Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Don't Know Me At All...


Yes three posts in one day. I am on some kind of blog posting spree.

This is a dress my boyfriend bought me and I didn't really like because it had these not cool sleeves hanging off the end. Then today it suddenly occurred to me, I could totally cut those sleeves off and it could look amazing. So I did, and suddenly the dress gained the ability to do complicated mathematical problems and solve the world financial crisis. So it was a very good thing for me to do. All clap and cheer enthusiastically for me having grasped cutting with scissors back in year one. Bet you are glad I didn't fail that class!

All tell me your thoughts on the dress, is it any better? I can't tell any more because I had an accident earlier involving the scissors and my eyes.

Today someone cool gave me some new music, the new TV On The Radio (oh my gosh am I excited to listen to this), the new Cold War Kids (yay yay yay) and the new Ben Folds (currently obsessing over You Don't Know Me At All featuring Regina Spektor she is the cutest lady alive).

Yay what a happy day!

The end

dress Dotti


  1. you have the best dresses and stories. ever. i literally laughed out loud about the blue dress story.

  2. great dress!
    you are such a girl beautiful girl :)

  3. the colour of this dress totally suits you . but can u pls explain the wall behind u ? its quite amazing !

  4. really cute dress, great DIY.
    Have I mentioned you have frigging awesome hair? Because you do.

  5. loveeeee.

    the DIY dress is fabulous. its perfect for summer + i LOVE grey. so it rounds it out perfectly.

    i hear you on the swimmers- i always have an excuse for why i need a new one! I actually just bought a new one for the summer seasons. woot woot. a onesie!

    have a fabulous day girl.

    thanks for the sweeeeeeet comment.

  6. I like the dress:) Speaking of TV on the have to see Rachels Getting Married, SUCH a great film!


  7. Your DIY project further proves that boyfriends aren't capable of dressing their girlfriends. One time, mine gave me this pair of Puma flats. Great color, but they looked like moon shoes! In a bad way.

  8. I relly like the dress..

    wow scissors and eyes are not good together. hope you are ok

  9. The dress is adorable! What were the sleeves like before? I have a bit of a thing for ugly sleeves, I dont think it could look better than it looks now. Perfect spring dress.

    Oh and Im onto down Thom Yorke's solo album rightabout now, cant wait for it to be done, oh happy day indeed!

  10. Whats up with the face expression?
    I like the pics where u smile, more:)

    Nice dress btw!

  11. Yip yip hooray! For the invention of the mighty scissor lol. I think you did a little beaut on the number and YES Beckett is very much fine :)

    You know what i love? That wall of yours. I've always wondered is that at your home or at work?

  12. i have been to italy recently, and i was in hugo boss store, and there it was : exactley the same dress with price 200eur. !!! absolutely the same. (no i dint bought it).
    scissors and eyes dont match ! :) xoxo
    what happend with scissor sisters?

  13. adorable little dress, you look so cute in it!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  14. Lovely dress!
    A little altering can always go a long way.

  15. I'm clapping and cheering! Adorable!

    Amazing what a sharp pair of scissors can do for fashion....


  16. Dear Stomp,
    you have the most amazingly hilarious sense of humour...the dress must be magical to have gained the ability to do complicated mathematical problems and solve the world financial crisis. I love you for that. How are your eyes? You look cute as usual...and that really does fit well

  17. Do you ever dream? Ever been chased by bees?

  18. i love the walllllllllll.
    how awsome is it!
    and the dress looks great!
    yay to the bf .

  19. i absolutely adore this dress! cableknit sweater dresses are the best..

  20. such an adorable dress, the color looks good on you :)

    have a wonderful weekend!!!


  21. I love all of the looks .... so pretty :)


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