Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am so so terrible at getting around to replying to messages/comments and visiting blogs during the week! I become over tired from workness and end up on some wild adventure that involves sitting on the couch and the TV.  BUT, I am going to start putting more effort in, and for example I have replied to all comments to this post here.

I didn't have any exciting pictures to post so here is a picture of some flowers my husband gave me a while ago ,  BUT, I am fairly certain that this weekend will be filled with so many wild photo opportunities/adventures that you will be bombarded with awesome blogness come Monday!


  1. its so beautiful that your hubby brings you home flowers! i hope my future husband does that for me tooo :) x

  2. oh yes! this weekend we need to have some crazy adventures! the disposable kind! :) x


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