Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cause we're young... fell in from the stars..


I am beyond exhausted from my day, so am looking rather dishevelled and ratty. Mmm ratty yes I love to look ratty.

I am increasingly becoming addicted to this Gossip Girl thing. Oh my! The addiction is becoming strong. Strong like some unusually strong elastic band, made entirely out of steel and lycra.

I can't wait until my good friend the weekend and I catch up tomorrow night. We have a romantic two days ahead of us, which shall involve merry go rounds, swings and being electro.

I bought over the knee socks today. They are black and very thick and warm. I bought them from a stall dedicated entirely to socks. So of course it took me 3 walks past it, before I figured out it might be a good place to buy socks. Smart I am!

I have nothing of importance to say today. Yes, how not important of me.

sweater Sportsgirl, skirt homemade by Stompface, shoes mystery, tights mystery


  1. mmm... I'm also into the'ratty look' these days... who knows it's a big trend at the moment, you trendsetter babe!

  2. you look very nice...i like the flower print on your skirt with black tights:)

  3. i lovee the skirt.
    i cant believe you made it!
    i wanttt one!

  4. Your hair is just gorgeous.....sweet skirt <3

  5. I love romantic dates with friends :)
    score on the over the knee socks
    and on an unrelated note- in the first pic i thought for a second you were wearing "invisible heels" like victoria beckham's recently appearance at a macy's

  6. i seriously love your blog. you always look pretty and you always have the best things to say.

  7. lol you made me snigger because i can SOOOO relate to your lapse of judgement in the right place to purchase socks form. Yes it would be most appropriate to buy them in a SOCK STORE lol.

    Aah, the 'ratty' look. Both functional and an expellant. you see when i don the 'ratty' look i tend to do so when i can't be as*ed talking to anyone. Hermione-up my hair and voila! People think i'm a feral stranger and stay well clear. :)

    You look beautiful with the 'rats'. And the knee highs just look like tights! :O

  8. hoorah for ratty! but you look ratty in a good way. i loove the skirt. and how the black surrounds it. i love black.

    not to mention you look stunning, which i think we already established with my chictopia comment. mmm your hair is looking very lovely! see, all that whinging the other day about it being streaky. now who's got the last laugh?

    my weekend doesn't begin until saturday night, then it ends sunday. which isn't really a weekend so i'll pretend the week isn't really over yet.

    i usually tend to ignore those sock joints. i don't trust them, but if you say so, i'll give them a shot. but only one. and if they mess that up, they're back outside the circle of trust.

    it's been a long day at work. can you tell by my manical rantings?

  9. Amazing skirt and you made it! That's awesome. Looks great paired with all black.

  10. Honey, there's nothing 'ratty' about this look! Slap yourself right now!


  11. Great outfit!! i love your blog. I'm linking you!

  12. Lovely in that skirt. Dreaming of tights, too hot here for them still... :(

    Thanks for the compliments and comments sweetie! :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  13. You look gorgeous! Love this look, have an amazing weekend!


  14. I love that homemade look. You are very cute, you.

  15. Lovely skirt, I've been wanting to buy one for a while but now it's getting cold!

  16. the gossip girl addiction was inevitable I'm afraid :P I'm pretty sure anyone that watches it even once is addicted by default :p

  17. haha, we did comment at the same time

    I guess we're just cool like that :p

  18. omg were you just being random with your post title or do you like/know Crystal Castles? Cos if you do you would be the first person I have ever come across on the internet or real life that does...
    BTW I love your skirt.


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