Saturday, October 4, 2008



Yes, all admire my very very cunning disguise. I have been looking for a pair of these glasses for a really long time now. I literally jumped for joy when I found some at a balloon shop yesterday. Yes a balloon shop. Yes glasses. No, I don't know why they were there. I have a feeling these are going to come in very handy. VERY HANDY INDEED!!

I also found these great gold coin earrings at the bottom of my jewellry box, I had totally forgotton about them. So seeing as they go in your ears, I promptly put them where they belonged. It was quite enjoyable.

You know what isn't enjoyable? Trying to cram 60 balloons into two cars in extreme wind. Why is the weather so windy and cold and rainy???

Anyways, the balloons kept popping like crazy, so I think we only have around 30 left. Then we finally got them inside and all fine, and they were popping on their own! The stupid balloon shop people had overfilled them. So they just keep popping!

Stupid balloon shop people, your only job is to fill balloons. Yet you couldn't even manage that? Oh yes I have a feeling your business is going to do very well, except not at all. I also thought it was a nice touch when you laughed at us and said there was no way we would get the balloons in the car without purchasing special balloon bags, which yes we would have to pay a dollar each.

Don't you think that should be included in the price if it is the only way to get them in cars? Don't you think that it might upset customers by pointing and laughing at them? So what a sad day, I was so happy for about 5 seconds when I was surrounded in lovely balloons.
Well they can expect a very very angry letter from us! Yes! Very angry indeed!

Okay, the balloon rant is over now, I need to pep myself back up into fun happy mode so I can get my electro on tonight.


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  1. simple outfits are so the best thing!

  2. haha. those freaking damn balloon people.

    i can't even point out what i liked best about this rant. it was highly entertaining and hilarious.

    your stories fill my head my magical images of stompface adventures. i love the adventures of you.

    get some electro on for me too as i'm totally exhausted and would need to be air lifted somewhere if anyone had hopes of me rekindling my romance with my so called electro.

  3. i forgot to say! i love the glasses, i think they're practical. maybe even on an every day level, or maybe every second day so not to seem too keen.

    and those gold coin earings are great. are they fashion or pirates booty? i'm not sure. that's why i love them. they're full of surprises. and i love pirates. and coins and finding things, so hoorah!

  4. Hi, can you come around to red eyes with pirate. I love the mystery of old things. It is exciting to wonder about this pics. See you around

  5. Oh gosh, when ever I read your post, I'm glad no one is around because I often have to laugh out loud (and you know as much as people TYPE "lol" if using computers in a public place, I find everyone gives you really weird looks if you ACTUALLY lol!)

    Sorry about your balloon issues. You could sue them? Haha. That's how we do it in the U.S., sue 'em all! (Seriously peopel sue over the stupidest things these days... I think that just says we're greedy and money hungry :P)


  6. Hi gorgeous!

    Simple is the best, definitely!

    Love your nose in that picture... :))

    I tagged you dear, visit my blog for the details!


  7. :)... You make me laugh! Beautiful in every outfit!

  8. I love the earrings/simple outfit. I'm jealous of your glasses.

  9. this post made me laugh! Sorry to hear about your bad balloon experience....BUT on a + note, that funny face is well...funny! AND your hair is awesome in the first pic...just thought I should let you know...again :P

  10. that was hilarious! the mental image was just too funny. about those glasses, i have those from like 3 years back! except that the eyebrows arent as furry. haha, yeah i think you would find them in a balloon store, I got them as party props/favors. :))

    cool dangling earrings, btw. it's so much fun finding old treasures buried in the closet :)

  11. Haha...dude you're hilarious. Balloon shop story = riot. Lovin the earring btw.

  12. please tell me those balloons are for that themed party of yours :)

  13. oh love. your spirit is SO wonderful.
    you spread such love & joy.

    true beauty.


  14. Oh my gosh i've got imagery of a bloody magnificent halloween get-up. You could be like in you lounge facing AWAY from the door in the 'scream' cloak. Imagine turning around and people seeing THAT mug instead of the iconic scream one. hahah that would be hilarious. And super cool points to you! Shamefullness is so hot right now. *sigh* unfortunately my latest vid isn't. Shameful but not cool lol.

    Oh and i think those gold earrings are fab. Its a shame you hadn't rediscovered them till now. Still very lovely though!

  15. lol, transporting balloons in a car is just one of the things you have to have a natural talent for! But of course those silly ballooon people are responsible for making it easier, and to charge on top, oh dear thats just extortion! You must post a photo with all the balloons left?

    Singapore is fabulous, thank you very much! Hope the weather over there gets better!


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