Saturday, September 6, 2008

When I'm not drawing on the walls..

I sketch.

This is sketch is unfinished, but I think I like things better unfinished...


  1. Great sketch. But your last hippie post is just amazing. You look like an angel.

  2. this drawing is STUNNING
    you've got talent, girly!!

  3. oh such a beautiful drawing, you are very talented! :)
    and I agree, I have many many drawings and skethes and such, left unfinished. :)

  4. i didn't even realize it is unfinished until you mention it. good work.

  5. Ooh, you are quite ze artist lovely, I like especially how your person actually LOOKS like a person, mine can be likened to a decriped centipede. Nice find in your below post i've been scouring my local hair supply stores for something as awesome as your headband. No luck yet sadly.

    BTW, i nearly gave myself something my ex couldn't when i read that i'd been TAGGED!!! I don't know what that means but WOW i feel amazing right now!!! :O

  6. i am unfinisher too. i like to think my sketches look like this, but they don't. i'm good at drawing those birds that look like m's though.

  7. Although I can't sketch but something we share in common are things unfinished. Are you interested in russian literature and have you read dead souls by Nikolai Gogol? He burned what he actually had written of the second part just nine days before his death. It's such a great book. Anyway, this is such a cool blog and hopefully I'll be back!
    Take care.


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