Thursday, February 24, 2011

toi et moi.......................

Just taking a stroll in a spare block in a smokin' hot dress! What? Don't you do that most evenings? Excuse my facial expressions, it was rather squinty in the sunlight.  Thanks to the most amazing ladies in the world at Toi Et Moi for this delicious treat of dressness.  It is so so pretty in real life, the most amazing intricate beading details! Huzzah for beading!  Huzzah for spare blocks! I hear you can build houses on them! 

Also do you ever have that moment when you put on a dress and you are like, hrmm this would only be complete if it has pockets, and then you go for where the pockets should be, AND THERE ARE POCKETS!?  Well, if you know that feeling then you know the insane happiness that happens when you realise you have pockets and you daydream of all the things you can put in them (ipods, lipgloss, purses, kitchen sinks, dinosaurs, tractors).  Plus pockets are extra comfy.  Hooray for pockets! 

Speaking of pockets, does anyone remember Polly Pocket, but like the original 90's Polly Pocket, when she actually was crazy small?? They were awesome, these new fandangled ones aren't pocketsized at all they are GIANT.  It is probably the only time I don't like something that is giant.

Now I'm just rambling, so I'm off for wild adventures into the night now, goodnight my dears.

p.s: some closer ups.

p.p.s see there is my hat! I told you it was at the end of my bed!


  1. Hoooray for gorgeous free dresses!! Especially with pockets!

    You look gorgeous as always hun.

    Ohhh my lord I had so many polly pockets as a kid. Ohh memories.

    tell me lady did you like sweet valley high too?

    i squeeled when i seen that they are releasing sweet valley confidential..

    eeep im such a geek.

  2. oh! pockets! pockets on dresses are the BOMB!!! hope you didn't explode from hottness at dinner!

  3. What an amazing LBD, I love LBD's with a twist and this one has the coolest twist of all - yay for shiny beads! You look really beautiful in it, like a model :D

    I used to love Polly Pocket too, you're right, Polly and all of her goodies are gaint nowadays, not pocket sized at all :I

  4. Oh gosh i freakin love this dress!!! i can't wait to see it in real life! YAY FREE STUFF YAY!!!!!!!! and pockets... what fun! x

  5. You look really nice in that dress it suits your body,and the design is fierce ^^

  6. blue skies, nothing but blue skies!
    i love your dress. super cute :)
    peace & love!

  7. Huzzah for hilariousness! You crack me up :)
    Love a dress with pocket...and beads well we all know i'm a sucker for that.

    I never had a polly pocket. Devo! Mum had a thing about them and Barbies.
    I was given crystals,shells and art supplies instead and resented her badly(issues much)lol


  8. I loveee that dress! and those shoes!

    i would just love to tell you that i freaking loooove your bloooog! (:
    i tell all my friends about you, and even the boyfriend! (:

    you're amazing!

    i had, and probbly still have polly pockets.. they're lying around in a cardbord box somewhere in the garage (:


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