Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The day they were crocodiles.........

oh some more adventures with hanhan, this one involved pretending to be crocodiles and wearing free badges....
we also had the most amaze city shopping adventure on Friday, it was so old school.  We were so caught up in the adventures that we lost all track of time, and when the lady at David Jones was like you have 8 minutes girls, we were like what are you closing early? and she said no it's 8 minutes till 9 o'clock and we were like WAHHHH!!???? Time flies when you are having fun.

p.s yes that is giant money. THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD BUY.


  1. Oh what a glorious night indeed! I can't wait to repeat that wonderful adventure!!

  2. haha you are hilarious! might have to pretend to be a crocodile for the remainder of the day at work me thinks!

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  3. I neeeeed a job :( my bills are stacking up and no shopping adventures :(


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