Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am in love with this picture, from Kate Moss Style. Best couple ever.

Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping...

I really like Saturday's when I don't have to do anything much. I especially like it because it lets me get a healthy dose of my secret addiction to children's TV shows. That's right, children's shows. I love them...a little too much.

I always try to be home for Degrassi High, which is on every Saturday afternoon, and is pretty freakin' rad. If you don't all agree you must be very very confused.

It's not sad at all to avoid all social activities in order to watch kids tv.

This picture is from one of my many outfit changes on the weekend, I had like 12 in one day. It was very hard to decide. All my clothes aren't in love with me anymore. It breaks my mighty heart.

dress customised dotti, chains diva, nailpolish adriana by Bloom

Woods, Witches and Wonder

Zimmermann Winter 09

Something else...

These images from the Something website make my heart happy!

Tag town

I'm pretty bad at remembering this whole tagging business. But I haven't done one in ages, so here goes.

The lovely Kelly from Birdy & Me (click on her blog right now if you haven't seen it before, otherwise bad things might happen, but probably won't, but you still should, because she is an amazing artist) tagged me with the 10 things I love, and 10 things I don't love and 5 random things about me tag.

...and in no particular order...


1. Books, if I could build some kind of house entirely out of books, I would be a very happy stompface.
2. Mr Camera, sometimes things go out of control and I just snap wildly at anything.
3. Mr Stompface, CHEESE. I know, but true. He is the strangest and most hilarious person I know who makes me laugh forever.
4. Kitten features, I never knew I could love an animal so much. She is like my very furry baby but who scratches a lot.
5.Cupcakes, did you know there is a cupcake with icecream INSIDE IT?? A CHOCOLATE ICECREAM CUPCAKE? I haven't made these yet, but I have a feeling it will be a wild ride.
6. Music, I could not live without it, the other day Mr Stompface broke Mr Ipod, and I was the saddest lady alive. But then it magically fixed itself and the whole world rejoiced.
7. Inspirational pictures, of any kind, gosh I love them, I pretty much just sit around all day gazing at beautiful images.
8. Drawing, I haven't done this in a while, I am having a large creative block. I imagine it is a giant icecream block named Creative, and he is so huge I just can't get around him, one day I will buy a giant heater and melt him, and then I will be the most creative person alive.
9. Fashion, pretty much anything fashion related, even smart casual jackets made entirely out of accounts.
10. Movies, and tv shows, I have millions of favourites, nothing like escaping reality for awhile. Although, I'm kind of doing that hundred per cent of the my mind.

Don't Love

1. Crazy drivers, they make me too scared to drive a car, why are they so crazy?
2. Washing the dishes, I will do any other chore, but I do NOT love dishes. I do not know why this is. It is a mystery.
3. Mean people, it seems sometimes there is more of them out there than nice ones. It makes my heart sad.
4. Slow walkers, I second Kelly on this one, sometimes I actually get so angry I just yell WHY SO SLOW? Yes, I am nice. It is especially annoying when people just stop in front of you all together.
5. Lazy, I am it all the time, but I don't love it at all, its like stop being so lazy and do something Stompface.
6. Exercise, I really wish I did love this one, because I really need to do it more.
7. Waiting, I really really do not love waiting, it is so boring and long and it goes on forever and ever. Stupid waiting.
8. Slow internet! WHY IS IT SO SLOW??? Mine is slow right now, and I am sad.
9. Public transport, why is it that the crazy person or the person who hasn't showered in a month always finds a seat next to me?
10. How I can sleep in forever when its a work day, but I wake up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday, why torture me Mr Body Clock?? WHY?

and... random things...oh I am tired and my brain isn't working, so I will just say most people probably think everything is random about me.

I tag the entire world.

The End.

I can't remember where this image is from...

Mr Seahorse...

I got this rad book for Christmas called Written On The City. It is a glorious coffee table book filled with photos of graffiti from all around the world.

Here is one of my favourites.


This is really Something!

I really want to buy some new treats soon...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let the meat cake...

Last night we went past this like cake shop I guess which was called Let them eat cake. But the letters were all close together so I thought it said "Let the meat cake", and I was like what on earth does that even mean? Let the meat cake??? Then everyone pointed and laughed at me for an hour because of how silly I was to read it as let the meat cake. So let the meat cake everybody! It is the only way.

dress homemade by stompface, boots mystery, chain diva, bag sportsgirl, face imagination

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to the Mirror World!!! Where there are over 17 mirrors!!!

What is a blog town without a strange mirror photo? Oh and it is a lovely giant picture to traumatise all the children! This is me in the process of making up my face (I imagine it has eyes... lips...and sometimes I get really crazy and imagine I have a nose!!) before going to the land of weddings. Pretty amazing, I know.

I will take some real pictures soon. If only I had new amazing things to frolic about in. Perhaps I could imagine those too, although it could end up very emperors new clothes.

I am currently wishing it was Friday, maybe if I wish really hard it will happen. But I hear those kinds of wishes take 2 days to process.

Bloggety blog blog, oh my what a blog this is.

The end

wearing Imagination Face

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh the love is great...

Just a quick post from fast town. The lovely lovelies at Clothes captioned which is filled with millions of glorious vintage clothing, wrote a glorious feature on good ol' stompface. Clickety click here.

Oh the love.

Here is a picture of my chains that I wore around my neck on the weekend. Yes my neck, I know it is the craziest of the crazy. They were chain like. One broke, everyone was devastated and cried for at least seven hours.

Then they got fixed, and the whole world rejoiced. "Huzzah", they cried "HUZZAH!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plain Jane...

Kitten Features...

Hooray, this is my new pretty kitty. I named her Zippora because she is so pretty and is destined to be a world famous cat model. Also it turns out Zippora is actually hebrew for bird! The name works on so many levels!

She is very fashion like for a cat, look how she rocks those little white socks. She has the black and white chic look down perfect. And what amazingly kitten like features she has!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr Grey Cardigan

Fashion Fille wrote a delightful grey cardigan themed fashion feature on Weardrobe which featured some stompface grey cardigan action. Click here to gaze at cardigan land. Thanks Fashion Fille, sorry for the no respondo. My Internet is slow town. It is a lovely feature.

Here is a random old picture of me and Mr Grey Cardigan before we go on a date.

cardigan Sportsgirl, dress Sportsgirl, socks Cue, bag Sachi, shoes Urban Soul

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Giants like me enjoy maxi sized things. This dress is of the maxi variety. I enjoy it because it is cool and flowing when it is ridiculously hot. Yes, I am holding some kind of beverage again, but I was at a wedding so it is allowed.

Still debating the is quite a dilemma. I haven't done much with my hair for so long so I am at the stage when I just want to do something drastic. But I nearly always regret doing that, so I must tread carefully.

On Friday it is going to be 40 degrees! Holy hotness. I need to make some kind of smart casual suit that is composed entirely of ice.

dress Bardot

Should Stompface get a fringe??

That is a very important question, in which you should all think very hard about, and give me lots of deliriously amazing answers to help in my time of need.

Once upon a time I had a fringe, and it was a nice fringe. His name was Fringe Benefits, and he did all the chores around the house and was very punctual.

So do you think a new fringe should move in?

Answering questions is fun! Yay!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Time Has Come The Walrus Said To Talk Of Many Things...

This dress is pure Alice In Wonderland. Although everytime I wear it everyone says "Why are you wearing a nighty?". But it is a dress I tells ya!! A dress!!

The shoes are all kinds of studded glory. And they are cream coloured, I have such a soft spot for cream coloured wares. I have millions of them. Though like a friend told me the other day, I better not stand in the sun too long whilst wearing cream, because it might curdle! Ho ho, so witty.

The shoes are also very handy if a snake has perhaps bitten your feet, as they cut off the circulation! This was the first time I wore them, and I really need to wear them in big time. Any tips for faster shoes wearing in ness?

And yes, that is a bathtub outdoors filled with lilys and tadpoles. What a whack journey!

dress Insight, shoes Siren

Aphex Chain

It only took me about 50 million years to complete the Aphex Chain, because I am a very bad lady. But here it is, in all it's glory, now hopefully lovely Eelie will not have to kick me repeatedly in the shins, hooray!

Sorry this isn't more glorious, I spent so much time procrastinating and trying to do some amazing stunt with the sash of glory, but it didn't really work out. It sure is a fun sash though.

Yes I am being a hippy with no shoes, oh the freedom.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


Howdy howdy howdy.

I am the worlds most tired stompface. It is a world record I am sure you have all strived to achieve. Hooray for me.

I have been bounding south the last few days.

My life is also now complete as I got to see the beauty that is Lykke Li. Who was wearing a wildly amazing outfit. A big black cut out fringed top, layers and layers of big silver chains, hot black leggings. She thrashed out on the cymbal and danced wildly and sung through a kazoo and a megaphone. We all rejoiced for 8 hours. Marriage?

I almost managed to beach it every day this year (haha), but failed yesterday, but I still swam at a pool, does that count? Perhaps this will be the next world record.

Life has been hectic and fun and sad all at the same time for stompface lately. Lets hope 2009 is filled with magical street urchins that sing Aladdin tunes all day long and thousands upon thousands of slices of fairy bread made entirely out of diamonds (they don't make your gums bleed hardly at all.)

xoxo gossip girl... I mean stompface. I get so confused sometimes.

p.s. I am about 50 thousand years behind in everyones blogs, but fear not and don't start throwing rocks just yet, as I am on the days of holi so there will be much stompface love to come.

picture is of some crazy lady who probably likes stomping on faces, wearing MINKPINK top as skirt and cut up mens tee tank.

Happy New Year Sirs...


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