Saturday, April 30, 2011

wish wish wish for a jellyfish and by jellyfish I mean some fun clothes.....

Some things that need to find their way to my wardrobe immediately from Market HQ.

1. The Black Rose Mini Dress
2. Stop & Stare Blouse and Great Expectations Maxi Skirt
3. Two Faced Cape and Ballerina Dress
4. Wool Jacket
5. New Heritics Coat
6. Knit Chiffon Maxi
7. Vain Attempt Hooded Poncho
8. Domino Box Sweat

sigh so many wonderful new wintry delights, I need to grow some kind of magical money tree..but if that doesn't work out I'd be happy with at least the faraway tree.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Adventures Of The Magical Maxi Skirt Of Delight............

Once upon a time there lived a very magical maxi skirt, strangely her name was Shirt.  Unfortunately when she was born the Doctor had spelled Skirt with an H instead.  Luckily for Shirt she was so beautiful and possessed so many magical powers that no one ever made fun of her for the spelling of her name.

Shirt lived a very happy life until one day all the wizards in the world grew jealous of her amazing talents and spells that far outshone their own.  They made it their mission to catch her and trap her in a well.  Shirt was trapped in the well for well over a 100 years when a magical stompface creature rescued her!! They held hands and skipped for many hours and knew they would be apart of each other's lives for a very very long time.

The End

Yes, what a magical skirt it is.  Thank goodness I saved it from that well and by well I mean Market HQ. And I didn't have to save it really because Market HQ are very good wizards who take great care to nourish and love all the clothes they sell. I am SURE of it.

Haven't had a blogging adventure for too long TOOOO long.  But I am back! Hooray.

This maxi skirt is quite a sheer and floaty dream.  These cowboy boots are VERY COMFORTABLE. They go on my feet. Gosh I love wearing clothes it makes you so much more approachable than wearing suits made entirely out of alfoil.

I hope you are all enjoying pleasant evenings by the fire smoking pipes but by pipe I mean like the one Bart Simpson uses that has bubbles come out of it instead.  Because let's face it bubbles are awesome.

Okay I'm going to stop talking now.

skirt Evil Twin from Market HQ, top from one of those ridiculously cheap stores in the city where everything costs about 2 dollars and you are very afraid of most of the things in it but sometimes if you look very very carefully you can find something that doesn't make your eyes burst into flames, necklace Diva, bag Forever New, belt and boots Sportsgirl

p.s I took that first picture of the sky because it is crazy cloudy and wintry and rain drops landed on the lense but it looks quite nice I think....

p.p.s in that second picture my hair looks VERY long...I did not realise it was this long, I need to cut it and kill the regrowth beast soon but I am afraid of all hairdressers....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

things that are good.......

Here are some treats I have bought myself recently, the boots are the most comfortable of them all, they are like walking in clouds disguised as cowboy footwear...
I don't know what it is about Sportsgirl that causes me to act eratically and throw all of my money at the display windows. I seriously always leave there with about a million things...

boots, cuff, hat & poncho Sportsgirl, necklace The Cat's Meow, ring Diva, Naughty Alice perfume, shades MINKPINK

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

super awesome girl pact: pastels..............

There is nothing I like better than a courtyard dance party all by my lonesome. Well I lie, there is something I like better, and that's super awesome girl pact challenges with the most wonderful lady I know starting with the letter L!  We have both been feeling uninspired/lazy so challenged each other on Twitter to a pastelly themed post!  Do you like this kind of thing, shall we challenge each other regularly?

Gosh, I look LOVELY and by lovely I mean I can't really see because looking at it makes my eyes bleed and it is hard to see through eyes soaked in blood.  But I had just thrown this on quickly after work for the challenge and do not have much make up left from the day and I am VERY very pasty and need some sunshine/tan in a can immediately!

But, this dress is a floaty floaty dream, I wear it and it instantly makes me float up into the clouds.  I have to hide secret weights in my wedges so I don't float up into the sky forever and ever and ever. I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WOULD ALL MISS ME.  I bought this dress for Christmas, and blogged about it here.  But I don't think i have outfit posted it yet.!

p.s: don't forget to look at L's blog to see her posty mc post post!

dress Mooloola, necklace Diva, shoes Sportsgirl, pasty pasty skin brought to you by hiding in caves too much

Monday, April 11, 2011

works a bitch............

so much coolness, very much loving on the latest Market HQ campaign.  Thought I would post some of these pictures because I just had a small shopping spree at Market HQ! Weeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

too many teacups on the dance floor.....

..seriously I own so many, mainly given to me by my lovely grandma...but teacups are oh so very pretty and oh so functional at the storing of hot is a card/gift tag I have made for my step mum in law on her day of birth......... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, April 1, 2011

another old school adventure....


Hanskies and I, outside a busstop most certainly! Brown hair, blonde hair! Oh the swapsies!


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