Saturday, July 31, 2010

wedding inspiration...................

How wonderful, who else could do a wedding better than The Cherry Blossom Girl.  Incredibly magical dress!

Less than 4 months to go till my wedding!  Have left many important things to the last minute... stressed to the max, I just hope my day can look as lovely as this!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

please do not eat the dream catcher.....

I bought this dream catcher at the Fremantle markets.  It is good for catching dreams, but not basketballs. I learnt that the hard way! Meanwhile, my kitten Zippy wants to eat it.  So badly.  It's like as soon as she saw it she recognised that feathers is something she should eat.  When she shouldn't know that, because she is an inside cat and does not kill birdies.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if she was a giant cat. Like the cat from the top of the beanstalk. She would probably be useful at saving you from pterodactyls and eating people that make you sad.

Oh I feel sad, I'm going to surround myself with wine and pasta now.

Good day to you sirs GOOD DAY!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bunnies are good.............

wonderfully wonderful coloured nailpolish, turquoise has always been one of my favourite colours ever, back in highschool everything I would wear would cooridinate in a turquoise bag, shoes accessories etc etc..... the bunny ring was from Mr Stompy to celebrate my day of birth a few weeks is magical because it reminds me of Alice In Wonderland and Donnie Darko, both things that I love... yeah bunnies are awesome!

turquoisey nailpolish by sportsgirl, bunny ring from pigeonhole

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the lion tamer...................

They call me the Lion Tamer, because apparently that's what I look like when I crack out my wildly unembarrassing dance moves.  And by wildly unembarrassing, I mean extremely embarrassing.... but it is good to tame the lions.  Because if they are not tamed they might bite off your head.  Then everyone will call you Headless Henry and that will hurt your feelings.  You will end up living in a cave and growing your beard long and stopping bathing, and you will build a friend out of old bits of cardboard.  And you and Cardboard Bob will have wonderful conversations about snow boarding and collecting shells at the beach and what not.  So the moral of the story is, do not get eaten by a lion.

How wonderful is this dress and hat! They make me feel as happy as some kind of thing that is happy whilst wearing wonderful hats and dresses.  A girl last night told me that I looked French, that made me happy too.  Hooray for the French!


dress and hat Dotti, shoes Sportsgirl

Friday, July 23, 2010

firewire hearts unicorns forever and always.................

It was a sad day today.  The beloved Firewire was leaving my work.  On his first day at our work 2 years ago, I decided that he would love unicorns.  So I proceeded to cover his desk in pictures of them and make unicorn themed nametags, no matter how much he tried to protest it's non manliness.  

His name isn't really Firewire, that is the nickname I gave him also, that managed to catch on throughout the whole department....

Here is a picture of the envelope his leaving card was in, I decorated it hardcore unicorn styles.  It was the most magical event......

p.s. Yes that is a unicorn with laserbeam eyes.  Everyone knows that unicorns have laserbeam eyes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

always with the bloggetty........

I seem to have lost inspiration for the land that is blog lately... I'm so ridiculously busy these days its so hard to find the time.  But I miss all my bloggy buddies and what not, so time to get back on the blog shaped pony.  So I am reuniting with my long forgotton resolution to try and blog once a day.

Here is a picture from wine times a couple of weeks ago, look at how classy I am with the way I hold the glass! Yes I am a classy thing.  I'm pretty sure 5 minutes before that I was pretending to be a dinosaur... Yeah..... dinosaurs are awesome!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rainbows and birthdays.....

For ANOTHER one of my niece's birthdays... she is 2, her presents were rainbow playdough and crayola a plenty, so I thought it was fitting that she should have a rainbow card... sparkle sparkle..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mr Bird on Urban Outfitters Blog......

Mr Bird has been hanging out on the Urban Outfitters blog, which is pretty super exciting for him, and for me, because they are ridiculously rad I would buy up their whole store if it were possible, seriously amazingly wonderful treats.....


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