Saturday, September 27, 2008

They say size doesn't count, but my heart is a house....

Aloha, this is the outfit from simple land. It is black and white, and great for anyone who is colour blind to stare at for at least 5 hours.

I have been listening to Kevin Drew Spirit if...on repeat all day, hence the post title (Thanks Bicycle Pirate). Today I have also drunk copious amounts of wine whilst yelling dramatically at the tv. I don't care much for football, or grand finals, but I do care alot for story book characters such as Grug.

I make lots of sense and dollars. That is probably why I am so rich...oh I'm not.

Well I hope you all enjoyed looking at my delightfully ratty pictures. It is rather delightful isn't it?

Also, the weather is still being very uncooperative, so no giant balls of material rolling down hills yet..

tank mens chesty bonds, skirt American Apparel, jacket boyfriends


  1. You see, i like to confuse my readers like that. You know popping tidbits of senseless stuffs around because its funny.

    Like, have you noticed how the New Zealand flatulant rates are so much lower than that of the Ozzies. Its scientifically proven by all NZers. They're simple explanation is yall stink! Go figure huh? lol. Seriously though you guys don't stink and thats a really lame attempt at a joke but Beckett kept me up all last night and pooped on my head this morning to wake me up! Oh the joys of that little wee beauty :( + :) = :?

    Simple land looks like a beautiful place.BTW Is that birdy a new addition to the wall?

  2. Love the last (3rd pic) so pretty, your hair!!

    Thanks for the comment, I always wanted to be Snow White when I was a little girl. :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  3. I love your jewelry and jacket especially!

    And thanks for your comment, I'm glad to hear you like to jump! And omg trampolines! I LOOOVE them... I wish I had one! You think if I get a big enough loft in the city with a high enough ceiling that I could put a trampoline indoors? Hmm... question really is: where am I going to get enough money to buy such a big loft in NYC?! :P


  4. Gorgeous... the B&W is actually a counterbalance to the stark white scribbled wall, I love it!

  5. hotness
    I wish my boyfriend rocked jackets I could steal.

  6. this is confusing. Oh well. Love the necklace btw :p

  7. hello, i stumbled across your blog. and i adore your wall! it is so sweet.

  8. i love simple land outfits! love love the last 2 photos. very cute!

    go the hawks!

    actually i'm not even a supporter of the afl, i wish i were sometimes though, but the hawks were the underdogs and i am always a fan of the underdog. unfortunately wine was not a feature of my day though, as last time i mixed wine and antibiotics was not pretty.

    back on track here, my love. you look great and your hair looks pretty!

    p.s I LOVE GRUG i still have all the books somewhere! i also love widget the worldwatcher.

  9. and i just realized that i finished back OFF track from what i was intending to say.

  10. Thanks for commenting! Love the simplicity of your outfits - black and white is always a great choice :)

  11. rich or not swqeetie?
    anyhow,The winning entry for the "BLESS=?" contest is published in my blog...hope you read her great msg for all of us... You have a blessed week ahead dear...yay!

  12. this is pretty freaking amazing, I'm not gonna lie. I'm always up for the delightfully ratty, haha. I love that wall too, so fun.

  13. I like the paintings on your wall, they're cute!

  14. love ure clothesee
    love ure blog aswelll :D


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