Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think I like Mink Pink

I really love this brand. As it has some great pieces, and it is so affordable.
How pretty does she look in these super fun dresses!

I think I need to go shopping again, like immediately.


  1. Oooh I LOVE that second dress especially! Such a lovely and fun print and I love the way it's cut! :)

    "I think I need to go shopping again, like immediately." Yeah, you and me both! :D

    But of course, then I realize, hello, I'm broke! :P :(


  2. I love Zippora, and totally checking out the brand. Those sketches below are really cool, are they yours?

  3. I'm gonna check this out... I really it!

  4. Adorable.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Your blog is very fun to read through and so many cool photos! :)

  5. fab just usual!

    It may even look like in Texas or something...hope u don't bump into President Bush...hee!
    Adios Mr Bush! heehee...

    Anyway my NEW blog is running, finally!!! Hope u drop by & click on 'comment' ok...need to hear what u think...

    charmed as always*

  6. I adore minkpink. I got 2 new dresses from them on the weekend.
    cute blog.
    found you via frankie forums.

  7. ohh im a mink pink sucker! but while still affordable the prices have totally jumped over a couple of years. i went to one of their product nights last year. wowwowow so much great stuff!

  8. Oh my gosh! You HAVE to post pictures of that geriatrics themed 21st! That is a brilliant idea and wow won't the constumes be fun to think up! And the best thing is you're guarenteed to not be the only one that looks like as ass lol.

    Fun Fun Fun

    And we have mink pink in NZ and oh how do i like their affordable-ness hehe. Such a lovely, up-to-fashion brand. Inspiration material definately :)

  9. I think like it too. So very much. I am filled with woe because I am saving my money and I can't buy clothes. BUT! Me thinks I should buy myself something pretty for my birthday in October..

    Ooh yes!

  10. Gorgeous pieces of clothing! I definitely need to check out more of their clothes. Thanks for telling about them, dear!

    You have such a nice blog <3

  11. p.s

    yess that is a creepy coincidence but you know we spend enough time talking shit to eachother we're pretty much THE same person now :) haha

    the bf's dad sounds like a jerk! is he a sexiest prick? bf's suck sometimes. like today, my bf sucked so bad he told me he "doesn't listen to me when i'm stressed".. WHATTTT!

    p.p.s i don't know if i've mentioned it but your comments make me laugh out loud constantly. in particular this one

    "bring us some pictures soon or I will hunt you down and throw rocks at you. but not the nice soft rocks made of sponge but the ones with the cement."

    haha wow. i think this post almost beats yours!

    me: 1
    you: 0

    haha. yess birthday tomorrow yewww!

  12. okay not sexIest but sexist. wow how awkward.

  13. 20!

    You're on the wine? Me too.



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