Wednesday, August 31, 2011

things that are new are things that I like, I like old things too, but happen to enjoy these new things as well.....

Oh gosh they are turquoisy, they are wedgey, they go on my feet.

New dressy and shades via my beloved Market HQ.  Look at the fun tote they came in! I LOVE FUN TOTES. Even when people say totes as in totes mcgotes, as in totally. I love it, as long as it has a pretty dress and shades in it.

Am I making sense or dollars? Who would know.

shoes Wittner, dress The Story Of & MINKPINK shades via Market HQ

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

walkies walkies!

One day, two days ago on Sunday.  I took my favourite dog Maxie Moo for a walk in the wilderness.  Mr Stompface came too, because he is a good sort.  What a magical lake we walked around, it was quite wonderful, it is in the middle of ugly suburbia you would not know it was there.  We saw old people there disobeying all the rules, letting their dog run free and stealing all the flowers. THIEVERY.  You just can't trust old people these days.

jumper Bauhaus, skirt Dotti, sunnies & bag Sportsgirl, dog Max best dog in the UNIVERSE

yellow pink pink yellow.......

Once upon a time there was a girl named Abby.  She had ten fingernails on her ten fingers on her two hands that were attached to her arms.  She wasn't an alien from another planet so it was a basic human type structure.

Anyway, one day she went to the shop and she bought yellow and pink nailpolish and she loved them both very much that she decided they must both be on her nails.  Even if her good friend Aimee didn't like how she did it.  But she screamed from mountain tops (standing on top her desk at work) I WILL START A NEW TREND AND SOON THE WHOLE WORLD WILL HAVE NAILS THAT ARE YELLOW AND PINK AND PAINTED SPECIFICALLY IN THIS ORDER!!!!

p.s she also had fun new shades.

The End

nailpolish, shirt & shades Sportsgirl, watch Breo, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ, photos via instagram

things that are sparkly/shiny are good, plus magpies approve.......

This day I put on my shiny silver nailpolish and then some sparkly nailpolish that looked like it had tiny moons in it.  I like moons.  The one in the sky, Moonface and the movie Moon that I watched last night. It is amazing, go watch it with your eyes right away if you haven't already.

This day I also put on my flowy longsleeved 70's style sheer floral maxi dress, and then promptly spilled dog food on it when I was feeding my Maxie Moo.  It was gross.  I put it in the wash and wore something else.  Don't you hate it when you spill dog food on nice things, I sure do!

The End

Saturday, August 27, 2011

PHOTO DIARY continues........

some more instagram snaps, instagram is quite a wonderful/addictive adventure....

hooray for Saturday, me and my old friend Mr Wine are having quite the catch up...

p.s how good are giant sandwiches. THEY ARE AMAZEBALLS.


Friday, August 26, 2011

photo diary............

some instagram snaps from the last couple of weeks....

pjs are my bestest friends..........

what I would rather be doing today, lounging in amazingly comfy/warm pjs....alas I am instead about to get ready to go to work.  Work is not fun or pjs related. Boo urns.  Has been a ridiculously long week, super happy about the fridayness of today..

pjs Peter Alexander, instagram photos, maybeline lip balm

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lovin somedays lovin......

Yes this is a wonderful wonderful lacey capey thing of delight. Via the lovely ladies at Somedays Lovin,  I surely do love your work!  And they must know of my extreme capey thingy obsession! I love them very much.

Wore this out to my friend's 21st on the weekend, these were the best snaps I got.

So over this crazy wintery weather, this cape would be so magical in the summertime....

cape Somedays Lovin, shorts Nobody, bag top & shoes Sportsgirl, morange lipstick MAC


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