Monday, September 22, 2008

And they're helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing




I added some more love to the Wall Of Glorious Beauty today. Literally. Today I was waiting eagerly for my online shopping package to arrive. BUT IT DID NOT! SO I GOT VERY VERY MAD much like the Hulk AND STOMPED ABOUT LOUDLY THROWING THINGS AND WAILING.

This outfit is not exciting at all, maybe if my package had arrived I could have graced these pages in outfits of amazing joy. But instead you need to shield your eyes from the non excitement of it all and weep your tears for many hours.

Also, why was it so cold today? WHY?? Where is Summer. I miss you Summer, I thought we were friends....

dress homemade by stompface, headband home made by stompface, earrings Equip, shoes Sportsgirl, chain Sportsgirl


  1. Wow, you wear the hippie headband so well!! Your shoes are to die for!!

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  3. LOVE the Beck reference. Youthless is frigging great.
    You look wonderful by the way - this look is suiting you to perfection!

  4. love the headand and your sandals.

  5. you look soo cool with that headband. and the dress is simple but sexxy. i like evertything about this outfit... and YOU are awesome!!
    thank you, thank you for your loevly comment:):)

    award? hmm.

  6. I like your outfit actually, it's simple but chic! :)

    "BUT IT DID NOT! SO I GOT VERY VERY MAD much like the Hulk AND STOMPED ABOUT LOUDLY THROWING THINGS AND WAILING." Haha, darn, I wish I could of seen you turning into the hulk...would've been entertaining! :P


  7. lovelovelove the dress and the wall...
    jeeze, you are so creative! im very jealous

  8. The wall looks fantastic :) Love the outfit, the headband is wonderful!

  9. Don't even get me started with no summer, i feel your pain. I love the headband, and you look totally stylish despite no package. I hate waiting for something that doesn't arrive, there's nothing worse.

  10. i cantt believe you made that dress.
    thats fantastic!
    and this outfit is simple yet cute.

  11. oh, I disagree
    this outfit IS interesting esp. because of the first pic with you flouncing about like you just smoked a joint
    very seventies babe
    LOVE the shoes, and can't believe that headband's homemade

  12. that top photo is seriously hot stuff. i love the hippy band. and the black. black is seriously the epitome of awesomeness. so are studs and that is why i love those sportsgirl shoes!

  13. Oh missy! I could NEVER eat you for i am a stone hard vegetarian. The type that is not in fact a stone is is most definately soft (in more ways than 1 ;) - immens weight gain recently you see ;) hehe

    Anyway i like your wall very much aswell as the outfit. I thought we'd talked of a flying toaster sometime? Nooo? How about a pressy carrying snail instead?

    And thankyou m'dear for the wonderful tag and comment that went with it. Fully made my night :)

    With that said: NIGHT! :)


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