Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stripe head!


Because when I said make it look natural what I really meant was put many dramatic obvious stripes on the top of my head. Yes it is very natural. Natural like a Zebra.

Oh look, a beanie will cover my zebra like appearance, "Oh Hi! Hi Mrs Velvet! How ARE you?"

At least my hair is still wild and long and free.
Infact, my hair is such a free spirit, that during the night it uproots itself from my head and goes on many adventures in jungles and rainforests and goes to raid lost arks. In the morning I wake up and there are all these ancient artefacts sitting on my pillow and I think "Damn, it happened again!"

Take some pictures next time please Hair. It all sounds very exciting.

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  1. heeheelarious...
    got a tip for hair; olive oil+ eggyolk leave for 10's fab! I've tried on my own free-spirited hair & I luv it!

    warning/disclaimer: consult your own doctor before trying...heeheee!


  2. lucky the beanie suits you! lol... jokes!

    give it a good blow dry from the roots rather than using a straightener, that will cause the hair to flow freely all over and give it a more natural effect... hope it helps! :P
    But you look fab anyway!!

    TIP: Next time, get the hairdresser to use a tipping cap and NOT foils!

  3. Oooh such a pretty outfit, I love the colors of your wardrobe... lots of soft and pastel colors I see! :)

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I've tagged you/given you the "I Love Your Blog" award! :) It's on my blog, the 2nd entry from the top (I did 2 entries today) and if you want you can read it cause I wrote why I chose each of the blogs I did! :)


  4. Hate it when hairdressers get it wrong...I don't think it looks bad at all though!
    Best of luck
    P.S. I adore what you're wearing!

  5. your hair looks great! i always freak when i first get it done then i remember it fades in after a few days. looks great!

    i love the tshirt under the dress.. mm so 90s awesomeness!

    and that scarf looks so chunky warm :)

  6. I love your dress. You are so cute, like a modern day hippie. GAH. Cute stuff! :)

    Thanks for the Bday wishes, comments and so glad you liked the "b'day post" yay. :) Also thanks for the comment on my 'Hawaiian Tropic' post as well. You're a doll! And I just figured out who you look like.. have you ever seen a made for Disney TV movie called "Model Behavior" starring Justin Timberlake? Well you look just like the pretty girl in the movie.

    *SEE HER HERE.....


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