Monday, September 29, 2008

Get On The Green!!

An afternoon at the local Lawn Bowls club. It is totally normal. Look! Look at my pink bowls. It doesn't sound dodgy at all when I put it like that.

Mmm I also look nice and bloaty here, teach me for skulling a cruiser whilst wearing a skin tight bodysuit and then posting the pictures on the internet. BAD STOMPFACE! BAD!

cutoffs Nobody, bodysuit American Apparel, shoes Sportsgirl

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We dance alone this way...


Finally wearing my new boyfriend. He is a gentleman. He is very shiny and also rather bubble shaped. We went on a romantic date to Bunnings today, to buy some bug killer. Then to the movies, it was all very lovely and nice.

My other boyfriend Mr Sachi Shoes came along too, but he was way down on the ground and seemed unaware of my two timing behaviour. I still love Mr Sachi Shoes very much, so it is probably best he is not in the know about my romantic skirt liaisons.

I plan to cook a beautiful candle lit pasta dinner for Mr New Skirt, give that new dodgy Mother drink a go, and dance like a wild thing with Mr New Skirt.
What a wonderful evening!
P.S. It is a public holiday tomorrow! I am all kinds of happy! Happy pretend birthday Mrs Queen.
skirt Forever New, top Sportsgirl, bag Sportsgirl, socks Bonds, shoes Sachi

Saturday, September 27, 2008

They say size doesn't count, but my heart is a house....

Aloha, this is the outfit from simple land. It is black and white, and great for anyone who is colour blind to stare at for at least 5 hours.

I have been listening to Kevin Drew Spirit if...on repeat all day, hence the post title (Thanks Bicycle Pirate). Today I have also drunk copious amounts of wine whilst yelling dramatically at the tv. I don't care much for football, or grand finals, but I do care alot for story book characters such as Grug.

I make lots of sense and dollars. That is probably why I am so rich...oh I'm not.

Well I hope you all enjoyed looking at my delightfully ratty pictures. It is rather delightful isn't it?

Also, the weather is still being very uncooperative, so no giant balls of material rolling down hills yet..

tank mens chesty bonds, skirt American Apparel, jacket boyfriends

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look, you can still see pencil outlines! I am clever!

Yesterday when I got home, my package was at the door! I leapt about with glee for approximately three hours! You see it was important that I got this package, because inside it, amongst other things of glorious beauty, was a dress that I need to wear for a 21st next weekend.

So when I realised it was there, myself and my 7 imaginary friends all held hands and skipped.

Today it is incredibly wet and rainy, I wanted to dress up in all of my clothes (yes all of them, all at once until I was like a big material ball) and then roll down a hill. But I would have only done that if it was sunny and beautiful...
The end

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tales Of Spring Time....

A lovely afternoon with the Bicycle Pirate spent laying about in long dried grass reliving our childhoods.

For more click here Estranged Best Friends Club.

Monday, September 22, 2008

And they're helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing




I added some more love to the Wall Of Glorious Beauty today. Literally. Today I was waiting eagerly for my online shopping package to arrive. BUT IT DID NOT! SO I GOT VERY VERY MAD much like the Hulk AND STOMPED ABOUT LOUDLY THROWING THINGS AND WAILING.

This outfit is not exciting at all, maybe if my package had arrived I could have graced these pages in outfits of amazing joy. But instead you need to shield your eyes from the non excitement of it all and weep your tears for many hours.

Also, why was it so cold today? WHY?? Where is Summer. I miss you Summer, I thought we were friends....

dress homemade by stompface, headband home made by stompface, earrings Equip, shoes Sportsgirl, chain Sportsgirl

I love you...and your blog


Okay, so I have been tagged by both the glorious Susanna from Girl Meets NYC and the beautiful Ashleigh from I Am Ashleigh. They both said the nicest things ever about me and my blog, and it made me so happy that I jumped up and down for joy for at least 7 hours, until I couldn't jump any more. Now my legs are really sore, and I am limping, and everyone is commenting, hey why do you limp? so I tell them long stories about flailing about in my sleep. So the moral of the story is, that they tagged me with an "I Love Your Blog" award, and I am extremely happy and can no longer walk because of it.

So if you haven't already, click on their links right now, and be amazed by there beauty and creative genius.

So I am here to announce some blogs that I love.

I here by present you with the I Love Your Blog award!

image from Flickr

Fashion Chalet, is incredibly beautiful, she has long flowing amazing hair, and is also incredibly stylish. I also think she is one of the nicest people in the universe. She is beyond lovely.

Choppy Shades is from cute town. Meaning she is very cute and cool, and actually not much like a town. She has great style, and always looks like she is having so much fun in her pictures. She also has great taste in music. I like her.

Modern Guilt, I just love her blog, she is so pretty and has amazing hair and amazing style. I know whenever I click on her blog I will be delighted and presented with new inspiration.

Quietmilk has a incredibly pretty blog, that is always filled with things that make me shout and leap with joy. She has great taste in fashion and has an extreme love for models. Which is alright by me.

Bicycle Pirate is new to blog land, and also my friend, so this is a bias award. But, you should all check her out, because she is the most stylish person I have met in real life, and her photos are incredible. She has real artistic talent when it comes to photography. Plus she is a giant.

Vintage Lollipops is very beautiful. She dresses so stylishly and has an incredible way with words. I really love looking at her outfits everyday, and reading her wise words.

Aphex Nation is hilarious, she just makes me laugh every time! She is always wearing completely radical outfits, that I would never think of myself. But make me want to be more like her every time!

Whoa, that was hard. Everytime I have tried to write this post I have ended up distracted looking at everyones beautiful blogs. I think that Fashion Chalet was so right in awarding everyone (I told you she was very lovely).

I love you all very much, it really makes my day checking out new posts and comments.

I have been extremely gushing and cheesy here, it was a good idea to drink all that champagne before the announcements. But I promise I mean every word!!

The End.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Geriatric Love

Here are some pictures of glorious beauty from the old fogies night of nights. See up there, just above all these words. Thats right, the things with the colours and hot looking old people.

That incredibly real looking man is Gerald, well I don't actually know if his name is Gerald, but in my head I was calling him Gerald as if it was his name, it just came into my head straight away, and it was as if I had a connection with old pretend man and I just knew his name. Anyway, we shall call him Gerald for now.

Do you all love my wonderful red skirt suit? The glasses are a furry, suadey kind of material. Reach into your screens and see for yourself.

I think I will customise the skirt into a mini and take the shoulder pads out of the jacket. Then all will be right with the world again.

Look at the old old man with his bowls uniform and suspenders and the pillow in his shirt. It is very realistic. He didn't frighten me hardly at all. He made loud wheezing noise all night, and everyone wanted his friendship because of it.

The last picture is me in the morning, feeling extremely..under the weather. I look GOOD, oh wait no I don't. See the pirate dress is working like a top, I am some kind of clever magician.

The End


For Eelie, please don't eat me alive good Sir.

I think it might really wreck our blossoming friendship.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pirate Chic

To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, I went to work today dressed like a very manly pirate. I am very convincing and menacing! I even won an award! A certificate and free movie tickets because I was clearly the best dressed pirate.
Okay, so only me and the guy running the competition dressed up! But still I feel very very honoured, and feel like a bit of looting and sword fighting. I had an eye patch too, but it didn't really work out, because I am clever and could not manage to put it on without a mirror. Also you can't see in the picture I had one big gold hoop in, and copious amounts of eyeliner.
Also I made this dress in about two minutes last night, to go with the piratey theme. So I very much deserve a nice prize and certificate for all the effort! Don't you Arrrgree? Yes that was the lamest joke in the history of jokes. All bow down before me.

So I decided I quite like my shoddy, badly made stripey dress. It matches my hair you see. Look up there, I have dressed it for wintery weather and then dressed it for summery weather. It is a very very versatile dress. I can see it also working as a skirt or a top too. HUZZAH!
What are all your thoughts on the matter? Is pirate chic hot or not?
Is it safe for me to go into public in very very badly sewn garments??
dress homemade by stompface, jacket mystery, shoes Sachi, shoes Sportsgirl, chain Sportsgirl, cardigan Dotti, belt Dotti, boots mystery.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Mr Internet? Why can't we still be friends?

Well, basically Mr Internet isn't too keen on our friendship right now. He is being very very slow and not letting me look at millions of amazing blogs all at once. Every time I try to comment on some ones blog or reply to the nice comments, it decides to throw a tantrum, and go sulk in the corner of the room, yelling "NO STOMPFACE NO MORE NETTY FOR YOU!"

I think maybe it would be more likely to keep our friendship if I had these. But sadly, I don't.

Please Mr Internet, I thought what we had was real love?
Today I went to the op shop, look at what I purchased. See in that picture up there, the big bright red thing with the shiny gold buttons! I am in love with it and will wear it to the Geriatric shindig on the weekend.
I have a feeling this jacket will contribute to many great things soon.
Don't you agree??


Look, yes everyone look at the pictures directly above the words here.

It is a cool glasses necklace!! Wow! I bet if I had one of these everyone in the world would instantly want to be my friend and shower me with cool gifts like crosswords and mathematical equations.

Again with the why don't you ship here Fred? Why?

From Fred Flare

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stripe head!


Because when I said make it look natural what I really meant was put many dramatic obvious stripes on the top of my head. Yes it is very natural. Natural like a Zebra.

Oh look, a beanie will cover my zebra like appearance, "Oh Hi! Hi Mrs Velvet! How ARE you?"

At least my hair is still wild and long and free.
Infact, my hair is such a free spirit, that during the night it uproots itself from my head and goes on many adventures in jungles and rainforests and goes to raid lost arks. In the morning I wake up and there are all these ancient artefacts sitting on my pillow and I think "Damn, it happened again!"

Take some pictures next time please Hair. It all sounds very exciting.

dress Grab, top Sportsgirl, scarf Country Road, beanie boyfriends

sketchety sketchety...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I booked my hairdressers appointment....


One time I worked with a girl, who used to always compliment me on my outfits, and shoes and hair. Then one day she said to me "I booked my hairdressers appointment" but all scary and stalker like, as if she was going to go out and get her hair cut exactly like me. Oh my, she was hilarious.

Anyways, tomorrow I am going to the hairdressers, and I am happy to finally get rid of my filthy, filthy regrowth. I know that some of you may miss good old regrowth features, but I won't. At all. Silly regrowth.

I just want it to look all natural and free so that I can roll about in fields of daisies and big puddles of mud and my hair will still look natural and wonderful. Don't you agree that will be lovely? AY? AY?

I will post some glorious non regrowth pictures tomorrow, after my appointment. Then you can print them off, and stick them to your fridge and announce loudly and dramatically to your family "OH my look how her regrowth is gone!" and then your family will be so happy and proud of my head that you will all hold hands and skip.

The end.

Bicycle Pirate continues

Yes, the most amazing pirate of them all. The Bicycle Pirate. Basically her whole job is being piratey whilst looking awesome. I think, that I love her, but sadly she is already a Mrs Velvet.

But one day... yes ONE DAY. She will be mine.

Check out the glorious Bicycle Pirate.

I think I like Mink Pink

I really love this brand. As it has some great pieces, and it is so affordable.
How pretty does she look in these super fun dresses!

I think I need to go shopping again, like immediately.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Land of the Sketch

Tophat love continues...

I still really want a tophat. Can someone please remove these cutleries from my knees, I mean find me a tophat?

This lady looks very pretty with her tophat on and also appears to be some kind of magician. You all know how I feel about magicians. Especially ones with the initials G.O.B! Love!

These pictures are from the Summer 2009 range of Typical Star. There are some very pretty clothes in there!

I appreciate your time...


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