now on, I will save alot of money on all the shoes and accessories I would normally buy, and instead spend $2 on a marker... a MAGIC marker.

You can see more of the collections here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Don't Know Me At All...


Yes three posts in one day. I am on some kind of blog posting spree.

This is a dress my boyfriend bought me and I didn't really like because it had these not cool sleeves hanging off the end. Then today it suddenly occurred to me, I could totally cut those sleeves off and it could look amazing. So I did, and suddenly the dress gained the ability to do complicated mathematical problems and solve the world financial crisis. So it was a very good thing for me to do. All clap and cheer enthusiastically for me having grasped cutting with scissors back in year one. Bet you are glad I didn't fail that class!

All tell me your thoughts on the dress, is it any better? I can't tell any more because I had an accident earlier involving the scissors and my eyes.

Today someone cool gave me some new music, the new TV On The Radio (oh my gosh am I excited to listen to this), the new Cold War Kids (yay yay yay) and the new Ben Folds (currently obsessing over You Don't Know Me At All featuring Regina Spektor she is the cutest lady alive).

Yay what a happy day!

The end

dress Dotti

The most exciting news ever...


I went to the beach today!!! Also I kind of look like a boy in this picture!! Hooray!

The beach was all kinds of glorious. I went swimming and it was so refreshing and nice. Here is me just before wearing another of my boyfriend's t-shirts. I convinced him to get this one because of the wild tie dye! It was a wild wild ride.

I desperately need to go shopping for new bathers though, because the ones I have are awful. AWFUL. My boyfriend doesn't understand the concept of me needing to buy new bathers every summer. I don't know what is so hard to explain about it? I want to build a house entirely out of bathers one day, and need to slowly build up my supplies.

Also today we bought a rice cooker, and made sushi, and it was also glorious. It felt like such a productive day. Yes you should all feel very proud of me.

tee boyfriend's, shorts Nobody, sunnies some random markets (they look strange in this picture)

My new house the change room....


This dress has a hilarious anecdote to go with it. I went to this surf shop and I found it, and I thought it was cute and a fun colour. So naturally I went to try it on. I went into the change room, tried it on and was really happy with it, it was only $80 as well. So I get changed into my clothes again. Go to open the door.....and it won't open.

So I am thinking, well this is embarrassing, I can't even open a door (I am really not good at basic things). So I was really embarrassed, so I was trying to be as quiet as possible rattling at the door trying to get it open. Anyways, I was in there for a while, so the sales assistant must have got worried. She knocked on the door and asked me if I was okay...and could I even get out? I said.. no..I can't get out, I'm stuck. She starts laughing hysterically at me, and goes okay I will go get the key don't worry.

She comes back with the key, and starts rattling at the door for awhile, and then goes all quiet, and then says.. umm... I think the lock is broken. I was like... well... I kind of need to get out of here eventually. So she calls another girl from the downstairs part of the shop and she comes up and tries it, and they are both just laughing, and they even tried kicking down the door. While I was contemplating my new house the change room.

Then one of the girls crawls under this really small gap underneath and just pops up next to me and just says Hi! I said Hi! So she tried from my end, and then I was like, wait a second, can't I just climb under too then? They were like no no we will get you out we don't want you climbing on the dirty floor. I did have a little dress on. But in the end they couldn't get me out, so they made sure no one was looking and I really ungracefully crawled out and they dusted me off. I bought my dress, and they gave me ten dollars off. So the moral of the story is, get stuck in change rooms if you want discounts.

The end

dress Mink Pink, shoes Sportsgirl, bag Live

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make your dreams out of paper mache....


Aloha Universe! How are we this fine day?

It's very sunny out in the outside spaces.

Yes, I have been raiding the boy's wardrobe yet again. He doesn't like it at all, but I do, I think it is very nice. So really he is just confused, one day he will understand and say "Boy am I glad you stole all of my clothes and ran away leaving me with nothing but an old burlap sack." Then I would say, "Don't be silly dear, we don't have a burlap sack, why on earth would we have a burlap sack?" and then he would be sad because he would realise he was just hallucinating and really he had nothing, nothing at all. I am a very nice girlfriend.

You see it is essential for me to raid his wardrobe. As, you will be shocked to hear. I HAVE NO CLOTHES!! No clothes at all, absolutely nothing. It is a very traumatic time for me, having absolutely no clothes or shoes whatsoever. I really really need to go shopping, or else I may self combust. It is a very bad side effect of not having anything to wear.

Oh no! It is the Monday tomorrow. I told you that we were no longer friends Monday. Why do you keep coming around every week like this and demanding my friendship! I only allow having three friends, and that's Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday. There is no more room in my friendship list Monday. I simply do not like you. I think you should leave, it is getting awkward.

You know who is my friend? Beck. Sweet sweet Beck.

The end

shirt boyfriend's, dress Mermaid Sister, shoes Sportsgirl

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Every time that we walk the streets I try my best to keep up with the beat...

Well Sirs, I have been hanging out with Mr Cold for the past 2 days so have been feeling not very good.

So I have no attractive or fun pictures to show you, because frankly I look disgusting at the moment. So disgusting that at work today, I was told that I looked really, really, really awful, and then they started to back away as if I was incredibly diseased. Which didn't hurt my feelings or make me feel bad about myself at all.

So instead I will find a fun old picture for you to gaze at for 6 hours, because I know that's how you really like to spend your time. DON'T DENY IT! I KNOW!


Yes, its stompface, in her trusty white tee and cutoffs. I promise I don't wear this all the time. I think Bicycle Pirate took this, with the lovely Theodore.

Meanwhile, back at stompface's lair. I am drinking some wine to cheer myself up. You can all try to cheer me up too! I'll have you know that it is good to try to cheer someone up as it will give you good karma forever.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Land of Electro...


Last night's electro outfit. Well, it is kind of electro, shiny is electro right? This dress was ridiculously fun to dance and spin in, because the skirt of it is particularly talented at the art of spinning.

The 21st (the boys) was quite a pleasant affair. He wore this out of the world tie dye bright coloured tee that I am planning on stealing from his closet very soon. Oh look, look at my foot in the second picture, oh it looks strange and broken. Yes I have special mechanical ankles that can rotate a 360.

A quarter of the balloons had really deflated, when we got back there at 6. So the balloons that were supposed to last 15 hours, were almost dead after 5. I hate you balloon people, I really really hate you.

On a happier note, I drank way too much, frolicked about with glow sticks, someone cool arrived dressed as a ghost buster clown man (electro?). Also a hideous green wig did the rounds a fair bit.

Today I am feeling, very under the weather, and it has been a struggle to even do this. I started at 12.30 and now it is 8.30. So you should all admire the blood and sweat and tears that went into this glorious post from the land of electro....

...and the land of crazed ramblings.

The end

dress American Apparel, socks Dodgy random sock stall

Saturday, October 4, 2008



Yes, all admire my very very cunning disguise. I have been looking for a pair of these glasses for a really long time now. I literally jumped for joy when I found some at a balloon shop yesterday. Yes a balloon shop. Yes glasses. No, I don't know why they were there. I have a feeling these are going to come in very handy. VERY HANDY INDEED!!

I also found these great gold coin earrings at the bottom of my jewellry box, I had totally forgotton about them. So seeing as they go in your ears, I promptly put them where they belonged. It was quite enjoyable.

You know what isn't enjoyable? Trying to cram 60 balloons into two cars in extreme wind. Why is the weather so windy and cold and rainy???

Anyways, the balloons kept popping like crazy, so I think we only have around 30 left. Then we finally got them inside and all fine, and they were popping on their own! The stupid balloon shop people had overfilled them. So they just keep popping!

Stupid balloon shop people, your only job is to fill balloons. Yet you couldn't even manage that? Oh yes I have a feeling your business is going to do very well, except not at all. I also thought it was a nice touch when you laughed at us and said there was no way we would get the balloons in the car without purchasing special balloon bags, which yes we would have to pay a dollar each.

Don't you think that should be included in the price if it is the only way to get them in cars? Don't you think that it might upset customers by pointing and laughing at them? So what a sad day, I was so happy for about 5 seconds when I was surrounded in lovely balloons.
Well they can expect a very very angry letter from us! Yes! Very angry indeed!

Okay, the balloon rant is over now, I need to pep myself back up into fun happy mode so I can get my electro on tonight.


shirt mens, cutoffs Nobody, earrings mystery treasures found underneath lots of old things

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cause we're young... fell in from the stars..


I am beyond exhausted from my day, so am looking rather dishevelled and ratty. Mmm ratty yes I love to look ratty.

I am increasingly becoming addicted to this Gossip Girl thing. Oh my! The addiction is becoming strong. Strong like some unusually strong elastic band, made entirely out of steel and lycra.

I can't wait until my good friend the weekend and I catch up tomorrow night. We have a romantic two days ahead of us, which shall involve merry go rounds, swings and being electro.

I bought over the knee socks today. They are black and very thick and warm. I bought them from a stall dedicated entirely to socks. So of course it took me 3 walks past it, before I figured out it might be a good place to buy socks. Smart I am!

I have nothing of importance to say today. Yes, how not important of me.

sweater Sportsgirl, skirt homemade by Stompface, shoes mystery, tights mystery

Roaring 20's styles

I am currently working on a poster for a Roaring 20's themed cocktail party....

Here is a lady who is all 20's about it. Well I hope she looks all 20's about it. I have been having a creative block this week and my artistic qualities seem to have ended our friendship. So she looks a bit strange, but I have NOTHING ELSE TO GIVE! NOTHING! ELSE! TO GIVE!

People keep telling me that she looks like a hippy with unshaved legs. But her legs are not hairy, it is shading damn it!

Woe is me.

Anyhoo, I will show you the finished poster when it is done, and you can all yell loud comments about her unshaven legs and strange figure. Whilst I crawl up into a ball and rock back and forwards and wail loudly.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taggy Mc Taggerson

Well, I have been tagged by both these lovely ladies: Girl Meets NYC and Confessions Of A Doll. To reveal six quirky/little known facts about me.

Here goes!

1. I have an extreme fear of pressing the bell on a bus for when you want them to stop at your stop. I get really paranoid that I will press it too early and then I will have to get off early because everyone will realise that I had pressed the button and if no one else gets off, the bus driver will get mad at having to stop for no reason, so I will just have to get off at the early stop anyway. So therefore bussing is extremely stressful!

2. I only just got my license, because I hate driving. Which doesn't help because then I always have to deal with issue number 1.

3. I base whether or not I am happy with a season (winter, summer etc) by whether or not I like the fashion. Which is funny, because I always like the fashion. So I am always happy with the season, until the new season stuff starts coming in. Then I get really impatient.

4. I can't help but make up really strange lies, when talking to new people. I don't know why, but sometimes completely ridiculous things come out of my mouth. I once told a new guy at my work, on his first day, that I was a professional tap dancer and a national champion. I'm not sure how long he believed this for. After I said it, I thought to myself "Why did I just say that?? Where did that even come from? He is going to figure out eventually that I'm not".

5. I really love cooking. I'm pretty good at it too. I haven't had a really big disaster meal yet. My favourite thing to cook is a meal called Penne Alla Vodka. That's right, a pasta with vodka in it! It pretty much has all my favourite things! Oh it is delicious.

6. When I greet people I always pull this really ugly angry strange face. So when ever I pass people I know in the street or in the office or wherever, instead of saying "Hi!" I just pull my lovely attractive face. Everyone who knows me is used to it and know that it just means "Hi". But I have gotten into the habit of it so much that now when I walk past complete strangers I pull the face at them! It's not awkward at all.

Yes I am very very normal, as you can see from my above points! NORMAL!

Oh look, some more tagging. Incredibly cool and fashionable and model like Fashion Pariah also threw a box full of tags at me. This tag is to write 11 little things:

1. Clothes Shop

I haven't been shopping much in real life stores lately, as I have been online shopping and making things myself alot. I shop at this little boutique called Frankii alot, as it gets in some cool labels, and has guys clothes too. Apart from that, I love to browse the boutiques along William St.

2. Furniture Shop

I recently just went out and bought enough furniture to fill our house. I actually got most of it from a really dodgy cheap store. But with enough hunting, the quality of the furniture was actually really good and doesn't look too shabby either.

3. Sweet

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but if I am to have anything sweet I would have brownies for sure. I like to eat them really hot out of a bowl with a spoon.

4. City

I haven't been to many cities. I would have to say Melbourne is up there as a favourite. The shopping made me very happy. I really want to visit/live in Stockholm some day. I haven't been there, but it is probably my favourite city anyway!

5. Drink

Water is my drink of choice every time. Unless I am going alcoholic, then I am a wine drinker all the way. Mmm delicious wine. No I don't have a problem.

6. Music

Music is my life. My favourite band is the Eels. But at the moment I have been listening to Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew Spirit if... on repeat. Also The Dodos, She & Him and Vampire Weekend are getting a lot of play right now. I just really really love music. I don't know what I would do without it.

7. Tv Series

Arrested Development! Best TV series EVER! Also loving Flight Of The Conchords and 90210. I have just got Gossip Girl season 1 on DVD, I haven't watched any yet, but I have a feeling I am going to love it, judging by the awesome outfits they wear on that show.

8. Film

I love movies almost as much as I love music. So I have a lot of favourites. I love movies like Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Stranger Than Fiction. I also still am weirdly obsessed with all the classic Disney animation movies.

9. Workout

I never exercise. It's really terrible. I used to play tennis and do JuJitSu though. Oh, I recently won a digital skipping rope! I love skipping! Does that count?

10. Pastries

Not a fan really.

11. Coffee

I actually really hate coffee. So no, I don't drink it at all.

The end

Lastly the forever stylish I Am Ashleigh tagged me, and this was a hard one, with a gold card. Which means I can have anything I want in the world.

I would probably travel the world, but do it in style, as I would be able to afford amazing 5 star hotels. Buy a really cool old house on the beach, that I could renovate really pretty. I would also buy all the shoes and clothes in the world, then put them in a big pile and roll about in it cackling loudly. Seriously. That's what I would do.

So now I tag whoever else wants to play along! Because I am exhausted now from all my incoherent ramblings and cannot decide who else needs some tag love. So I encourage anyone who wants to play to play too! Because playing is fun!

picture from label Fairground


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