Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Mr Internet? Why can't we still be friends?

Well, basically Mr Internet isn't too keen on our friendship right now. He is being very very slow and not letting me look at millions of amazing blogs all at once. Every time I try to comment on some ones blog or reply to the nice comments, it decides to throw a tantrum, and go sulk in the corner of the room, yelling "NO STOMPFACE NO MORE NETTY FOR YOU!"

I think maybe it would be more likely to keep our friendship if I had these. But sadly, I don't.

Please Mr Internet, I thought what we had was real love?
Today I went to the op shop, look at what I purchased. See in that picture up there, the big bright red thing with the shiny gold buttons! I am in love with it and will wear it to the Geriatric shindig on the weekend.
I have a feeling this jacket will contribute to many great things soon.
Don't you agree??


  1. LOVE the red coat!
    I also hate it when my internet decides to be stupid. Sometimes I must admit it is for the best though :P

  2. ARGH! You think your internet is bad? Blogspot wont let me post my new blog! Its about how I waxed my eyebrows off today! I'll keep trying though cos I think you will love it, lol.. a real disaster, see what happens when you are a poor traveler trying to save money and cutting on costs of beauticians! haha... wait for it, I will MAKE it happen..

    By the way, I LOVE the red coat... I think if you changed the buttons on it after your geriatric shindig, you could really go somewhere with this! I want to see pics of you modeling the coat please! haha... also... start FOLLOWING my blog, i have no one, no one!!!! lol.. you rock, keep up the chic-o-matic blogging baby!

  3. ...never give up on LOVE babe,
    I'm working on an'art project' especially for U! yesss only you!!!
    give me time babe...I'll post it later ok... ok,ok soon...hee!
    (what u wrote on me-blog touched me to my deepest core!luv it!)


  4. Sorry about your Internet woes, though the way you wrote about it totally made me laugh in a good way! :) I can relate though... my internet likes to go out like every other 6 minutes! UGH. It'll be working 1 second and then the next, BAM it's out! >_<

  5. oh my lord i am so jealous of that coat. what op shop had that piece of treasure floating around it!

    you should send it to melbourne, now!

    do NOT change those buttons whatever you do. they're the bomb diggity-iggity.

    YES so bomb diggity that it has two IGGITY's on the end.


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