Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh the mysteries of the year...........

By the way, I feel that it is important to point out that, IT IS ACTUALLY FEBRUARY RIGHT NOW! Yes, right now!! The month we are in! It is February! If you don't believe me look towards your nearest calendar and you will see, that it is indeed February.  I think the real thing to be questioned here is HOW? How did it become February so quickly, is February a secret spy in disguise?  Have we all been fooled into thinking that February is merely a month on the calendar???  Does February really wear trench coats and broad brimmed hats, and carry suitcases to park benches and spout different code words such as " The red parachute lands at dawn" or "the angry cat eats the popcorn"  Well I don't know, because I'm NOT  a detective, I am just a girl all alone in the woods (room in her house) wondering where February came from...

Here is a proper photo of my outfit on the weekend, you can look at this while you try to feel at peace about the whole February situation.

p.s. no I have not been tricking you, I am not a twin! I am just very clever at secret magic computer tricks (paintbrush)


  1. I have no idea how it's February already! To be honest, I'm kind of scared.

    Gorgeous dress, it looks amazing.

  2. tbh i flipped out too at how feb snuck up on me.
    where did last month go...?
    where did last year go?

  3. i agree, i am scared too haha, in a weird but nice way <3... and very cute photo x

  4. I knowwww what you mean by Feb already!!

    Crazyyy isnt it !

    Lovely lovely dress :)

    Char x

  5. Such a pretty dress! And I'm with you, it doesn't feel like February to me, but I'm ready for it to be Spring anyways!


  6. But i thought you WERE a detective? Oh no wait.. im confused... you said stuntman.. STUNTMAN!

  7. such a cute ruffel at the top of your dress, & i love that shade of mauve, its just gorgeous!x

  8. I had that EXACT same February reaction today. It's crazy how quickly time has been flying by.. INSANE! But really, HOW..?!

    I love the cut and colour of this dress. The whole outfit is perfection.

    Now if you would be a dear and cut off all that beautiful hair and send it to me, I would be so so happy! Time may be coming and going ever so quickly, but if only my hair would grow at that rate..

    x x x x Liv

  9. You look amazing in baby blue lady. amazing!!! xx

  10. looove the dress! beautiful colour.



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