Monday, February 21, 2011

The story of how I had lots of bad luck......................

Hello Children of the land of blog! How are you this fine evening?? I am semi wonderful, except for the fact that somehow my life has turned into that terrible Lindsay Lohan movie where she gets lots of bad luck. I have been having the WORST luck EVER.  Seriously, it just gets worse and worse.

Meanwhile, we adopted my sister's dog on the weekend and I have a dog now.  So life has become rather busy, because I have been getting up really early to walk him, then going to work after that then getting home from work doing housey chores and what not and as is tonight then had to go to a family dinner and then when I got home had more things to do around the house and am only now getting to look at blogs and such and am going to have to wake up again in a few hours.  It is quite insane!

Here are some photos from after the Perth blogger meet up, it was a wild WILD adventure which I most definitely will be blogging about soon.  You can mega see my bra in these And look look, I'm still wearing my name tag! but WHERE IS MY HAT. It is a mystery, but it is a very not good mystery because I happen to know for a fact that it was hanging on the end of my bed moments earlier.

Princess Polly skirt, Sportsgirl Jumper and belt, The Cat's Meow necklace, Forever New shoes and bag, very REAL Chanel watch from Bali it is not fake at all it is not possible to buy a fake watch in Bali that is just blasphemy.


  1. Oh gosh i love this outfit so much. ITS ADORBS! as are you!

  2. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  3. Love! You looke beautifullll! Can't wait to see photos of the night.

    And I will happily take that jumper and those amazing shoes. I'm such a thief when I come on to your blog.. lol

    x x x x Liv

  4. My oh my was it a pleasure to meet you hun :D Such a blast!!
    Looking lovely hun,hopefully see you soon xo

  5. hahah thats funny about your hat. You looked gorgeous on Sunday! It was lovely to meet you and discover your blog xx

  6. Agh you looked so effortless on Sunday but absolutely incredible :) I loved your hat! You sound so busy even with the worst luck you sound so happy :)

    Hope things smooth out and I cannot wait to see your blogger meet post!


  7. Question - could you be any more gorgeous?
    Answer - um, NO!

    Love the skirt, looks all kinds of amazing with that knit :)

    Friend in Fashion

  8. I love your blog! Im also from perth :D


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