Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is a blog post.............

1. More gold tipped collars.  They are the bomb diggity. And gold nails are also good too.

2. Sneak peek of a new mustardy sequinny delight, outfit post to come later. This is quite a wonderful new addition to wardrobe land.

3. Leopardy boots, they go on my feet, I heart them a lot. I used to swear I would never wear anything leopardy I was not a fan at all.  But lately I have been really drawn to leopard print. WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME?

4. This Is A Book by Demetri Martin.  He is hilarious, I recommend reading this book and watching his show Important Things With Demetri Martin especially if you enjoy laughing and being happy.
It was pretty hilarious when I picked up this book from the book store and the sales person asked me what I was searching for, "This is a book", blank look from sales person "Huh?", "This is a Book", then I saw it on the shelf and said "Oh here it is, see This Is A Book!" and the sales person "Ohhhh!"
Weee book shop fun times!


  1. I need gold tipped collars in my life!

  2. LOVE demetri martin. now tempted to buy book.

  3. Love the gold nails!! x

    Lousine Adelia

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  4. that gold polish is amaze! what brand is it? and the shirt is perdy...i just love gold i think..

  5. I adore your nails! is it opi by any chance? i have a shade called 'rising star' that looks just like it, maybe a bit more bronze. and oh, the leopard chelsea boots! amazing.



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