Sunday, February 27, 2011

engagementy times.............

Some snaps from the engagement party last night, had good times, because it was an incredibly fun outfit!
Also spent a good part of the night explaining to strangers the amazement of the game Dead Worm, after seeing some kids who were lying on the floor playing it without even knowing they were playing it! I kept shouting at them YOUR PLAYING DEAD WORM! THAT IS MY FAVOURITE GAME.  They were quite amused. Yes, good times indeedy.

OneTeaspoon cape, Seed singlit dress, necklaces Diva & The Cat's Meow, Sportsgirl boots

Saturday, February 26, 2011

les âmes soeurs..............

This is the picture I made as kind of like an engagement card, for an engagement party I will be hitting up this evening.  I'm actually a bridesmaid for it, so it will be fun times I hope! If google translate serves me correctly, then it means the soulmates...naw whimsical.

I'm going to go make myself beautiful now which will take at least a week, so good day sirs, I said good day.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

toi et moi.......................

Just taking a stroll in a spare block in a smokin' hot dress! What? Don't you do that most evenings? Excuse my facial expressions, it was rather squinty in the sunlight.  Thanks to the most amazing ladies in the world at Toi Et Moi for this delicious treat of dressness.  It is so so pretty in real life, the most amazing intricate beading details! Huzzah for beading!  Huzzah for spare blocks! I hear you can build houses on them! 

Also do you ever have that moment when you put on a dress and you are like, hrmm this would only be complete if it has pockets, and then you go for where the pockets should be, AND THERE ARE POCKETS!?  Well, if you know that feeling then you know the insane happiness that happens when you realise you have pockets and you daydream of all the things you can put in them (ipods, lipgloss, purses, kitchen sinks, dinosaurs, tractors).  Plus pockets are extra comfy.  Hooray for pockets! 

Speaking of pockets, does anyone remember Polly Pocket, but like the original 90's Polly Pocket, when she actually was crazy small?? They were awesome, these new fandangled ones aren't pocketsized at all they are GIANT.  It is probably the only time I don't like something that is giant.

Now I'm just rambling, so I'm off for wild adventures into the night now, goodnight my dears.

p.s: some closer ups.

p.p.s see there is my hat! I told you it was at the end of my bed!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dead worm dead worm!

What a pretty dead worm, probably the prettiest of all the dead worms I have ever seen! L looking dead and worm like at the Perth Blogger Meet up!! What a rad lady, her and Chow's bestfriendship is pretty much the best thing I have seen since sliced bread, and lets face it sliced bread means sandwiches and sandwiches ARE delicious.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The story of how I had lots of bad luck......................

Hello Children of the land of blog! How are you this fine evening?? I am semi wonderful, except for the fact that somehow my life has turned into that terrible Lindsay Lohan movie where she gets lots of bad luck. I have been having the WORST luck EVER.  Seriously, it just gets worse and worse.

Meanwhile, we adopted my sister's dog on the weekend and I have a dog now.  So life has become rather busy, because I have been getting up really early to walk him, then going to work after that then getting home from work doing housey chores and what not and as is tonight then had to go to a family dinner and then when I got home had more things to do around the house and am only now getting to look at blogs and such and am going to have to wake up again in a few hours.  It is quite insane!

Here are some photos from after the Perth blogger meet up, it was a wild WILD adventure which I most definitely will be blogging about soon.  You can mega see my bra in these And look look, I'm still wearing my name tag! but WHERE IS MY HAT. It is a mystery, but it is a very not good mystery because I happen to know for a fact that it was hanging on the end of my bed moments earlier.

Princess Polly skirt, Sportsgirl Jumper and belt, The Cat's Meow necklace, Forever New shoes and bag, very REAL Chanel watch from Bali it is not fake at all it is not possible to buy a fake watch in Bali that is just blasphemy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good golly miss molly.........

I am very very tired.  Oh gosh it is hurting, WHY AM I AWAKE??!!! Meanwhile, here is what I wore to my Mother In Law's birthday dinner last night.  I made it my mission to finish this giant chicken parmiagana, and I did it, but now today I feel extremely fat.  Which is not fun at all.

I had been eyeing these shades off for ages on Market HQ but unfortunately they had sold out.  Luckily on my adventures to a really ghetto shopping centre, I found them! 
They are such fun shades, even though my husband hates them with a passion but I love them, I love their reflectorness.  I also found these black lacey shorts at the ghetto shop, and was not happy when I got home to find the security tag was still on them.  Luckily lovely lady Han took them back for me to get it removed because the shop was way out of my area. WHAT A NICE LADY!
 My sister in law thought that my shorts were pj pants too.  Oh gosh when will the world understand?

Millie shorts, Sportsgirl top & necklace & shoes, MINKPINK shades

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why sirs why?

Pretty cool way to keep your pants up ayyy!!!! Well not really. There has been no scientific evidence to prove that a blog post can indeed keep your pants from falling down.  But I mean really, if blog posts don't keep your pants from falling down, THEN WHY? WHY SIRS DO WE BLOG AT ALL? If not to keep the world from ending up like confused pants around their legs people...???

Speaking of Simpsons quotes, the other day at work someone asked me about something, and I was like well blah blah blah as if I was all knowledgeable on the subject, but then I was like. well actually I learnt that from the Simpsons and he was like, how much do you go by the Simpsons, and I was like it's pretty much taught me everything I know...

Anyways the moral of the story is that guy now goes around telling people that I'm "out there" although that may or may not be the only story that causes that.... WEEEEEEEEEE

Is there a moral to my ramblings? WELL, probably not but that is for you to decide.  Here are some pictures to look at of me on Valentine's day so that your eyes don't get bored.

Sportsgirl headband and necklace, MINKPINK dress,

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy day of love.............

ah day of love, I like you, it was our first day of love since being a big fat couple of married's.  So it was very exciting, yesterday we went out for a nice lunch, and tonight I cooked delicious GARLIC pasta (you have to write garlic in capitals as I put about 9 cloves in) and we drank champagne out of some nice Vera Wang glasses we got as an engagement present but have since been too scared to touch for fear of breaking (there have already been a few near misses tonight) and it was lovely.  Husbando bought me the Naughty Alice perfume, which I have been wanting for a very very long time, but I think must have only come out here recently seeing as I was never able to find it.  IT SMELLS BEAUTIFUL.  I bought him a game for his precious playstation.. Oh yes the romance.
What did you do?

I like love..

the end.

p.s speaking of love, join the facebook love, it's looking rather lonely...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let them eat cake..............

Good golly, I am a crazy amount in love with this.  So much respect for the Wildfox ladies, and amazing choice of music!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Adventures Of Asher.............

My husband Asher, does a lot of strange and hilarious things/jokes.  So I thought I would introduce a new segment to document all of his hilarity.  That way I can look back and remember all the hilariousness and you can all share in its glory too!

Last night we were grocery shopping, and having an indepth discussion about air fresheners. When Hannah phoned me to discuss details of our adventures that night. 

So we are chatting away for a while and when we were ending the conversation Asher is suddenly like "Wait, let me speak to her." and I thought it was a bit random but I figured he wanted to plan some kind of man date with Hannah's husband so I gave him the phone and he says to her "Can you settle a dispute?" and I'm thinking I wonder who this dispute is with seeing as we hadn't been arguing over anything, then he says "I've been having this dispute with Abby over whether or not Perth is the capital of Western Australia, see I keep telling her it's Perth but she is insisting that it is Busselton, I'm right aren't I it's Perth." Then he hands the phone back to me and Hannah is all laughing and believing that I actually thought Busselton was the capital of Western Australia and that I am a very clever lady indeed!

But the things is Sirs, I do not think that, and we weren't discussing ANYTHING like that at all??!!! Where did it come from you say!!! WHERE!!??  He just thought of it on the spot and thought it would be hilarious to make me look like I didn't know the city I live in is the capital city.  Tsk Tsk. Oh Asher, what will you do next!

The end.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh the mysteries of the year...........

By the way, I feel that it is important to point out that, IT IS ACTUALLY FEBRUARY RIGHT NOW! Yes, right now!! The month we are in! It is February! If you don't believe me look towards your nearest calendar and you will see, that it is indeed February.  I think the real thing to be questioned here is HOW? How did it become February so quickly, is February a secret spy in disguise?  Have we all been fooled into thinking that February is merely a month on the calendar???  Does February really wear trench coats and broad brimmed hats, and carry suitcases to park benches and spout different code words such as " The red parachute lands at dawn" or "the angry cat eats the popcorn"  Well I don't know, because I'm NOT  a detective, I am just a girl all alone in the woods (room in her house) wondering where February came from...

Here is a proper photo of my outfit on the weekend, you can look at this while you try to feel at peace about the whole February situation.

p.s. no I have not been tricking you, I am not a twin! I am just very clever at secret magic computer tricks (paintbrush)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here are some pictures of my new underwear, yes RAUNCHY.  Posting my undies all over the net for ALL to see!  But they ARE new and they ARE pretty and they DO function entirely as a useful calendar. 

 Everytime I'm unsure of what day it is, all I need to do is take my pants off! And then seeing as its located on the back at the top, I have to walk around in circles until I can catch a glimpse, much like a puppy chasing its tail...and its not awkward or embarrassing at all, especially when it happens at work.

The day they were crocodiles.........

oh some more adventures with hanhan, this one involved pretending to be crocodiles and wearing free badges....
we also had the most amaze city shopping adventure on Friday, it was so old school.  We were so caught up in the adventures that we lost all track of time, and when the lady at David Jones was like you have 8 minutes girls, we were like what are you closing early? and she said no it's 8 minutes till 9 o'clock and we were like WAHHHH!!???? Time flies when you are having fun.

p.s yes that is giant money. THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD BUY.

Monday, February 7, 2011

things that are pink..............

I have been on many a shopping spree lately, here are some things that I have bought, that coincidentally are all pinkish...

necklace Sportsgirl
headband Sportsgirl
7 days Undies Peter Alexander
body butter Sportsgirl (I would recommend this smells amazing and only 10 bucks)
nailpolish Sportsgirl
lipgloss Sportsgirl

girl crush........

hot han water...much like hot ham water... but instead of ham boiling in water it is a lady in a hot outfit... I love this on han so much I had to blog it.. we bought this same teeshirt on our Friday shopping adventures, and I can't wait to wear mine now!! hot hot hot.

a few happy snaps.......

putting some new shoes on and getting ready for weekend adventures with girls that are named han han
more pictures of these adventures to come! They will involve crocodiles!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

little ballerinas.............

have been obsessing over ballerinas with my lovely hanhan, we are going to have to go on a ballet adventure soon!

via we heartit

Friday, February 4, 2011

so many collages so little time....

I'm not sure what has come over me....

via weheartit

pastelly pastels...........

pretty pretty pretty colours.... I am off to paint my nails pastelly pink now!

via weheartit

icey ice................

Icecream is super pretty, don't you think? And also very inspiring with all the pretty colours, Yen did a great Neapolitan themed fashion spread, and all I wanted to do was roll around in tubs of icecream after!

images via weheartit


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