Sunday, April 25, 2010

stomp stomp rant rant...............

it is a very very sunshiney day and those are the best kind.. have just been on a very unsuccessful wedding dress hunt, being that everything was closed and the shop that was supposed to be open had a sign that said "Back in 15 minutes" but we waited for like 45 and no one appeared. Naughty naughty shop people.

still loving on these wedges like some kind of person that loves on wedges a lot, however one of the shoe lace hooks fell off on the second wearing...not cool..and in typical stompy style I will NEVER get around to fixing them. boo urns I say boooo urns.

going to paint paint paint the house today, goodbye wall of glorious beauty!

the end

dress Tokito, wedges Sportsgirl, necklace Sportsgirl

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bunny Needs Love Now................

On investigating the tag on this dress to remember who it is by,  I noticed something I had never noticed before, on the little tag that gives you care instructions, at the bottom of it it says "Bunny Needs Love Now."  I don't know who this Bunny is, but I'm thinking there needs to be a more obvious way to get the message out! It sounds so urgent and important, whoever this Bunny is REALLY NEEDS LOVE, get a billboard people!  I suggest everyone check all the clothes they own and see what other important instructions that we are missing.   Poor Bunny, I shall get some love and ship it to you as soon as possible.

p.s on closer inspection of the tag there is a cartoon drawing of a dead rabbit! It must be dead because it has x's for eyes, and everybody knows that things with x's instead of eyes are dead!  Poor bunny, we all killed the bunny by neglecting to read the tags on our clothes and therefore we did not send any love poor dead bunny's way.  I hate when I see dead bunnies on the road, because you just KNOW they have like a million babies waiting at home for them.  Oh I love bunnies, I have made myself sad now....

the end

dress Fairground, shoes Sportsgirl, plait grown from my head and plaited rather clumsily with my hands

the adventures of cupcake cupcake and the moustache man............

Celebrated birthday times for cupcake cupcake last night, at her apartment being french about it.  It was wonderous.

We were in the bathroom getting drinkys as the shower had been turned into a makeshift esky and was filled with ice.  And we said "Hey Mr Stompface! Take a picture of us!" And he suggested we climb into the shower for the picture, and we were like of course that makes perfect sence! Where else would one take a photo if not a shower filled with ice!  So in we climbed!  Then Mr Stompface shut the shower door and turned off the light and said "Welcome to the Closet Of Death!! The ice series!"  Ohhh it was creepy but hilarious!

The end.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to go to shoe...................

These shoesies from Sportsgirl make me want to weep with happiness.... and sometimes I do, I cry at their beauty, and amazingly strange comfortableness. They are possibly the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, and actually they are super high, much more high than you would think from the picture, they also make you stomp really loudly when you walk, which is fitting, because I am a stomp thing.

Cardigan is from Jeanswest, it is a magical thing that stayed on with me all weekend, as well as my hat, so comfy and like super warm, and it was half price, things that are half are the best kind, like the half blood prince, although I haven't read Harry Potter in a while, so was the half blood prince the best? Or was he evil, wasn't he ol' snapey snape?

shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe

the end

Hats that go upon your head are the best kind...........

yes this is a wonderful hat, which has lived on my head for the entire weekend, and it was glorious.
my head hurts now, but not from wearing the hat, but because I have a headache. If only hats were magical enough to cure all heads from aching.  But alas they are not.   The word alas reminds me of Aslan, and I love Aslan, he is wonderful, as is Narnia.  I bought Mr Stompface a tshirt last week with a lion on it, and told the girl at the shop how I was buying it because it reminded me of Aslan and Narnia and aren't worlds that hide behind wardrobes the most wonderful of all the hiding things, and she responded with "...... I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow."  I really must stop rambling mindlessly at strangers everytime I leave the house.....
But if I don't leave the house I can't buy myself treats, and treats are good.  Especially when they go on my feet.  I bought some wonderful shoes that perhaps I will outfit post about today, but I am really very lazy and what is the whole point of it anyway? what are your thoughts???

hat Sportsgirl, dress Sportsgirl...too many Sportsgirls on the dance floor

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I cut out my heart for you...........

super super cute dress, I want to go to there, but alas ebay is a very confusing world for me, I've actually never used it, the whole concept baffles me...

oh but it is so pretty and it must get in my closet. the dilemma!

Alice McCall dress via Tuula

Sunday, April 11, 2010

velvety bows are the best kind......................

outfit posty.. feeling very sick from last night's adventures..owww its hurting owwww it hurts. no more drink time for stomphead. Noooo more!
today I will roll around and feel sorry for myself and eat deliciously bad treats to ease my pains. mmmm deliciously bad treats.
the end

cutoffs Nobody, shoes Siren, tops Sportsgirl, bag Forever New, bow H&M, chain Sportsgirl

p.s amazing lady Jes, has given me an award! What a wonderful thing!  She herself deserves not only one award, but perhaps a house made entirely out of awards!! here are six blogs that make my heart soar with happiness at the mo:

Buffalo Parade
Rachel Is A Dreamer
Oui, je suis
Girl Meets NYC

snow globe................

Wow! I have always been a massive fan of snowglobes... and actually when I get nervous I always imagine climbing inside one to hide... yes yes I am normal, but snowglobes do seem like wonderful hiding places...

How amazing is this necklace by Kloset from Maximillia. I want to buy just about everything on this site, but I cannot because I am as poor as some kind of jug that pours delicious homemade lemonade all over the floor......

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gilligan's Last Feathered thing............

Wild adventure times with giant ones and masked bearded feather men and backwards creatures, and lots and lots of dancey dances.

stompy & little sparrow: dress Sportsgirl, feather headdress's Feather Children, sisterhood of the travelling minihorse tee shirt, home made pants


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