Sunday, July 17, 2011

wintry adventures...............

Here are a few snaps from my birthday weekend away in Margaret River.  What a beautiful place!  It was especially lovely to visit in the very cold wintry times and be rugged up and eat delicious food and drink lots of wine!

These snaps are from a winery tour we went on with Bushtucker Tours. I highly recommend! We visited four wineries, a brewery, a cheese factory and the chocolate factory.  We had the cutest tour guide George, I just wanted to pat him on the head! We all made friends with everyone on our bus and ended up going to dinner and drinking more at the pub after.  Yes I surely do love strange new friends.

Also the wineries all had adorable wine dogs, and as I was missing my dog back at home I became more excited over the dogs than the wine.  They were super cute!

I think I have discovered my dream in life to own and live at a winery.

Asher became quite the beardface, but that is sadly now gone...

p.s Yesterday was my 3 year bloggiversary! Good golly miss molly!

cardigan Just Jeans, shirt dress & boots Sportsgirl, bag Forever New, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

jum jum.............

Here are some old photos I hadn't got around to posting yet...golly I sure do love this jumper, it's a great no effort outfit, either with cutoffs or jeans or simply as a jumper dress. I highly recommend it.

I've been home sick today :( and feeling sorry for myself.  I'm so so so over this cold wintry weather. and feeling sick, it is no fun, I want sunshine and happy days dagnabbit.

I hope you are all feeling wonderful and better than I am! I must catch up on blog town, so behind these days.

jumper Sportsgirl

Saturday, July 9, 2011

dinosaurs are things that would cheer me up.......

Here are some old photos from when I had my hair chopped... I'm already thinking its time to chop it again. chop chop chop.

argh having such an ugly day today, don't you hate those when you just feel gross no matter what :( it is LAME. and not fun and I like things that are FUN and NOT lame..but that is life.

feel free to tell me millions of magical stories to cheer me up..... the title of this post provides you with a hint...

oneteaspoon cape, nobody cutoffs, cotton on singlit, necklaces sportsgirl

Thursday, July 7, 2011

somedays lovin...........

so it is 6.30 in the morning, and in the middle of winter.  And it has been FREAKIN cold lately, and I have been missing summer more than ever.  So I was happy to try and climb in to my email this morning when I received these gorgeous summer time look book images by Somedays Lovin..... Do you want to climb into this world as much as I do?? I've never actually owned any Somedays Lovin pieces, but I now want to more than ever!!

 Argh summer I miss you....

So I'm going to gaze at these for as long as it takes for Summer to actually appear....

Models: Joella & Kelsey

Photography: Emmanuel Giraud

Styling: Heather Cairns

Art Direction : Jaye Leigo

Music (Vibe clip): ‘Half Of It’ by Yes You

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

besties + birthdays = a happy heart...........

Yesterday was my birthday!! Hooray for birthdays!! I went to Margaret River and had many adventures, but more on that later.  I just wanted to share some gifts that my bestie Hanhan dropped by earlier.  She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen eating a kebab.  She just knows my soul.  Super excited by these beautiful treats.  The worst part is that I STILL haven't got her a birthday present from last year, so I'm about the worst friend ever and not deserving of lovely things.

Sugarbaby handcream (she knows of my obsession), Priceless by Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie is my hero, I loves her very much), this beautiful nighty/dress from Peter Alexander (I want to prance about in this forever and pretend to be a princess) and this cutesy tea pot (it is one that the cup is on the bottom it is quite the invention), the bronzer brush (was mine earlier, but in a drunken ballerina swedish man fueled evening I somehow lost it inside one of Hannah's shoes in her she returned it to me all wrapped up in my gift! I was quite excited as I had lost my replacement bronzer brush on a winery tour on Monday haha)

I love you Hanhan!!  You should probably do a blog post right about now Hanskies.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I bought this delicious neon jumper ages ago, but have not got around to outfitty posting it.  It would have been ideal when I was doing the neon challenge with L but I forgot and never got around to it, like the good blogger I am.

Been super drawn to all the neon colours around and I LOVE this jumper, it is so soft and so much fun to wear.

Yesterday I wore this to the shops on the way out for dinner.  I was attracting enough attention with my neonness and whilst trying to find the keys in my bag I walked straight into a bollard thing on the foot path. IT HURT and strangers laughed at me, as did my husband! It was fun, except not at all.

I am about to head off on a million adventures and will take millions of photos so you can all get involved on my return.

neon jumper Cotton On Body, maxi Skirt Evil Twin and necklace MINKPINK both via Market HQ, belt & shoes Sportsgirl

Saturday, July 2, 2011

galaxy galaxy galaxy galaxy..............

Oh yes, lovely webcammy photos, taken with my new laptop before work yesterday.  They were not the best quality so the obvious solution was to put galaxies all over them. GALAXIES SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.  Galaxy is a funny word, look at it over and over again it is quite funny.

Wore this bright red lipstick to work yesterday, nobody can handle it.  It's like they have never seen lipstick before, all the controversy it causes WHY WHY. It is a mystery I will never understand....but I just take the ridicule because I love lipstick damnit!

Starting an extra long weekend today HOORAY HOORAY. I am going to have many wonderful adventures isn't that nice. Yes it is, I hope you all have wonderful adventures too, but if you don't you could just pretend that you did, and drawing all over your face with lipstick would probably help that....

p.s even though my hair is now shorter I can still plait it back like before, this makes me happy, the people who said I look like a StarWars character, do not.

Friday, July 1, 2011

young hollywood.........

This sneak peak of Stylestalker's latest collection has got me VERY VERY excited.  These collages are a magical adventure of wonderfulness.  Those Stylestalker girls can do NO WRONG do you hear me?? NO WRONG.

For more info clickety here....

yes obsessed.......

Yes, I'm a tad obsessed by Wildfox... I would like one of everything please...


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