Friday, February 11, 2011

The Adventures Of Asher.............

My husband Asher, does a lot of strange and hilarious things/jokes.  So I thought I would introduce a new segment to document all of his hilarity.  That way I can look back and remember all the hilariousness and you can all share in its glory too!

Last night we were grocery shopping, and having an indepth discussion about air fresheners. When Hannah phoned me to discuss details of our adventures that night. 

So we are chatting away for a while and when we were ending the conversation Asher is suddenly like "Wait, let me speak to her." and I thought it was a bit random but I figured he wanted to plan some kind of man date with Hannah's husband so I gave him the phone and he says to her "Can you settle a dispute?" and I'm thinking I wonder who this dispute is with seeing as we hadn't been arguing over anything, then he says "I've been having this dispute with Abby over whether or not Perth is the capital of Western Australia, see I keep telling her it's Perth but she is insisting that it is Busselton, I'm right aren't I it's Perth." Then he hands the phone back to me and Hannah is all laughing and believing that I actually thought Busselton was the capital of Western Australia and that I am a very clever lady indeed!

But the things is Sirs, I do not think that, and we weren't discussing ANYTHING like that at all??!!! Where did it come from you say!!! WHERE!!??  He just thought of it on the spot and thought it would be hilarious to make me look like I didn't know the city I live in is the capital city.  Tsk Tsk. Oh Asher, what will you do next!

The end.


  1. hahahahahahah im so glad you blogged about this. Its Adorbs!

  2. hahahahah!! You must mos def keep posting stories like that. super cute :p :p xx

  3. hahaha. I agree with becky, you must keep posting stories like that!

    kisses, bia.

  4. Haha, he sounds like fun, laughter is the most important part of a relationship!
    I love your blog, have a look at mine.

  5. Ahahah that's funny!

    Thanks for the comment ;)

  6. Lol. Asher seems like a funny man indeed!! I love busselton.. HAPPY TIMES!!! xx


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