Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who Could Win A Rabbit?

Been googling and flickring to find rad rabbit masks, found some lovely pictures instead.

Perhaps Mrs Bicycle pirate can help me make one she made a super awesome one once upon a time and you all know how much she likes pretending to be a giant rabbit.

click pictures to find what magical land they are from


  1. i like masks that cover only have the face, they look less freaky i think :P

  2. DO WANT. I like the creepy-ish furry one.

  3. I think masks are mysterious yet freaky to me cause you NEVEr know who is behind the mask! Anyway, wonder photo shoot :) looking good! Happy New Year :)

  4. i love these photos..but the masks covering the full face freak me a little! haha i love horror movies though and being scared so it all works and i find it more appealing? soooo weird i know.
    but the conclusion i am getting to here is - LOVE THEM.

    thanks for your lovely comments :) looking forward to following your blog over the new year xxxx LM

  5. there's something terrifying about rabbit masks⁄

  6. every single one of those is pretty in the creepiest way possible. x

  7. Nice blog! I made a rabbit mask over Christmas having been inspired by a similar search...However, I wanted to wear mine at a party and so I figured I was more likely to keep it on if I could drink/talk/see/breathe freely. Here's mine:


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