Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where have I been all my life?

Well, I certainly do feel as if I have not been in blog land for a very very long time. I have been very busy having all kinds of adventures. Beautiful adventures involving Mr and Mrs Velvet and all kinds of romantic dates in the summer days.

Oh my, it has been so hot and beautiful. So I got to beach it again today. I also saw the movie Burn After Reading, and would recommend it for sure. But most importantly, I saw a preview for a movie, that could be best described, and probably retitled as Prison Fast and the Furious. Yes, that is a definate oscar winner. Not totally bad and cringe worthy at all. In fact, my eyes only bled a little bit whilst watching it, and I only vomited 7 times!

I bought a fairly wild dress on Friday, but all the pictures of it turned out quite terrible, so I want to give it the photo shoot that it deserves. This is me today, looking slightly sun burnt in this dress that I made, it was the second thing I ever sewed so don't laugh and point and mock too hard. Because it hurts my feelings. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT MY FEELINGS? I don't think you do, because you are all very nice.

I think I have about a million tags to do, and I will do them soon enough. Don't you fret my little treasures.

I leave you with a picture of the cupcakes that the bicycle pirate and I attempted to make. They aren't ugly and destroyed hardly at all. Yes that middle one resembles some kind of devil. The bicycle pirate is very talented.

dress homemade by Stompface


  1. oh my god. i need those muffins!!

    your dress is so pretty. i can't believe that you've made it yourself? crazy.

    and, if you want to we could switch places, 'cause i wanna wear all my summer dresses and my gladiators. what do you think? lol


  2. ohh this cupcakes look so good !!
    love the outfit

  3. what's good about having a million tags is a. ego, b. bunching them up so as to not hurt anyone
    anyway the dress looks LOVELY don't you listen to anyone who says otherwise. Why they would want to hurt your feelings like that I don't know, but I got your back.
    Esp if you bring those cupcakes.
    can't wait to see the crazy dress.

  4. You have to love a girl with a brilliant sense of humour and who is confident in her fashion sense. You are a very intelligent lady and very talented. Thanks for staying connected.

  5. You look so dreamy in this photograph... lovely as always.

    And I know what you mean about the tags... I still have some to do and I might as well say it, but you're on the list sweets.

    Oh, and the devilsih cupcake is hysterical!

  6. OoOoOo, Devil Cupcake, I like!

    And that potential Oscar material sounds so intellectual! I can't wait to discuss it with my Ayn Rand book group, they love vomitting!

    hehe, I'm so bad :P

    lovely dress, I'm not even kidding, total frolick in a meadow of wildlowers material. I must try that sometime, it looks like fun everytime they do it in the movies, haha.

  7. Aw your dress is beautiful, and I would have never guessed you sewed it yourself since it's so well made (and I don't say that to mean I think you have no sewing skills, clearly you do, but because you say you lack experience, which really totally doesn't show! ;)) and mmmm... cupcakes make me HUNGRY! Man, no cupcakes here though. Will just have to think about them! :P


  8. hi beautifulllllllllll

    ok. seriously- if i could make a dress, its all i would ever wear.

    i would be so proud.

    so rock that hot dress beauty.

    i'm jealous of your beaching...
    i already bought my spf 100 ;)

    have a wonderful start to your week.


  9. Beautiful dress! My goodness those cupcakes look good, i especially like the devil one :)

    Enjoy the beach- Yay, summer!

  10. Are those jellybean cupcakes? Mrs velvet is an absolute genius!

    And congratulations on the dress, I remember how proud I was when I made my first dress its an awesome feeling! I missed your posts but since you were frolicking on the beach and getting sunburnt, that serves as a good excuse not to be blogging. Love that im not the only one enjoying the sun these days!

  11. I can't believe you made that dress, i was scrolling down to find where it was from! the devil cupcake is hilarious, at least it didnt have red eyes..


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