Monday, September 22, 2008

I love you...and your blog


Okay, so I have been tagged by both the glorious Susanna from Girl Meets NYC and the beautiful Ashleigh from I Am Ashleigh. They both said the nicest things ever about me and my blog, and it made me so happy that I jumped up and down for joy for at least 7 hours, until I couldn't jump any more. Now my legs are really sore, and I am limping, and everyone is commenting, hey why do you limp? so I tell them long stories about flailing about in my sleep. So the moral of the story is, that they tagged me with an "I Love Your Blog" award, and I am extremely happy and can no longer walk because of it.

So if you haven't already, click on their links right now, and be amazed by there beauty and creative genius.

So I am here to announce some blogs that I love.

I here by present you with the I Love Your Blog award!

image from Flickr

Fashion Chalet, is incredibly beautiful, she has long flowing amazing hair, and is also incredibly stylish. I also think she is one of the nicest people in the universe. She is beyond lovely.

Choppy Shades is from cute town. Meaning she is very cute and cool, and actually not much like a town. She has great style, and always looks like she is having so much fun in her pictures. She also has great taste in music. I like her.

Modern Guilt, I just love her blog, she is so pretty and has amazing hair and amazing style. I know whenever I click on her blog I will be delighted and presented with new inspiration.

Quietmilk has a incredibly pretty blog, that is always filled with things that make me shout and leap with joy. She has great taste in fashion and has an extreme love for models. Which is alright by me.

Bicycle Pirate is new to blog land, and also my friend, so this is a bias award. But, you should all check her out, because she is the most stylish person I have met in real life, and her photos are incredible. She has real artistic talent when it comes to photography. Plus she is a giant.

Vintage Lollipops is very beautiful. She dresses so stylishly and has an incredible way with words. I really love looking at her outfits everyday, and reading her wise words.

Aphex Nation is hilarious, she just makes me laugh every time! She is always wearing completely radical outfits, that I would never think of myself. But make me want to be more like her every time!

Whoa, that was hard. Everytime I have tried to write this post I have ended up distracted looking at everyones beautiful blogs. I think that Fashion Chalet was so right in awarding everyone (I told you she was very lovely).

I love you all very much, it really makes my day checking out new posts and comments.

I have been extremely gushing and cheesy here, it was a good idea to drink all that champagne before the announcements. But I promise I mean every word!!

The End.


  1. Wow, thank you! Same goes to you of course - you're one of my first reads every morning! Not only are you super stylish and gorgeous, you're a fantastically witty and cool writer, which I find quite lacking in the majority of the blogosphere.
    Keep on rocking it

  2. How did I miss this post? You're just incredible... and I'm a lucky-lucky girl to have such wonderful words written about me!



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