Saturday, February 26, 2011

les âmes soeurs..............

This is the picture I made as kind of like an engagement card, for an engagement party I will be hitting up this evening.  I'm actually a bridesmaid for it, so it will be fun times I hope! If google translate serves me correctly, then it means the soulmates...naw whimsical.

I'm going to go make myself beautiful now which will take at least a week, so good day sirs, I said good day.



  1. Prettiest card ever lady! Adore your beautiful artwork xx

  2. MAN! cant get enough of your art! your one seriously talented baby! love seeing it! and cant wait to see you all dolled up in your garb! im imagining greatness!

  3. kewl kewl! love the card, gorgeous!

    Thanks for the comment,


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