Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PINK blazer...............

It is HIGH time I did an outfit post.  Oh how convenient, I have done one already, the pictures are right here. You are looking at them! You are a fantastic detective and you shall get a promotion!

How awesome sauce is pink?  So many wonderful things in this word are pink:

Pink fairy floss
Pink paint
This blazer
Blue buckets if you are colour blind
Hippopotamus's who have covered themselves in pink lipstick

I could go on and on. Pink is COOL. and I like to be cool, because when I am being cool people sometimes confuse me for a giant ice block.  And that makes me look bad ass, because several rappers have Ice in their name. As does ice cream, and ice cream is delicious.  So it's an all round good situation to be in.

shoes Soles, dress Evil Twin via Market HQ, necklace MINKPINK, bag Forever New, blazer Bardot

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uh, no summer, you won't be ending...ever!

Some summer time shots. Gosh summer is such a magical time! I have been loving on it so hard core, especially after we installed that second air con!

So Summer, just so you know, you won't be ending. You are going to continue forever so I can wear sparkly pony tanks and go on fun swimmy adventures and sit in the sunshiney sun.

When perhaps I would like to wear a rad new jumper or some other new wintry delight, you are allowed to be SLIGHTLY cooler.  But otherwise, no ending for you Mr Summer, no ending for you.

But there is an ending for this post, it's just below this sentence.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

spotty dress.........

Oh spotty dress! I still love you!  You are spotty most of the time, I cannot account for when you are in the closet and I can not see you, perhaps then you are zig zaggy. Spotty dress, I can stand next to flowers in you, and you also make a fantastic pillow.

The End


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

real life shopping..............

I had not gone shopping in the REAL world for a super long time. So it was fun to go on a shopping adventure, and here are a few things I picked up.  They are rather wonderful, just sayin'.

Forever New Bag
Russh Magazine
Glasshouse Candles
Sportsgirl Nailpolish
Sportsgirl Shades
Sportsgirl Bronzer
Australis Makeup
Maybelline Lip balm
Body Shop White Musk Libertine perfume

more ORANGE.........

Despite my strangely sad face, I do love this colour,  I DO.

That is all.....

my best friend built a house.............

My Best Friend built a house! Not with her bare hands, or even her bear hands.  I've known her for some time now and I'm fairly sure she is a human and not a bear.  I'm sure she has real human hands and not secret bear hands.  She never hibernates in Winter, which is ironic because that is her name, and you cannot hibernate from your name.  Nor would she want to hibernate when she has a new shiny house to roll about in.

Now that we have established my best friend does not have secret bear paws.  Here are some cute details she has around her lovely new abode.  Aren't they just darling? Yes yes they are. I should know because I have seen them with my real eyes, not my bear eyes, I do not have any bear parts either.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

evil twin x magenta = happy happy

Loving on Magenta lately, and this sheer Evil Twin delight is my new best friend,  after of course my best friend Max who kept trying to post his furry outfit in these photos. What a fluff ball he is!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee magenta times.

Hope everyone is having the most wonderful weekend of their lives.

The End

Evil Twin dress via Market HQ, Sportsgirl shoes & necklace, Mooloola belt


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