Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look, you can still see pencil outlines! I am clever!

Yesterday when I got home, my package was at the door! I leapt about with glee for approximately three hours! You see it was important that I got this package, because inside it, amongst other things of glorious beauty, was a dress that I need to wear for a 21st next weekend.

So when I realised it was there, myself and my 7 imaginary friends all held hands and skipped.

Today it is incredibly wet and rainy, I wanted to dress up in all of my clothes (yes all of them, all at once until I was like a big material ball) and then roll down a hill. But I would have only done that if it was sunny and beautiful...
The end


  1. Missy, i do hope you and your 7 imaginary friends skipped in a cheerful way rejoicing in all that is imaginary :P

    Please post a pic of you being this material ball because simply because it would be funny. Really funny :P

    Btw, you can most definately play but the desision'll be with little Beckett unfortuantely...send him good vibes :P

  2. i always enjoy your sketches! in particular your teacup tshirt sketch in which teacups repeatedly fell upon your head until this day? i am not sure.

    anyway, i am really against the postal service so this is a winner for us all.

    world: 1
    post office: 0

    hoorah for all :)

    and yes you are mighty clever my friend, pencil lines are a sure sign of cleverness.

  3. Oh, Thanks, Very nice to her. Yes, thoose shoes are mine! :D

    I think you blogg is very cool.

  4. haha great story, great sketch, and I'm so happy for you that you got all of your stuff! I'm always so thrilled when packages come in the mail :)

  5. The drawing is awesome! I can never draw humans/portraits like that! My humans are stickmen :s

  6. Did you draw that? I love it.
    How fun cannot wait to see your lovely dress!

    Thanks for the comment. I guess it was a little tough meets pretty girl? :) yay. Thanks!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  7. Imaginary friends? You are too charming! :D Love your artwork, and so glad you got that package! I loove getting mail (unless it's bills haha) :)

    And thanks for your comment... I like how you radomly remembered by hair in the middle of it! My hair is flattered you should speak of it so kindly! :D


    P.S. Obession with long hair? You and me both! :P

  8. I tried, using photoshop, recreating pencil outlines a while ago but got a smart blur...I tried again and ended up with an inverted blur. This isnt just clever, its talent. You are beautiful thing!

  9. yay i love getting things in the mail haha especially clothes! And that sketch is great- did you do that and what form of media? The hair is so devine and the feathers!

  10. That sketch, i love the detail on the feathers! I can't wait to see the dress. v.excited.

  11. I love your blog, you are so funny! Im an instant fan.

  12. 7 imaginary friends!! I laughed out loud at that
    soon to be legal (well in the states anyway)
    lovely pocahontas drawing babe

  13. I like very much your pics. I'll visit you more often.


  14. Love your sketch!! I have always been such a fan of Indian headdresses, and dreamed of being an Indian after watching Pocahontas.

    Haha putting on all your clothes and rolling down a hill sounds like so much fun..I want to join :D

  15. haha material ball, that's hysterical.

  16. beautiful sketch.

    oo rolling down a hill sounds fun


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