Sunday, September 21, 2008

Geriatric Love

Here are some pictures of glorious beauty from the old fogies night of nights. See up there, just above all these words. Thats right, the things with the colours and hot looking old people.

That incredibly real looking man is Gerald, well I don't actually know if his name is Gerald, but in my head I was calling him Gerald as if it was his name, it just came into my head straight away, and it was as if I had a connection with old pretend man and I just knew his name. Anyway, we shall call him Gerald for now.

Do you all love my wonderful red skirt suit? The glasses are a furry, suadey kind of material. Reach into your screens and see for yourself.

I think I will customise the skirt into a mini and take the shoulder pads out of the jacket. Then all will be right with the world again.

Look at the old old man with his bowls uniform and suspenders and the pillow in his shirt. It is very realistic. He didn't frighten me hardly at all. He made loud wheezing noise all night, and everyone wanted his friendship because of it.

The last picture is me in the morning, feeling extremely..under the weather. I look GOOD, oh wait no I don't. See the pirate dress is working like a top, I am some kind of clever magician.

The End


For Eelie, please don't eat me alive good Sir.

I think it might really wreck our blossoming friendship.


  1. This is so beautiful can't you see! You look so sweet in red. I learnt that Krassivy is the Russian word which means both 'beautiful' and 'red'. I am composing a poem to conquer your love, my beloved glorious beauty. It goes like this: Who is like you glorious beauty, so awesome in deeds and beauty...
    This post is a clever transposition piece of magic, so beautiful it should be in every beautiful magician’s repertoire. Thanks for stopping by and leaving that comment.

  2. Ah, I love the pictures from the old fogies night of nights haha, looks like such fun! :D

    I like how you're reworking that dress as a shirt... clever! ;)


  3. hey looking good, you should picked up a walker with tennis balls on the legs. It would have completed the old person look.

  4. "aba- ka- da- bra..."
    ~magical indeed...

  5. Thanks for your comments! And oh yeah, I'm with ya! I used to actually frolic about in the sun like that, in lovely wilderness...however I now pretty much only have pavement and buildings to frolic about it...not really the same! haha


  6. haha, so funny! very hot old people

  7. I am like so totally seeing the geriatric love you speak of. Were the zolofts and viagra on tap? Hmmmm.

    Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm glad to see that the red ensemble was a killer but you MUST place a close-up of those glasses you speak of. I'm so curious right now and curious-eelie is deadly..... think bathroom cannibalism here :P

  8. your red skirt is very cool and love your glasses.

  9. great pictures. looks like you had fun.

    the red skirt is fantastic.

  10. i love the pirate top.

    haha i also have an idea of what peoples names should be in my head and continue to call them that forever, and they don't usually like it but it's their own fault for not asking me what i would name them in the first place.

  11. THIS IS HILARIOUS! What a great idea for a party
    you're very well dressed, not like those old ladies who let themselves go!
    now where are my cookies?!

  12. Going by meryjane's comment, reminds one of the lyrics from Chris De Burgh's track titled "Lady In Red"
    Now I'm looking forward to some sketches!


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