Saturday, October 11, 2008

They Don't Sleep They Have No Eye Lids...

Painted with drawing ink, and gold pen for the chains.


  1. your one talent love.


    thanks for the beautiful comment.
    you have no idea how much this cause touches my know that you guys are in my thoughts + prayers.

    happpppppppy saturday.

  2. Oh but what if they get tired? huh? HUH? What then? Do they have Wall-E like plugs Hmmmmm? Perhaps some supernatural drinking potion Hmmmmmmm? Ooh, how about a magical peacock feather that you tickle on your tickly parts to recharge your tickly cells transmitting through the tickly nerves up towards your tickly cortex Hmmmmmm? :P

    Oh DO THE DARN V-LOG. You look great in your piccies, so you'd translate into goddes-like proportions of you did a v-log. Its simple.

    Turn on vid, press play, talk/ramble/stutter, stop play, transfer via thingy to your thingy, then tada you're done (btw more steps are needed before you get there) I'm so good at directions :P

  3. eelie is darn funny isn't she?!!
    No eyelids?, but there are eye masks/blankets sweetie... Anyhoo, I just posted a fun 'guessing game'...u r creative, who knows you'd win the jumbo price ;)
    Great weekend 2U !

  4. Awesome picture! I didn't even realise you were from Perth! How sad! I'll be going to the city tomorrow, I may just have to check them out! :) xx Hope you're having a good weekend

  5. gosh i hate drawing in ink, i make so many mistakes with it.
    its totally amazing by the way

  6. that is so cute
    coconut records ♥
    thank you (about Rapunzel!)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  7. i really adore your illustrations. i want one of me!! hahahhahahahah!!

  8. Oh I adore this, especially how you incoroprated (sp) the gold ink for the chain!

    And thanks so much for your comments, sorry I keep making you think on the weekend and holidays though! Not very nice of me! :P


  9. love it ;) i wish i could drew like this..

  10. poor drawings don't have any eyelids, how could you be so cruel as to not draw them some :P

    you are fantastic, I love this!!

    I totally want her outfit btw

  11. I want to be dressed like this fictional girl.

  12. very cool

    hope youre weekend has been relaxing thus far! <3

  13. oooh this is soo cool. i want oneeeee now. :) looks awesome.

  14. wow your drawings are so good!! I love the details like the hair and the pinstriped shorts. You're really really good!


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