Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wall Of Glorious Beauty...

Yes, we have decided to add some more sweet love to the Wall of Glorious Beauty.

The bicycle pirate in painting action, although she prefers to call them bycyle's. It is the nicer way.

Foux du fafa?


  1. Haha that's so cool.

    All your pics are funny

  2. EEK! You are so cute but have a tonne of attitude. My kind of girlie!!! May i suggest a flying toaster to be your next creation? :P

  3. the poison the passion? yes yes? haha oh my french sucks. very cute though. are you just drawing on a wall! haha who is letting you draw on their walls. thats awesome!

  4. haha you made me inappropriately laugh out loud in a silent room causing awkward stares with your "elaborate disguise" haha.

    and your long comments are so welcome on my page anytime and i think that we are definately stalking each other. both on chictopia and on here haha. i love our inappropriately long conversational posts. i'm keeping this one short and simple and it's back to the glorious world which is uni work.


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