Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At last I found what I was dreaming of....


Just a sketch I prepared earlier, whilst "watching" a game of indoor soccer. For some reason everyone found it really hilarious when I asked who won at the end of it.

A week or so I set up this Bloglovin' business. It is pretty sweet. If you like games such as follow the leader, you would probably highly enjoy this also. Actually, what do you even do in a game of follow the leader??? I don't even remember. Oh my poor forgotten childhood.

You know what game I do remember!

What's the time Mr Wolf!?

I remember getting seriously panicked whenever the kid who was the wolf turned around and chased us. What a great game. How come noone plays games like that anymore when they grow up? I think I should somehow revive this lost love.

I also still really enjoy nursery rhymes. Sometimes I serenade my boyfriend with them at night, when he is trying to sleep. I'm sure he enjoys it, he just expresses that enjoyment by yelling at me to shut up and bashing me with pillows. Nursery rhymes are another lost love. My favourite was the one with the elephants. "One grey elephant, balancing, step by step on a piece of string, he thought it was the most wonderful stunt, so he called for another elephant!"

I haven't gone off track here at all. So yeah, if you want to play follow the leader, start following my blog, and then you can be cool.

Okay I am going to stop talking now! I bet you are glad. Hooray!


  1. Haha I remember childhood wolf and duck, duck, goose were pretty much the same thing right? And I love the sketch :)

  2. feel free to come over to Manchester and decorate my bedroom walls with ur thoughts and sketches. it would make me silly happy

  3. That is so cool. I wish I could draw!! Search 90210 on iTunes, you can't seem to find it via CWTV network for some reason..... then scroll down until you get to "television". I love ALICE in Wonderland so much, wish I had a skirt like yours. :) Let me know how you like Coconut Records. Listen to West Coast my favorite.

    xo/ fashion chalet

  4. Love your drawing as always, love your style! :) And oh that's how I "watch" sports too...really I do something ELSE in front of the TV and just ask others for the fill-in on what's happening. ;)

    Ah, childhood games! I still love half of them! I mean really, do you ever get to old for hide and seek? Not really, all you need is to raise the stakes (i.e. pick a really large location with tons of hiding places, and/or do it in the dark in abadoned building) and then it's a blast all over again!


    P.S. In case your memory is still failing you, follow the leader works just how it sounds... someone is choosen as the leader and whatever they do everyone else has to! :P

  5. Your drawings and sketches are so unbelievably pretty. And I of course adore the way you write, though I've told you that before :)

    P.S. I agree, What Time Is It Mr. Wolf? was like my favourite game EVER.

  6. Omg you sketch so damn well! I am so ashamed of my sketching/drawing skills now :/

  7. Dreamy sketch, beautiful maillot!


  8. I've been following you since day 1! well my day 1, on bloglovin that is...
    awresome drawing.
    (and I added you too)

  9. i want to play leap frogm its heaos cooler than follow the leeder, although im not cool, so maybe i shoul dplay follow the leeder...oh im so so confused...

  10. That is THE lamest game ever because at '3-Oclock' it was ALWAYS 'Dinner time' so you knew when to run anyway. Well that was the case with the neighbourhood hoodlems (yep we were toight like that lol :P)

    But yes those games were funny fun fun! Another that was was spit-ball but always at the teacher. He would shout and we would laugh. It was great....

    Your picture is preeeeetttty! And i zipped below and that DRESS YOU'RE WEARING IS DELISH!!! Where'd ya find it? :O ZONG

  11. this is incredible.

    what talent girl.

    THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SWEETNESS. ah can you be any sweeeeeter?

    so dress= buy.
    yes shopping together = crazy.
    my girlfriends love/hate shopping with me...but they can't really say anything because they are EXACTLY the same. its danger zone. My sister & I are the worst together.

    well love- have a beautiful day.


    thanks again!

  12. those games r fun-fun... sexy drawing sweetie!!! Enjoy your hot weather dear....

  13. I know, right? At $40 their practically a STEAL! :)

    Thanks, looking forward to your vote in my name. And I would love for you to make me a skirt. Ohhhh that idea sounds amazing. If you can, of course. And want to. :) And WEST COAST is the best song, it's relaxing and reminds me of the summer!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  14. Love the sketch! And love childhood games :)


  15. fantastic sketch!! and yay for follow the leader.. lol we joined the bandwagon of bloglovin' too..

  16. Totally cool drawing, and i love the pieces in your last post. The tie dye dress in particular.

  17. haha, definitely adding you on my bloglovin list! I really like your style of drawing, i dont know how to describe it but it is seriously cool!

    ♥ R

    hahaha, I love that bit where you serenade your boyf wit nursery rhymes.

  18. btw, I found that editorial where we used the Narciso Rodriguez page, posting it soon!

  19. agh, I meant Dress not page! watching stylista now and my mind is flying. haha. excuse the typo

  20. Oh thank you so much for your comment :) You are so cool yourself, dear! And you have the most amazing posts!

    I know, why do we stop playing those games when we grow up? Those games were always so much fun!

    Wonderful sketch as always. You have a beautiful talent!


  21. Love the sketch and the bathing suite is ideal ... I've been looking for one like it for forever now :)

  22. Dear Stompy. You have won! Yes you! Except you havm't really won anyuthing at all lol except for being the next link to the chain... if YOU want to of course :D But you are not obliged to hun.

    If you're a keen-bean please flick me your name and address and i will ofrward it onto the Seeker to smnail mail you the piece :D

  23. awesome scketch.....I've tried and failed doing these sorts of def have talent ;)

  24. Now I see why you may have sewed your eyes shut in a wild sewing accident. This leaves me with magnificent memories! An accurate sketch. You heard me, magnificent.


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