Thursday, July 29, 2010

please do not eat the dream catcher.....

I bought this dream catcher at the Fremantle markets.  It is good for catching dreams, but not basketballs. I learnt that the hard way! Meanwhile, my kitten Zippy wants to eat it.  So badly.  It's like as soon as she saw it she recognised that feathers is something she should eat.  When she shouldn't know that, because she is an inside cat and does not kill birdies.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if she was a giant cat. Like the cat from the top of the beanstalk. She would probably be useful at saving you from pterodactyls and eating people that make you sad.

Oh I feel sad, I'm going to surround myself with wine and pasta now.

Good day to you sirs GOOD DAY!


  1. That is gorgeous missy., You must share with me shop name?? :) Wanna come to pff free events maybe?

  2. i remember back in grade school we made dream catchers, i love the idea. i want to make a pair of dream catcher earrings now. thanks for the inspiration!

    hey hopefully you've voted if you haven't please do! and vote for your fave (hehe fingers crossed that it's fvncy) pass it on!


  3. Haha you're hilarious :p

    Gotta love Freo markets!!! I heart Perth!!!



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