Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I booked my hairdressers appointment....


One time I worked with a girl, who used to always compliment me on my outfits, and shoes and hair. Then one day she said to me "I booked my hairdressers appointment" but all scary and stalker like, as if she was going to go out and get her hair cut exactly like me. Oh my, she was hilarious.

Anyways, tomorrow I am going to the hairdressers, and I am happy to finally get rid of my filthy, filthy regrowth. I know that some of you may miss good old regrowth features, but I won't. At all. Silly regrowth.

I just want it to look all natural and free so that I can roll about in fields of daisies and big puddles of mud and my hair will still look natural and wonderful. Don't you agree that will be lovely? AY? AY?

I will post some glorious non regrowth pictures tomorrow, after my appointment. Then you can print them off, and stick them to your fridge and announce loudly and dramatically to your family "OH my look how her regrowth is gone!" and then your family will be so happy and proud of my head that you will all hold hands and skip.

The end.


  1. haha cute post, I like it :)
    Good luck with the hair dressers appointment...I need one too but in my case it's to get my unsightly roots done ugh

  2. Wow, those socks are brilliant! You wore them very well!!! I wish I know how to wear mine..

  3. My little inspiration. I took your advice and did go to the beach last night, after dinner. Unfortunately I forgot my camera :/ but it was too foggy for photos anyway, but we took a stroll on the Pier and had ice cream cones for dessert! ;)

    PS: You look so cute, and yes, I do love your blog. I'm flattered you love mine! *does a little happy jig-of-a-dance!* ;)

  4. Lol stalker girl sounds fun! I adore those socks, your legs look fantastic!

  5. thanks for the lovely comment girl. xx.

    i love frolicking on the beach.

  6. ...heehee, can't wait for the new fab pic!
    my family plus all my k9 babies will hold hands/paws & sing; "Kumbaya"...heehee! right, infront of the fridge door of course!!

    Thanks* for visitin' my new blog!

  7. Haha, this post actually made me laugh out loud. Which would normally be okay, but I'm in the Uni library and now everyone is giving me odd looks...

    Good luck with the hairdressers appt! I need to do the same thing, my hair hasn't been cut for almost a year.

  8. lol seriously i've never noticed your regrowth and socks on the sand? Wow you're a daring wee thing lol.

    Careful of the stalkers for they will fustrate you till no end. Style stealing, personality copying and the such... GRRRRR

    Btw, cutie! :)

  9. i love these shots of you at the beach....

  10. great pics!! and I will add your blog to my favourites link for ya babe xo

  11. To imagine is everything. Imagine you're all alone on this earth. Amazing pic.

  12. love the socks.

    scary - stalker like.

  13. love the socks! very cute and lol at your re-growth story I'll prepare to hold hands and skip with glee!


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